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Leah x

The atmosphere around the table was full of dead seriousness. I glanced at my pack of cards, they weren't a great set and looking at my belongings on the table, I couldn't help but worry that I was going to lose everything I ever owned. Including my locket my mother gave me before she died. My most prized possession. I glanced at Jack who was sat next to me. His face showed no emotion, he was a brilliant poker player, even if he did go a little crazy sometimes. I don't know why I let him talk me into things like this. I don't particularly like gambling, I suppose it's the fear of losing everything. I nudged myself over towards Jack and hissed in his ear. He shielded his cards protectively as if I wasn't to be trusted, even if we were on the same team. Typical Jack Dawson.

"Jack, your gambling everything we have,"

Jack turned to face me, the persistence in his eyes. He removed his cigarette from his mouth and blew out the smoke in my face. I coughed slightly.

"When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose," He said back, before placing his cigarette back in his mouth. I sighed and leant back in my chair. I couldn't bear to argue with him. He always won, I suppose it's the fact I trust him with all my heart. Or the fact I would literally give him my heart, if he wasn't so blind to my feelings for him. Yes you heard right. I'm head over heels in love with the man who is my best friend. I have been for some time now, since we left Paris anyway.

Me and Jack grew up together in Chippewa falls. He lived a few doors down from mine, and he used to come round to play in the big oak tree in my garden. We always had that special connection, even though the boys in the neighbourhood used to laugh at him and call him a sissy, for playing with a girl. And the girls were resentful of me because I wasn't your typical girly girl. But we didn't care because we had each other and told one another everything. When Jack Dawson was younger, he wasn't as handsome as he is now. He was cute I suppose, he was small and scrawny. He had dusty blonde hair which he still has now and blinking blue eyes, which shine even more now we are older.

He wasn't anywhere near brave when we were young. He was the type of boy who would shy away in a corner and avoid all confrontation. Whereas I seemed to take on the protective role for both of us. I was loud and outspoken and let my fists do most of the talking. I hated my wavy brown hair, and remember the summer when I decided I wanted to look like a boy so I cut it all off. My mother was furious and I can still remember her screaming like a banshee even now. Her face bright red, clutching the distorted remains of my hair on the floor.

I remember been sent to bed early without any tea. Been the rebellious child I was, I snuck out my window anyway. Luckily one of the branches of the oak tree rested outside my window making it a safe and easy route to get in and out of my room.

I remember Jack telling me he liked it and carefully running his fingers through the rough remains. Of course it grew back. I never attempted to cut it again; I have grown to like it. The years passed and we both grew, we were separated into different classes when we started school and girls were forbidden to socialise with boys in the playground, but we still found ways. I can honestly say that even when we entered our teenage years, we never looked at each other as more then friends. Even though Jack seemed to change out of the skinny scrawny kid he was into well a tall, muscular, tanned skin, glowing hair and ocean eyed teenager who had all the girls falling for him. Not me, not ever me I used to say to myself, when people used to make snide comments about how close we were.

Jack had always been there for me, right from the start. I never cried, ever. I would rather die than let my guard down. But that night when I found out my mother died in a tragic accident at the cotton mill she worked at. I remember running, running in the pouring rain, crying my eyes out in a state of desperation and pain. I reached Jack's house thanking god his parents weren't home. I banged on the door. And I remember him standing there his hair flopping in his eyes and the shock of seeing me in just my short sleeved dress, plastered to my skin. My normally bouncy hair, drenched with water, hanging limply by the side of my face. My skin was pale with the cold and my eyes leaking a mixture of tears and rain water.

"Cassia!" He exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

I opened my mouth to explain but it came out as a sob and I broke down in front of him completely. He reached out and enveloped me in his arms, while I cried on his shoulder. He edged us both inside and closed the door. We stood there for a while, while I continued to cry. He didn't say anything he just held me in his arms. When I eventually calmed down, he wrapped me up in a towel and we sat down on the worn sofa. I stroked the arm of it while I tried to explain.

"She's gone," I remember uttering out.

"Who's gone?" Jack asked, slightly confused.

"My mother,"

There was a pause while Jack tried to process what he wanted to say.

"Where did she go?"

I began to cry again. Jack moved closer towards me and he had put his arm round me.

"She's dead!" I managed to get out.

"Oh god Cassia," and he rocked me while I cried again.

He then had taken my head in his hands and looked into my eyes. He gently wiped my tears away with his thumbs and moved his head closer to mine. "You're going to get through this, it's going to be hard, but you're strong and I'm going to help. I promise,"

I rested my head on his chest just to get some comfort, he didn't say anything else. Jack was good like that. He listened when you wanted to talk but didn't push you into telling everything.

Jack gave me the strength to get through the funeral too. He never left my side. He sat next to me in the alter and at the graveyard as I watched my mother's body been lowered into ground, he slipped his hand into mine and squeezed it gently. Looking at him, there were still no feelings then friendship. He was just a best friend comforting someone in their time of need.

Of course time got better. Well I wish I could say that we went back to a perfect little family. My father, well we were never close. He was always desperate for a boy, and my mother couldn't give him that. After having me, there were some complications with my birth and my mother's health problems so she was told not to have another child. He turned nasty. The grief of my mother's death hit him hard. He was drinking all the time and I don't think there was a day when he wasn't drunk. He beat me too. Hard. Cuts and bruises, I learned to deal with the pain. It was only Jack who knew and even here wasn't powerful enough to stop him.

