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The cold ran through my body freezing my blood as it travelled through my veins. The suction continued to pull me down. No matter how hard I kicked to resist the pull, my effort was in vain as I sunk further and further down. It was getting harder to breathe, my chest felt like it was going to explode and my body was going numb with the cold. Roaring sounds echoed in my ears.

"Jack!" I tried to scream.

My arms flew around in front of me trying to grasp that hand, even though it had been lost ages ago. I kicked one more time before my body refused to cooperate anymore. Then I sunk further and further faster and faster, until the last beams of light disappeared and I was shut in to darkness.

My eyes snapped open and I woke up gasping for breath. The infirmary was dimly lit, and all the other patients were sound asleep. I turned to see Jack's angel face sleeping next to me, the last thing I had seen before I had fallen asleep. I rested my hand on his supportive arm, which was wrapped around me. Keeping me warm, keeping me safe. I turned my body, careful not to shake the small hospital bed, so we faced each other. I couldn't help but gaze at him even if it did make me look stalkerish. I reached out and rested my palm on his cheek stroking it gently.

Jack's eyes fluttered open.

"Sorry," I whispered. "I didn't mean to wake you,"

Jack smiled lazily. "I wasn't really sleeping that much anyways," he whispered back. "You've been twitching in my arms all night," He giggled quietly.

"Sorry," I apologised again.

Jack put his hand on the side of my face and twiddled the hair between his fingers. "Stop apologising. It's fine," He whispered smiling softly.

I put my hand over his and pressed our foreheads together, we didn't talk for a while the only sound was our breathing.

"I keep dreaming of the sinking," I finally said. "When I sunk down with the ship, but no one came to get me, no one came to rescue me,"

"Shh, it's over Cassia, you hear me? We survived, we're going to be ok," He reassured me.

I nodded. "You wouldn't have left me, would you?"

"Never, I would never leave you behind."

I smiled softly.

"Now we need to get some sleep, tomorrow is the start of our new adventure," He said kissing me on the forehead. I closed my eyes and pressed myself against his chest, Jack wrapped his arms round me protectively, and he planted lots of little kisses on my forehead before drifting into sleep.

I stayed awake for a while, listening to the gentle heartbeat through his shirt, before I felt tiredness consume me and I fell into a deep slumber.

I emerged from the surface, thirteen years old again. The sun shining and the lake warm, a perfect summer's day. Jack followed bursting from the depths of the water.

"Ha I win!" He chanted.

"Yeah you cheated! You went under after I did!" I argued.

"No I didn't! Lungs like a swimmer me!" Jack boasted.

"Oh yeah, let's put that to the test aye?"

I jumped on his back forcing his head back under the water. Of course Jack was much stronger than me and a quick switch around led me to being pushed under. I was laughing so much that water flew up my nose and down my throat, sending off a burning sensation and tightening my breath. I coughed outrageously for more just to go down, still Jack held me under I began kicking furiously. Strong hands moved to my waist surging me up.

I coughed tremendously, gasping for breath.

Jack patted me on the back roughly. "You ok?" He asked in concern.

One more cough and water fell from my mouth, releasing the air. I splashed water in his face. "Jerk!" I joked.

"Right your going back under," He smiled.

"No no please!" I begged.

"I'm just kidding, come on lets swim back,"

I smiled in my sleep at the warm memory, and dreamt sweet dreams for the remainder of the night.

"Right Miss Winston, you ready?" Nurse Sylvia asked crutches in her hand.

I nodded slowly. Today was the day we would be docking in New York and leaving the ship. It was also the first time I would attempt to walk on my wounded leg since the sinking. I had been changed from my hospital gown back into my clothes from the sinking, which had been washed and dried making them feel brand new. Of course I had no other clothes they had been lost with the rest of my possessions.

Jack stood eagerly next to me. "Just think Cassia the start of our new lives,"

I gave a small smile.

"Young love aye, settling down in New York are you?" Nurse Sylvia asked.

"Yeah, we're getting married," Jack grinned.

I turned my head to him in amazement. I had no doubt that Jack meant it when he proposed to me on the day of the sinking. So much had happened since then and I didn't think that would have been his main priority. My grin widened and I let out a small giggle.

"Aww I wish you all the luck in the world my lovelies," Nurse Sylvia smiled. "Now let's get you sorted pet,"

I let out a breath and began to ease myself off the bed.

"That's it pet slowly does it," She said holding her arm out ready.

I put my good leg down, before swinging my injured leg on the floor. I felt the same sinking feeling, but before falling to the ground I had Nurse Sylvia and Jack there to support me. Nurse Sylvia slipped the crutches under my armpits, before they both left my side and I was standing on my own.

"There you go!" She cheered.

"You wouldn't even believe you were the same poorly girl, in such a serious state only a few days ago. Got the colour back in your cheeks and everything," She smiled resting her hand on my cheek.

"Thank you, for everything you've done for me,"

"Don't be daft, come here," And she threw her arms round me and squeezed me tight. I couldn't believe it was time to say our goodbyes already; I would really miss Nurse Sylvia.

We pulled apart and she went to hug Jack.

"Now go get yourselves up on deck, you don't want to miss the docking now do you?"

We smiled gratefully before walking and hobbling towards the door.

"Goodbye my lovelies!" She called after us. I turned to give a small wave bye before walking out the door.

