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Summary: It's a surprise!

Finishing Date: February 22, 2013



The Return Of Ozai

Daytime in the Fire Nation. After the War had ended, things had been going well even after the battle of Yu Dao. There were some people, though, who liked it when Ozai ruled the Fire Nation with a harsh and fiery fist. Other people, thankfully, knew that their new Fire Lord was capable of handling the nation without needless violence. Plus, there was the fact that the Avatar himself would often visit to see how things were doing...and Avatar business as well.

And there was the prison itself for criminals of war. That hadn't been removed after the Sozin's Comet flashed over the sky two years ago. Right now, the ex-Fire Lord Ozai was in there, still kept in there to repent all the crimes he had done. So far, he was unrepentant, so he had guards guarding him at all times; Fire Lord Zuko decreed that people would need permission to visit someone in prison. And he hadn't even tried to attempt a try to break out of prison, neither did anyone come to bail him out.

Until that fateful day...

A mysterious black-cloaked figure moved among the rocks, keeping out of sight from the soldiers that guarded the prison. He had Apparated from Britain with an important job from his master, but it was going to be quite challenging.

There were only a few guards at the front, but he had the art of stealth on his side. So as quiet as a mouse, he quickly swept past the guards and made it inside the prison walls. And so far, not many people had spotted him due to staying invisible thanks to a potion he had brought along. He had just taken off his head to reveal a head full of dark hair when he heard a voice call sternly "Stop!"

So he turned around. A FireBending guard had come over, a troop of three guards behind him as he asked, "Who are you, and why are you here?"

"None of your bloody business!" the cloaked figure growled. "Now get out of my way."

"You still haven't told us who you are," the guard retorted. "What business do you have around the prison without the Fire Lord's permission?"

The figure snapped back, "It's just private business. Which means it's none of your beeswax!"

The lead guard hissed, "Being stubborn, huh? Well, you're coming with us to Fire Lord Zuko. He'll know what to do with you."

Not wanting to go with them, the man pulled out his wand and watched as the FireBenders stared at the stick in confusion. Then they began laughing at him, making deranging remarks about how a stick could possibly hurt them. Once they were finished laughing, they threw some fireballs at him, which he dodged. And just when they were laughing again, the man muttered these two words they would hear for the last time: "Avada Kedavra!"

At this, a green light shot forth and hit one guard in the chest, blasting him back and hitting a rock. The guards ran to check on him and gasped; this unlucky guard did not look injured, but he was already dead. They looked up in shock again and gasped as the man shot two more jets of green at them, catching all but one guard in the chest and throwing them back. Fear was in the last guard's eyes as he tried to back away, but the stranger was ready.

"Crucio!" he growled, flicking his wand at him.

Now the guard was down on his knees, shouting his heart out and slightly foaming at the mouth. The man walked over to him and kicked him in the stomach, making him gasp from the pain and look up. Bending down, the stranger grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up, making sure that he could see the fear in his eyes.

Finally, the man growled, "I am Bartemius Crouch Jr...Barty for short, and I wish to speak with Phoenix King Ozai. Now where is he being kept at."

"I-I-In the very back of the prison," the guard gulped, his voice shivering. "Please don't kill me!"

"Hmmm..." Usually, Barty wasn't someone to spare a person, but he had a job to do; his master would be displeased if he was diverted. So he said, "...alright then. But if you tell anyone about this, I'll come back for you and kill you as well...come hell or high water."

At this, he kicked the guard's stomach again and stalked into the prison building.

Along the way, there had been plenty of guards that stood in the way, so he had no choice but to dispose of them. Any dead bodies he had made were thrown to the side to create a cleaner path. Those who were strong were quickly made weak from the Cruciatus Curse. He even made use of Severus' spell called Sectumsempra and cut most of his enemie's throats open; after that, he told himself to never tell Severus about that.

Finally, Barty arrived at the outside of Ozai's cell, where a large guard stood. He used the Imperius Curse and forced him to unlock the cell before casting him to the side with a Crucio curse for added measures. When he walked inside, he saw the disgraced Ozai sitting in a lone corner; he glared dully up at Barty with tired golden eyes and made a small growl.

"Who are you?" Ozai grumbled. "Who dares to interrupt me?"

"I heard you needed some help," Barty said. "My master wants to help you."

Ozai glared at him still. "Your master? What can he do? My own pitiful son...he could try and put you in here with me."

Barty chuckled darkly. "But what if we were to say that we could kill him with one hit?"

"Oh really?" Ozai growled. "And how do you suggest we do that?"

"You come out with me out of this cell, and I'll show you."

But Ozai still stayed back, not wanting to go with a complete stranger. "And why should I trust you? Where is this so-called master you speak of?"

Barty reached into his robes, saying, "My master is with me, but he is very weak. He would like to speak with you. I wouldn't look behind me if I were you, Phoenix King," he added, watching Ozai look behind him. "He is with me here."

And at this, he pulled something out from his robes. To Ozai, it was the most revolting thing he had ever seen in his life...aside from his ex-wife showing any signs of warmth towards Zuko. But this...thing...was definitely not normal; it was burning red with splotches of black on its skin, and its snake-like eyes were red like a rabid armadillo bear. It appeared to be what looked too much like a fetus ripped out and burned before its true birth.

"What is that repulsive thing?" Ozai snarled in disgust. "Get it out of my sight at once!"

"You dare speak against Lord Voldemort like that?"

Ozai recoiled, having never heard this kind of voice before: it was high and snake-like, just as coldhearted as him. He had never known anything like this before and now wished he hadn't. This thing...yet it wouldn't feel right to call this monster just a "thing"...was talking to him as if he was just a subject to a king. He wanted to roast it with FireBending...but remembered in time that it was the Avatar who had taken his Bending away.

But then, as if it had read his thoughts, the thing said through a slit mouth, "I heard the Avatar had taken your Bending away from you, correct? I can give it back."

Ozai stared at him with widened eyes. "You...you can?"

"Yes," "Voldemort" said with a hiss. "But I will only do it if you pledge service to me. You will not need to do much; you just need to support my followers in trying to revive me to my full body, and you will get your reward in the end. Lord Voldemort always rewards his followers. Is that right, Crouch?" he added, sickeningly twisting his head to Barty.

Barty nodded. "Yes, my lord."

Voldemort gave a hiss of satisfaction. "Good. And once I take over the Wizarding world, I will reign as its ruler and exterminate all Muggles and Mudbloods. Some will try to flee into this world for safety, and at that time, it will be up to you, Phoenix King Ozai, to round up all the remaining refugees and bring them into our grasp."

"And all of the other nations...and the Fire Nation..." Ozai added. "Those will be mine."

"You...have my word," Voldemort agreed, nodding. "Now rise, Phoenix King. Rise like the phoenix out of the flames, and blaze beside the Dark Lord. Rise!"

Weakly, thanks to not moving around due to moping around, Ozai rose to his feet, growling under his breath. Barty, smirking with Voldemort as the "fetus" was tucked away inside his robes, kinked his head to the open door as the former Fire Lord followed him outside. Seeing the guard look weakly up at him, the Death Eater sent him a glare that made him tumble back onto his backside. The guard looked even more shocked when he saw Ozai stumbling behind Barty, but he said nothing in fear of being tortured again or killed.

They looked around at the mess Barty had created, but Ozai did not look phased by the damage; instead, a sadistic smile was spreading across his face when he saw all of this. Soon would be the time to get his revenge on his son and the Avatar. They would all pay for what they had done to him. And they would all pay for showing disrespect towards the true ruler of the Avatar world: himself and himself only.

Victory would be his.

The End...for now!


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