Father Problems

Ivan quickly intercepted his father from getting too close to Gilbert and stood in front of him. He hoped that Gilbert was looking for his clothes as he distracted his father from him. "Nyet! I do not want you harming Gil!" he exclaimed hoping that he would understand by him going this far to protect him meant that it was consensual. He didn't want his father to find out about him this way but it had happened.

"Ivan get out of the way, I do not want this filth corrupting you anymore!" he snapped at his son moving to push him out of the way but the smaller male found some kind of power somewhere in his body to keep him rooted to his spot. Winter's eyes then finally looked down at Ivan wondering why he was protecting someone who was trying to hurt him. He couldn't imagine his son wanting to do these things after all those years he had made sure to keep the idea of a girl and a man only belong together. How could this happen? "Get dressed and out of my way so I can teach…"

"Don't call him names!" yelled Ivan now reaching his own breaking point. He didn't want his father hurting him anymore. It wasn't right and he knew Gilbert still took offense to some name calling only because he admitted how he felt after every session with his brother. "Don't dare hurt him father, I will not let you hurt him." he threatened his eyes flashing with anger and the dark aura very little people knew about Ivan began to circle around him.

Winter dismissed his son as he looked back at Gilbert who had his boxers and pants back on. "I will not let a dirty little slut touch you." he snarled ignoring the threats because he still only saw Gilbert as a threat and his son as someone who was being taken advantage of.

Ivan saw out of the corner of his eye Gilbert twitch at the words that his father had said and he lost it. He hadn't snapped in so long that it almost felt something else was taking over his body as he quickly pushed his father back. He took the few seconds his father was confused and fallen on his ass to put his boxers and pants back on. It only took him seconds as did it for Winter to stand back up. "Do not call him names." he glared.

Winter's eye twitched and he felt the anger he usually didn't feel, unless he had drank, toward his son and quickly reached out to shove Ivan to the side. "You will not get in my way."

The Russian grabbed his arm as he was pushed so he could pull the older male from Gilbert and across the room. So far he had the advantage only because Winter didn't expect him to fight back like he was. Winter barely stopped himself from hitting the dresser realizing that his son didn't know how he was trying to help the other teen. Ivan pushed Gilbert out of the room. "Go home krolik, please, go home." he pleaded his anger wavering as he looked at the scared expression on his face.

"Ivan I don't want…"

"Go!" he snapped at him knowing that the only thing good right now is to get Gilbert out of the house and away from his dad. Winter grabbed Ivan's hair and made him slam his head on the wall. His vision exploded with stars but his anger also came back in that instant and kicked back at him. Luckily he hit him in the knee to cause his hold to loosen. Ivan pushed away before going for a kick.

Winter easily grabbed his foot pulling him to the ground. He got up keeping a hold on his leg and when Ivan tried to kick him with the other he grabbed a hold of that one too. "You are saying you want to be fucked up the ass like a gay?" he exclaimed. Ivan thought it was embarrassing that he put it that way but his anger was the one helping him push through it. "It is sick and wrong to like another man and I'm sure I helped you grow up to know better." he growled before he moved to stomp on Ivan's chest. The only reason he knew this would hurt the Russian was because he would protect his chest. Just as he predicted the arms of the teen came up and he ended up stepping on the arms. He could tell it hurt because of the pain that surfaced on Ivan's face for a few seconds before vanishing. "I will not let you see him again because you will not be sick man who loves other men!"

Ivan couldn't help but feel some pain at those words knowing he wouldn't be accepted by his father but that's why he hoped he would find out while it was a good day for him. "Dad, I love Gilbert, and I will see him more." he declared boldly just in time for him to slam his foot on one of his legs and the pain that coursed through his leg made him believe he nearly broke it. Ivan used his other leg to try to kick him but paused along with Winter. Outside they could hear police sirens. The teen couldn't help but smile and sit up because he knew exactly who it was that called them.

"Your sick boyfriend called them didn't he?" he snapped, his tone laced with pure venom. He turned around back handing him making Ivan fall onto the ground. Winter could not believe that this was happening to him and didn't even bother to go downstairs when they started yelling instead he was waiting in Ivan's room patiently.

Ivan was steadily getting up on his two feet testing his leg and found that it wasn't broken, just hurt a lot. He knew the other injuries weren't as bad. "I love him." he said again before making his way out of the room as the cops busted into the house. A couple came up the stairs and saw Ivan shouting about a paramedic. One of the two that were downstairs rushed up to help him out of the house and over to the ambulance to take care of his injuries. The Russian was too busy looking around trying to spot a familiar head of hair that would mean his suspicion was right and that his boyfriend called them to help him. He was distracted when they began taking his father out of the house and he didn't like how calm he was.

