Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germancest and pRussia (maybe more)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Explicit sex, BDSM, non-consensual, yaoi,

Summary: Gilbert is forced to be with someone he doesn't want to be with. He is caged until the day he finds someone that might be able to help him because he actually loves this person, though a lot of people are scared of him.

Du Bist Mein

"You are mine."

Gilbert wanted the innocence of that one sentence to be true, like he used to think, and go back to the days when it was innocent. He didn't want it to be what it is now. Those three words were killing him on the inside. Of course he couldn't let his friends know what was happening because the time he threatened to tell everything, he was punished to the point he couldn't remember things for days. He wondered how his body could still be able to hold up the punishments, he was still strong, in a sense, but there was that one person he couldn't beat. Gilbert lied in his bed, happy he didn't need to be chained up anymore, staying on his side as he tried to go to sleep.

"You are mine."

The nightmare was back as the albino began to get restless. It was the first time again, it hurt, everything hurt on his body. He couldn't move at all since he was tied to the headboard of the bed, gagged, blindfolded, and legs tied in a very provocative position. Gilbert continued to fight the restraints while the other was out of the room desperately wanting to be free. He couldn't stay here like this because anything could happen. After about five minutes of struggling and the handcuffs biting into his skin making more pain that he already had, he stopped moving. He decided to try and get the blindfold off instead so he could at least see where he was at.

His eyes closed trying to think of how he got into this situation and instead of coming up with an answer his thoughts were fuzzy. Gilbert remembered getting home and Ludwig had to be home because the door was open. He walked into the living room expecting to find his brother and then suddenly things just went black. Wait is Ludwig okay? Just as he was about to begin to worry about his brother the door to the room opened.

"You are mine."

Gilbert fought the restraints again trying to get free to do anything really because he didn't know what was going to happen and he would rather never know about it. "Stop struggling." demanded the other and hit Gilbert across the face.

The albino froze at the hit and the voice, it was familiar but he didn't want to believe that it was who he thought it was. He didn't, he couldn't it just can't be! He fought his restraints harder until the other took the gag out and kissed him roughly. Gilbert tried to pull away from the kiss but because of how restrained he was he couldn't even move from it at all! He didn't want this, it was revolting and disgusting! The other man suddenly grabbed his neck cutting off his air supply. Gilbert coughed and tried to take in air but it was restricted as the man tightened his grip on his neck.

"Stop trying to fight!" he demanded hitting him across the face again letting his neck go. "If you keep fighting I will just take you right now…though I would like it better that way." smirked the man even though the teen beneath him couldn't see and was coughing trying to breathe again.

"Fuck you!" he snapped at him struggling again even though he got punched again in the face. The taste of copper filled his mouth and he had to look to the side to spit out blood. He was caught off guard again when he felt his throat being squeezed by a strong hand cutting off air supply.

The other man unzipped his pants, pulled down his boxers just enough, and then pulled out his hard erection. "I gave you a chance." he stated letting go of his neck so he could grip his hips hard enough to make bruises but the pain wasn't going to stop there. He quickly thrusted hard into the albino making it fully inside of him with just the first thrust. The man moaned loudly at the tightness that surrounded his throbbing member. His hard erection was definitely larger than normal and the girth didn't help at all. He felt even more warmth and looked down seeing as the male beneath him was now bleeding, he could barely see the blood but it was there.

Gilbert screamed, he wasn't one to admit anything weak like that, but he screamed when the man on top of him was soon inside of him. He was tearing him he had to be tearing his insides! There was just so much pain and his body tensed making it even worse. "Stop!" he screamed even though the other man was already fully inside of him. "Stop it!" he demanded trying not to cry because of how much pain he was experiencing.

"Shut up!" the man demanded and slammed his fist onto Gilbert's chest multiple times until he heard a crack. That is just exactly what he was waiting for and when he moved his hand he could see the purpling of the skin already begin because of how pale the man beneath him was.

The crack sent a whole new pain through his body and it was hard to breathe. He tried to take in breaths but he just couldn't and when the other man began to thrust deeply inside of him, he had no hope in trying to catch his breath. Gilbert felt he was about to pass out as he continued to feel himself tear more and more inside with each and every thrust that was delivered into him. He was crying without even knowing because of how much pain his body was being put through and he didn't even notice as he began to chant under his breath since he still hadn't recovered from his newly cracked ribs. "Stop it, please, please, please, stop it!" he repeated under his breath crying out each word. It felt like the man even knew where to thrust hitting directly onto where he was torn on the inside and as the man's member began to leak pre-cum, it stung.