Another tragedy followed two years later when we were both seventeen. There was a huge fire, at Jack's house. He managed to escape but the flames engulfed his parents. He dealt with their death quite well. I had raced down to his house when I first heard of the fire but was held back by a police officer. Jack had gone at this point, to live with some uncle out back somewhere. I feared that he would never return, I feared I had lost him forever. Then one night, about a week or so later, when I was sitting in my room after serving another beating from my father, Jack appeared through the window.

I threw my arms round him. He didn't look so great. His skin was pale and his eyes had deep bags under them. He didn't look like he had slept in weeks.

"Oh Jack! You're back!" I exclaimed excitedly. Jack didn't exchange smiles; he just put his hands in his pocket.

"I have to go Cassia," He said softly not looking me in the eye.

My smile dropped. "G-go where?" I stuttered.

"Just anywhere, I was only temporarily at my uncles and there sending me to an orphanage, I need to go Cassia, run away start afresh,"

I was silenced. The excitement of Jack coming back, to find out he was just going again. I realised that Jack was not going alone. No way, I couldn't continue without him.

"Well, let me come with you," I said determinedly.

Jack's eyes grew wide. "Cassia, are you sure?"

"Yes, there's nothing for me here if you're not in my life," I said shyly. Jack grinned from ear to ear. He grasped my hand.

"You ready?"

I nodded. I couldn't wait to leave here and start my life a new person with my best friend.

"Let's go,"

We both escaped out of the room and never looked back. The running away life was tough and we found ourselves most of the time living on the streets, surviving on what we could. We won tickets on ships to go travelling. Our first stop was Paris and looking up at the Eiffel tower I realised how happy I was.

The wind blew and something trapped itself within my eye.

"Ow!" I gasped, my hand immediately going up to my eye. Jack stood in front of me with concern.

"Hey you got something in your eye? Here let me," Jack gently removed my hand and stared closely into my hazel eyes. When he removed the piece of grit gently we continued to stare at each other for a while. I could feel something aching inside me. My heart was racing ten to the dozen and I just wanted to continue staring into his eyes forever. I don't know why but I had a sudden urge to kiss him.

Suddenly his expression changed into a worried look. "Oh my god what's that?" He asked motioning to my nose.

"What!" I said wiping at it ferociously.

"Oh it's just your massive honker," Jack laughed. I shoved him hard.

I thought the feeling I had was a one off, but it seemed to grow and grow each day. I wanted to confront him, but I was scared of losing the friendship we had had for so many years. So still to this day I keep my feelings from him. Hoping one day we will be together.

"Cassia," Jack said snapping me back into the present.

"What?" I asked in a dreamy confused state.

"Your cards,"

"Oh," I turned them over and Jack raised his eyebrow. He didn't need to say anything; we both knew it was him we were now relying on.

"Olaf," Jack continued. The Swedish man turned his cards over in dismay shaking his head.

"Nothing," Jack said calmly. But I knew this could be an exciting moment for both of us. The big bet on the table was the Titanic tickets the two men had foolishly bet. After been in England for over a year we were just desperate to get home, back to America. This could be our opportunity.

"Sven," Jack nodded.

Sven turned his cards over and smiled smugly. He rested one hand on the table and leaning forward the other behind his back, while nodding.

My eyes widened. That was one good set; I turned to Jack praying he had the full house we needed to win.

"Uh-oh double pair," Jack said sadly, he looked down. "I'm sorry Cassia,"

An overwhelming feeling of anger came over me, with a mixture of despair. He had lost all our possessions.

"You're sorry! Jack what the hell, you have lost everything we have! Including my locket, you said you were sure you knew how much that locket meant to me!" I babbled.

Jack turned to face me and raised both his hands. "Cassia I'm sorry, you're not going to see this place for a long time,"

I stared at him confused. Wait it couldn't be...

Jack's face erupted into a huge smile. "Cos we're going to America! Full house boys!" Jack shouted slamming the cards on the table. I screamed in joy and Jack flew his arms round me, lifting me up and spinning me round. Sven's smile dropped and Olaf put his head in his hands.

"We're going to America!" I shouted gleefully in disbelief.

"We're going home!"

"Nah mate," The bartender interrupted. We looked at him not sure what he was insinuating. "Titanic's going to America in five minutes," he signalled at the clock.

"Shit!" We both said in unison and started grabbing all our possessions together frantically. Olaf suddenly grabbed Jack by his collar and raised his fist. Jack squinted and I clasped my fists at my side ready to intervene. Olaf suddenly turned and punched Sven knocking him off his chair.

We both giggled, and then I remembered we had little time. I grabbed Jack's hand "Come on lets go," I said eagerly and pulled him along.

We ran through the crowd as fast and as forceful as we could. I struggled to keep up with Jack and was beginning to get out of breath but the adrenalin kept me going.

"We're the luckiest bitches in the world Cassia, you know that!" Jack called to me. I didn't answer; I was definitely not counting my chickens. We reached the entrance as it was beginning to be pulled away.

"Wait!" Jack shouted as we ran up it. He showed the officer our tickets, he looked unsure.

"Have you been through inspection?" He asked.

"Of course," Jack lied convincingly "Anyway we don't have any lice, we're Americans both of us," He said.

The officer nodded. And we jumped over the small gap, onto the safe surface of the ship. We wasted no time and ran immediately up to the deck to wave goodbye to everyone.

We pushed our way to a railing and waved persistently to everyone below.

"Goodbye!" Jack shouted.

"Peace out!" I shouted and Jack laughed.

This was the start of another new adventure; we were going home, back to our home ground where we belonged.

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