On our journey towards the deck, I took in my surroundings. It was so strange how everything in the infirmary was so familiar to me, yet the rest of the ship was so unfamiliar. Many things were similar to the Titanic, yet everything looked so smaller.

Jack put his arm round me. "Let's get something to eat before we go up on deck, you must be hungry,"

"Starving," I responded.

We entered the cafeteria; it was almost deserted with many people probably up on deck already.

"You sit down, I will get us something," Jack smiled helping me sit down.

As he was in the line up for our food, I looked around at the few people left in the room. There were a few children sat on the table next to ours, they eat in silence. The mother's face showed no emotion, as she sat watching her children eat.

On the table in the corner a lonely old woman sat on her own weeping into a handkerchief. I turned my stare away feeling I should owe her the respect. It was then I noticed the little girl, with her back to me sitting with an unrecognisable woman, she spoke to her, her hand over the little girls looking like she was trying to give reassurance. I couldn't caste my stare away, the girl's corkscrew black curls and her dainty body was all too familiar.

It was Cora.

My heart began to beat in excitement and relief. I grabbed my crutches and tried to get to her as fast as I could. When I reached the table the woman looked at me confused but I wasn't bothered about her. I put my hand on Cora's shoulder and went to hug her.

"Cora!" I exclaimed as the girl turned around.

My heart immediately dropped. It wasn't Cora; the face stared back at me in fear. I immediately released her from my grip.

"Mommy," The girl cried, and ran round climbing onto the woman's lap and burying her head in her chest. The woman looked at me in disaprovement.

Jack noticing the commotion hurried over.

"I-I'm so sorry, I-I..." I stuttered.

Jack put his hand on my shoulder. "It's ok Cassia, come on."

"I thought it was her," I tried to explain.

"I know come on let's sit down,"

We sat back down at the table, and I put my head in my hands, in shame, embarrassment and sadness. How had I got it so wrong?

Jack pulled my hands away. "It's ok Cassia, go on eat."

I stared down at the meal in front of me and tucked in. We didn't speak of what just happened. In my mind, I knew no matter how hard I tried to believe she was alive. I just knew she was gone, along with everyone else.

It was a rotten, miserable day. The rain poured on the deck. We'd literally only been out half n hour and we were already soaked to our skins. The deck was crowded with people all waiting for the docking. Crew members hurried around with umbrellas trying to get down the names of the last few surviving passengers.

I looked up gloomy sky and tried to think about what would await us in New York. Jack looked over at a crew member with his umbrella over a girl. He stared with such deep concentration.

"I'll be right back. I'm just going to give one of the crew members our names," he smiled, before leaving my side.

Jack's POV

I pretty much ran in a fit of fury over to the girl. She became more recognisable as I drew closer, I knew I was right. I knew my eyes hadn't deceived me.

Just as the crew member had finished taking her name and began to walk away, I grabbed her arm and spun her round viciously.

"You," I simply spat.

"Oh hi Jack, nice to see your alive," Rose said sarcastically. "And what about poor Cassia?"

I gripped her tighter. "She's fine no thanks to you and your twisted little mind." I hissed.

Rose face softened. "Look ok I never meant to hurt her, just scare you both a bit that's all."

"Why would you even think of it though?"

"Because you led me on, gave me just hint of happiness and then stole it back from me like that. You'll never know how that feels. Don't play that you are the innocent victim in all of this. You're at fault to. So you like Cassia now, but how long will it be before you ditch her for someone else?"

"I would never do that. I love Cassia, we have something special."

"Ha!" Rose mocked. "I thought we had something special. Turns out that were all lies, you'll ditch her and I can't wait for that day," Rose grinned maliciously.

I struggled to hold my temper. I snapped her closer so our faces were almost touching. Rose gasped.

"Stay away from us, I mean it," I snarled before pushing her away, and turning my back on her, never looking back.

Cassia we stood by the railings of the ship looking out to sea. I approached her, snaking my arm round her waist. Rose was wrong I did love Cassia, and nothing could tear us apart.

End of Jack's POV

I was stood by the railings waiting for Jack, when I felt his presence before me. His arm went round my waist pulling me closer.

"Hey is it all sorted?" I asked.

Jack stared blankly at me.

"You know with the crew?" I reminded him.

"Oh yeah, yeah it's all fine," He smiled.

As the time passed, the rain got lighter before it had stopped completely. As we approached closer to the dock of New York, the sun burst through the dark clouds filling us all into brightness. I closed my eyes and could hear gulls flying in the skies above us.

"Hey Cassia, open your eyes," Jack whispered.

I opened them carefully to see the statue of liberty drawing upon us before it was right next to the ship. The sun radiating on her shoulders, for the first time in almost a week I could see land. Buildings lots of them and boats bobbing in the sea tied to the docks. I looked to Jack, and he gazed back at me.

"The start of a new life, I'm glad I get to share it with you," I said.

Jack leant down and kissed me passionately, before pressing his forehead against mine. "I love you Cassia Winston,"

"And I love you Jack Dawson," I giggled.

We kissed one more time, and then I rested my head on his shoulders. We watched the ship drew closer and with each metre happiness grew inside me.

All the anguish, sadness, and dangers we had faced, the people we had met along the way, friends, enemies, the places we had been, the places we had stayed didn't matter anymore. It was just me and Jack, together as it should be.

The start of a new journey, which would lead us to the rest of our lives.

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