The man on top of him continued to drill into the body underneath him even though Gilbert hadn't ever gotten erect through the whole process. That didn't stop him but only seemed to encourage him farther and thrusted harder. He heard every beg and every plead from the albino but no matter what he did he wouldn't stop he had to claim him as his own and even make Gilbert understand. He only leaned forward biting hard enough to break skin on his neck before he nibbled on it making it a large bruised hickey. Everything was nearly done and he was beginning to feel himself get close to his release. He moved up to his ear biting and nibbling on it before he whispered, "You are mein bruder."

Gilbert screamed but it was swallowed by a heated passionate kiss he received from his brother, his brother! He still couldn't believe that it was him who was doing this to him! The older male felt his brother release and the reason for the scream wasn't only because he had to tear another part in his ass but his seed, was pouring into him and into the tears themselves making them sting worse than they already were. He didn't even notice as his dream turned into reality because now he was being kissed by his brother and even though he wanted to punch, kick, do anything in his power to get him off, he couldn't. It was because he knew he would lose, get punished, and beaten to where he couldn't walk.

"Bruder, it was just a nightmare." assured Ludwig as he pulled away from the kiss lightly running his knuckles across the albino's cheek. "I'm here so you have nothing to worry about alright? Go back to sleep Bruder." he said smiling softly and kissed his lips before moving back to lie beside him. His arms that were wider than the albino's, showed just how muscular he was compared to him, and pulled him close to his chest as he nuzzled the back of his neck. "Ich liebe dich Bruder."

"Liebe dich auch…" he mumbled back knowing if he at least said it, no matter if he actually meant it or not, he wouldn't get hurt. Gilbert sometimes thought his brother knew that he was the cause of his nightmares which is why he always took that opportunity to kiss and hold him close because that is when the albino needed comforting, but he didn't want it from his brother anymore. He wanted to be far away from his brother as possible. It was a nightmare, in his dreams and awake because he couldn't get away from him no matter how hard he tried. He tried to go out with his close friends, who were suspecting something was up but never did anything and he couldn't even stay out of the house for too long.

Caged…he never thought he would feel caged since he was the oldest brother and when their parents died when they were young it seemed it would never happen. He didn't even know when his brother's mind changed their relationship to one of lover's either. Maybe it was because he was hanging out with his friends and Roderich more that made him snap but he wasn't entirely sure. It was hard for Ludwig to make friends and when he did make friends with Feliciano, he thought he would be free, instead the German still showed the cold shoulder to the Italian. Ludwig probably thought the only person that could ever accept him was his brother and he did, but now he wished he didn't. Many times he had thought about running away because he didn't want to be here anymore but each time ended with disaster though. Hell he even tried to tell the teachers at the school once but it was like Ludwig knew what he was going to say and was there to make sure he didn't. Gilbert wished that their parents were still alive because than nothing like this would have happened to him. He wouldn't be a prison in his house and he wouldn't be forced to do whatever Ludwig wanted.

Ludwig moved to get out of bed and Gilbert instantly relaxed but knew that he would never be able to sleep in his own bed again. The younger brother came back and smiled at Gilbert showing him what he had went to get. Of course he wouldn't have pulled away from him if he didn't have something new to show him. "See? I bought you this because now I have someone willing to help me buy some new things to do with you." he smiled sweetly at his brother though what he was holding was anything but sweet. "You will wear it when you are at home at all times." he demanded his smile faltering so Gilbert got the point. He slipped the custom made dog collar around his brother's neck not even earning a fight from him anymore. "Now we can have even more fun."

Gilbert closed his eyes trying to keep calm as he felt the collar around his neck and reached up to even feel a dog tag on it. Great… His brother had found a connection to sex shop and he knew he was always into BDSM but now he would have to be put through it. Fuck why did he have to find someone to help him? He felt the strong possessive arms wrap around him again and he tensed right back up. It doesn't even feel like this has been going on for only a couple months now…it feels like it has been going on forever…

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Translations: Du Bist Mein-You are mine.