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Setting: A woman, Estelle, sitting in the back corner of the Empire Drawing Room. She's rocking back and forth, lost in her own mind…

Imaginary flashback

Inez: What's your story, dear?

Estelle: As I told you, I haven't a notion. I rack my brain, but it's no use.

Garcin: Right. Well let's see if I can help. Who's that man you were so distressed to see tonight.

Estelle: Who-who do you mean?

Garcin: The one you had mistaken me for earlier.

Estelle: Oh he is just a good friend of mine!

Inez: You wouldn't react the way you did if he was a 'good friend' of yours. I think you're hiding something. [Grins and pokes Estelle.]

Estelle: Ouch! First off I'm not hiding anything! Secondly he was a good friend of mine!

Garcin: [Said quietly] "Was a good friend of mine."

Estelle: [Flushed red] Yes! Are you happy now? I just admitted I'm not part of the living anymore. Satisfied?

Inez: [Moving closer to Estelle] No, dearly. Who's that man you were so afraid of?

Estelle: [Disgusted with the both of them, moves herself further away.] I told you he was a friend of mine.

Garcin: Must have been a lover, and she killed him.

Inez: [Nodding her head.] Yes, she probably whacked him in the face with a frying pan! Still hot from being used and it left bruises and cuts all over his pretty face. Must have been a shame, his poor mum couldn't have an open casket. [Laughs deliriously from this idea, enjoying Estelle squirm.]

Garcin: Yes I think you've guessed it right. Pretty face ruined by a pretty girl. [Looking at Estelle, cocking his eyebrows.] Why did you whack him? Was too good-looking compared to you?

Estelle: [Looking disgusted at the both of them] How dare you! I loved him! [Looking past them to a random spot in the room.] He looked beautiful even with the bullet hole in his head…

Inez: [Grinning] You shot him?

Garcin: In the head?

Inez and Garcin: Why?

Estelle: [Looking back at them.] No, I didn't killed him, or at least not technically.

Garcin: [Moving closer to Estelle, resting a hand on her shoulder.] Tell us what happened to him, Estelle.

Inez: [Disgusted with Garcin's actions, she gave him a dirty look. Looking back to Estelle.] Tell us beautiful.

Estelle: [Disgusted with Inez.] I'm not beautiful, I'm tainted with the ugly sins I've committed. I'm ugly. [In deep thought, she moves away from Garcin and sits on the nearest couch.] I was beautiful once to him. We had to hide, we had to escape… He wanted a family…I couldn't let that thing ruin us, ruin our lives but it did anyway, didn't it?

Garcin and Inez: [Both looking at each other, worried. They both move over to Estelle.] Tell us Estelle. Tell us what happened?

Estelle lost in her own mind, flashbacks to an actually memory of her and Roger, her past lover. Roger was outside near the lake; meanwhile Estelle was rocking the baby to sleep…

Estelle: [Holding the child in her arms, talking to her.] I can't have this. I can't have you. You-you already ruined me, but I can't let you ruin us. [Looking at a picture of Roger and her.] You see that? That is what you are ruining. Our lives. If my husband finds out about you, I'll be dead. Sleeping with the fish, while you would probably either be dead with me or taken to an orphanage. [Looking disgusted by the idea.] I would never let you suffer in an orphanage, I rather you dead than…

An awful idea popped into her head. A way out this hell. She looked at the beautiful baby girl and imagined her in an orphanage. Dirty, poor, and too skinny body of her daughter, not knowing what it was like to be cared for by a loving family. She and Roger couldn't provide that, their love was in secret and has to be.

Estelle: [Looking at her baby, walks over to the balcony, staring at the lake.] Roger must be inside the house already…

She walks out of the room, running out the door to the cold night. She paces herself, looking back to see if he was still outside. The coast was clear, she was going to succeed. She smiled at the thought of this, getting rid of the evidence of her secret love affair. She finally reached the lake, laying down the baby girl in the grass.

Estelle: [Picking up a huge stone.] I'm sorry that your life has to end by my hands, but I wouldn't have it any other way. [Rips a piece of cloth and ties the baby's leg to the stone. Still gently holding her baby, holding the rock in the other hand, sits down by the lake.] I love you, you know that right? But I can't let you ruin our lives, and I can't die knowing you're not safe from harm. [She caresses the baby's smooth face, a tear dropping from her eye.]

Roger: [From their balcony, screaming at Estelle.] Don't you dare, Estelle! Don't you dare do it! Don't ruin the life we brought into this world!

Estelle: [Looking up at him, also screaming.]We can't go on like this! Can't you see? This thing is ruining us, ruining our lives. The life we brought into this world was a mistake. [Seeing Roger's face, and instantly regretting her choice of words.] I can't do this anymore Roger. It's not us, and it's not me.