Winter looked over at him and before he was pushed into the police car he decided to yell something to be the last one to say anything between them. "That fag doesn't need to be treated!"

Gilbert had just appeared around the corner and heard Winter's yell. He looked over at Ivan and bit his lip a little. It was kind of his fault for this happening but Ivan wanted it just as badly as him. "Ivan?" he asked softly hoping that he wasn't too hurt by the words that Winter said.

Ivan's attention snapped to Gilbert and all he could do was smile softly at him. The paramedics had him sitting on the gurney in the ambulance now and were ready to take off. "I want him to come along." he said grabbing one of the paramedic's uniforms.

"Is he a family member?"

"Da." he lied and it looked like the paramedic wanted to say something but instead helped Gilbert into the ambulance.

Gilbert instantly grabbed his hand surveying his body to see how bad it might have been hurt because it did take a few minutes to call the cops. "So how bad did he hurt you?" he asked.

"It is just a sprain and a bruised bone in my arm." he answered giving the hand a light squeeze. "Spasiba krolik."

"Your welcome." he said trying not to blush because other people were around. Every now and then he had to let go of Ivan's hand so they could check out his body to make sure that nothing else could be possibly wrong with him.

Not too long after they were at the hospital and they made Ivan and Gilbert stay the night. Even though the two of them still wanted to have sex in the back of their minds, neither of them said anything just enjoying the closeness that a hospital bed could bring since it was so small. The next day they released the two and the albino called his brother. Ludwig was of course worried that Gilbert had gotten hurt in the process but he made sure that Ludwig knew that he was safe. Ivan was surprised that when Ludwig got there he showed even concern for him. Yes he had helped his brother get better and helped the German find someone to help even him, but he still wasn't expecting it. It was probably because of what his father said making him slightly paranoid because some people did not appreciate homosexuals. He didn't care though as long as he could still have Gilbert.

There were only a few days by the time that Ivan felt better and Gilbert himself had decided to try to have sex again with Ivan. Of course he still had the idea that he could top Ivan but in reality, while Ivan was spending time at their house. He had talked with Ludwig asking about the ways to have gay sex. Ludwig would only spare a few helpful hints but it was enough to sate Ivan's interest. He knew the gist he just wanted to make sure that the next time they do it that Gilbert doesn't get hurt.

Gilbert was more than ready the day before school was supposed to start and when he walked into the room he hoped that Ivan was ready to do it as well. He was caught a little off guard when he saw Ivan didn't have a shirt on. Now he knew a lot of people believed that Ivan was fat but he was just big boned and slightly muscular. It was nice to see that he had a build and he was the only one that knew too. He smirked a little as he walked over and moved to kiss Ivan.

Ivan pulled him onto his lap and kissed him deeply. His arms pulled Gilbert close to his body already feeling the warmth that the albino always shared with him. The kiss didn't even last a minute before Ivan pulled away to get Gilbert's shirt out of the way. "My little krolik is horny da?" he asked smiling innocently at him.

"Ne..nein! I didn't…" he said even though he was blushing red by then and it was truth. He wanted to have sex with him because it had been a long enough wait for the both of them now. Gilbert shivered feeling his hands move over his pale skin.

"Your skin is so soft and pale. Your nipples even look pink." he continued to smile remembering that the one thing that made the other partner more flustered was talking dirty or just complimenting their appearance. With Gilbert it had always been the second. Ivan couldn't help but move his hands up to run his thumbs over the nubs that were slightly hardened. He moved down and licked at the nipples lightly while he pinched the other.

Gilbert's blush only deepened at the words and it felt like electricity going through his body. It kind of pissed him off because all Ivan was doing was teasing his nipples! He shouldn't feel that overwhelmed so quickly! "Stop talking…" he mumbled under his breath and couldn't help a moan escaping his throat when Ivan touched his nipples with his tongue.

Ivan couldn't help but smirk a little at him as he moved up kissing every piece of skin that he could before connecting their lips. The kiss once again didn't last long enough for the albino. "Why should I? I want to see you blush and moan because of me. Did you honestly think I would let you top the next time?" he asked letting his plan come out into the open.

"Hey! I was going to…" he started to say before he was cut off by another kiss and made a surprised sound when he was suddenly pushed back on the bed.

"Nyet, I will not let you top me little one." he smiled innocently again that was right before a louder moan from the smaller teen.

The End

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