3 - Sticky Sweet

Christmas was coming up soon. Personally, Spike didn't very much care. The stretch of days before seemed like a waste because everyone just wanted to get to the presents, and there was nothing else to do but prepare for that one silly day and all of it's silly magic and togetherness and junk. It meant presents and sweets and Angel making heavy love to him. 'Making love' because Angel was a sentimental poof who was more likely to dress up as a reindeer than do anything kinky on Christmas… although the former might lend to the latter.

Spike had only suffered around the office before deciding that he'd rather stick to the penthouse or venture outside when he needed to, but to avoid Wolfram and Hart completely. You could tell a place was evil when it played bad Christmas music nonstop, low like elevator music in every room and it was sure to drive a guy insane.

After a couple days though, he needed a reason why he was holed up in the penthouse. He spent a couple days Christmas shopping. The idea of crowds was a put-off to say the least, but there wasn't much of a crowd at all at the adult toy shop.

That was a few days ago, and the various colorful, vibrating, phallic things were already wrapped and stashed away. He was damn good at hiding things, too. For all Angel knew, he wasn't even getting anything for Christmas. He knew Spike would probably get him something, of course, but Spike had given him no clue whatsoever that he'd even given it thought yet. Spike had put his thoughts to other things instead, like how he was going to pass the rest of the week until Christmas finally came.

The solution was not so well-planned, springing more from boredom and eager curiosity, like everything else Spike did. All he knew was that he wanted something sweet, and that looking up recipes was for sissies. Flour and sugar were the base ingredients for cookies, Spike knew. Some eggs, some milk – he wasn't sure how much for any of it. After that he wasn't sure. He found chocolate chips and added them.

There were other things he knew had to be added, but after trying to remember them for about five minutes, Spike decided they were boring and he could do without them. He decided to go by instinct instead, tasting the batter and guessing at what it needed. What it needed most of, he decided, was more sweetness, but he didn't want to add more plain old sugar.

Spike stood on a chair to rummage through the needlessly huge cupboards, tossing useless spices aside until he finally found what he didn't even know he'd been looking for. He grabbed the golden bottle and broke the seal, then eagerly popped the cap and taste-tested the honey inside. It was thick and warm, and glossed over his tongue before melting away leaving nothing but sweetness and deliciousness. He hopped off of the chair and tasted more of the honey, licking it off of his fingertips. It was far too good to waste by putting it in the batter.

Angel arrived home a few minutes after office hours ended. He'd been all too glad to get away from that place. He had some hideous jingle stuck in his head, and there'd been an unfortunate incident with mistletoe when all he'd wanted to do was get something from the copier. He'd been close to finding out where the music was coming from and putting an axe into the equipment, but when he tried interrogating Harmony about it she started protesting that it raised company morale and accused him of being a 'Grinch'.

He sighed and took off his shoes at the door. He liked Christmas, but some of it he just didn't get. The gift-giving, warm moments with your friends and loved ones he liked a lot. Beyond that, most of it was lost on him, and he knew Spike had a scathing distaste for a lot of it, too, but he could never tell what Spike might sneer at and what he might go crazy over like any other little kid on Christmas day.

The blonde had been up to something lately, and when Angel stopped at the kitchen, he realized what. First he saw the messy counter strewn with eggshells, flour, and different bottles of spice flung around the kitchen. Then he saw Spike, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor, naked, and seemingly trying to feed from a half-empty bottle of honey.

When Angel moved closer, Spike turned to look at him and Angel realized that Spike was covered in the stuff, different sticky streams of honey trailing off of his collar bones and down his chest, over his thigh, and at the back of his neck, trailing down between his shoulder blades.

A moment pass between them and then Angel groaned softly and sank to his knees next to Spike. He planted a hand on the floor beside Spike to steady himself and licked slowly from Spike's ear to his back, cleaning the honey off of him with his tongue. Spike hmm'd softly and purred, then went back to feeding on the honey bottle like he was a teething fledgling again.

When Angel had satisfactorily cleaned the sticky mess off of Spike, he pulled up his head and carefully rested his chin on Spike's shoulder. "Why did you get naked?" Angel asked, wrapping an arm around Spike to stroke the blonde's stomach, accidentally touching some of the honey and pulling his hand back to lick his fingers.

"Why do you assume I got dressed?" Spike frowned in return.

Angel paused for a moment, then smiled and captured Spike's mouth with his own, eagerly seeking out the sweet taste on Spike's tongue. After an extremely long kiss, Spike finally squirmed out of it, turning under Angel's hands.

"It's going to take forever to clean this up," Angel muttered when he could form words again. "Do you even have any idea?"

Spike gave him a mischievous smirk. "Gonna punish me, Daddy?"

Angel snorted softly and pushed Spike's shoulders, flattening the slimmer man to the floor. "No, but someone is in for a very long bath," he said before beginning to lick Spike clean.