Roger: [Pleading to Estelle.] Estelle, for God's sake, don't! Please don't do this!

Estelle: [Whispering to Roger, knowing he can't hear her.] I can't let this go on, Roger. It's not you, it's not me, and it's not us.

Estelle, cradling the baby her in arms, slowly drops the stone into the lake, dragging the baby under. Roger was screaming in the background, but all she could focus on was the baby's rings in the water. The baby's muffled cries in the water, but it stopped shortly. Roger was leaning over the balcony yelling her name over and over again. Estelle closed her eyes, finally breathing. It's all over.

Estelle, lost in her own mind, flashbacks to another memory of her and Roger in an apartment shortly after their baby's drowning…

Estelle: [Looking at Roger.] So what are you going to do now? Leave me? You can't, I love you!

Roger: [Looking disgusted at Estelle.] How can you expect me to be with you, when you killed our baby? I don't love you anymore, you are disgusting and possibly the ugliest person I've ever met. I want nothing to do with you anymore.

Estelle: [Begging Roger.] No, please Roger! I can't lose you too! I feel awful for what I've done, but I can't go back and change the past. It was the right thing to do at the time. Please Roger-

Roger: [Cutting Estelle off in mid-sentence.] No! Don't try to make sense out of that night, Estelle! Don't you dare! I'm sick and tired of this over and over, you pleading to me that 'it was the right thing to do." No it wasn't. It was completely wrong, and insane! I can't be with you anymore, Estelle. I don't even know how to, if I even wanted to.

Estelle: [Reaching over for Roger, but he moved quickly away from her grip. She cried.] Please Roger, help me! I can't go through this alone! My husband is growing curious each day as to why I'm crying so much. [Looking up at her lover.] Roger, I want to run away with you.

Roger: [Scoffs and looks directly at Estelle.] Too late, Estelle. We're done. You've ruined me.

Estelle was too busy crying to notice Roger pulling out a gun from his back pocket. At first he pointed it straight at Estelle, shocking her, pleading him to not kill her. Roger smiled wickedly at her, and realized something.

Roger: [Looking over at Estelle.] No, I'm not going to kill you. That would be too easy. [He grabs her, making her look at him.] Instead you are going to watch me die.

Estelle: [Squirming from his grip.] No, Roger! No, please don't! I love you!

Roger: [Laughs again, and throws her across the room. Loads the gun, a finger on the trigger, pointing it to the side of his head.] I want you to know this is entirely your fault. Our baby drowning, our love dying, your failing marriage, and now my death is all your fault. [He closed his eyes, hearing her muffled screams.] All I wanted was us to be happy together, and start a family… [Looking back at her.] I did love you once.

Estelle screamed louder when she heard the bullet enter his head. Roger eyes lingered on Estelle when he fell over, and red crimson spilled all over the floor. She crawled over to his body, holding on to it as if that would bring him back. She cried and kissed his face tons of times until she heard the police sirens moving closer to Roger's apartment. Somebody must have called the police. They were on their way.

Estelle: [Looking at her lover for the last time, whispered.] I'm sorry.

She ran away from the scene, not looking back…

Another vivid memory popped into Estelle's head, the funeral of her lover. The place was quiet, not many people showed up. There might have been only twenty people to show, but at least his loved ones came. Estelle, dressed in black, hid herself from his family that she'd never met. She instantly regretted coming here, but she had to come. She loved him. After everyone said their goodbyes, and left the room, Estelle quietly walked over to Roger.

Estelle: [She caressed his face, noticing the mortician covered up the bullet hole well.] Oh Roger what have I done?

Estelle cried uncontrollable against her better judgment. She let herself suffer, letting the true surface. The baby didn't ruin their lives, she did. Everything she ever touched became ruined by her own actions and words. She was the cause of her baby's drowning, her failing marriage, her lover's love for her dying, and her lover's death. She didn't know what else to do, but she couldn't stand to watch more of her loved ones suffer. She takes out a gun, similar to Roger's, and points it directly in the same spot as where Roger pointed his.

Estelle: [Whispered to Roger's body.] I'm going to suffer somewhere else. I know you won't be where I'm going but I wanted you to know that. I'm so sorry.

A shot was fired, and an elder woman found Estelle's body surrounded with blood. She was declared dead moments later…

Estelle woke back to the reality of her own mind. Inez and Garcin watched her the whole time, and listened to her story carefully. Just has Garcin and Inez were going to comfort Estelle, a beautiful, Godly looking woman enters the room. Taking all the attention away from Estelle…