A Bumble Striped Dove

Chapter 2

Dovewing opened her eyes to a lush green forest. The stars swirled above her head.

Leaves rustled above her head. "I've never been here before…."

"And your not staying!" Dovewing whipped around to see Jayfeather standing there.

"How'd you get here?" Jayfeather ignored her, looking at her pelt.

"No starshine in your fur, you can leave." Dovewing gaped at him.

"You can see?"

"In my dreams!" he snapped. "Now come on!" jayfeather started to lead he to the darker part of the forest.

"And don't worry, its not the dark forest. Close your eyes." Dovewing closed her eyes and it felt like she falling.

Bublestripe's anxious face hovered above her. "You're alright!" He purred. Dovewing felt herself break into a purr.

Icecloud stomped out of the den. Blossomfall padded into the den and her eyes shone with amusment.

"told you." She murmered. Dovewing ignored her.

"Come with me." Jayfeather's growl sounded from the outside. Dovewing got up and followed him.

Jayfeather lead her to the stream that runs through their territory.

"You know that you can never have kits?" He asked. Dovewing nodded.

"The prophecy says that the power will be to great for kits."

Jayfeather nodded. Dovewing looked him square in the face.

"I love Bumblestripe, nothing can change that."

. . .

Bumblestripe padded through the forest with Blossomfall. "Soooooo….you and Dovewing."

Bumblestripe's fur started to prickle. "What?"

Bossomfall's eyes shined with amusment. "Oh nothing…but she really likes you."

Bumblestripe looked away. "Stay outta it!" His mew was firm.

"You should appreciate me just as much as Rosepetal and Foxleap do." Blossomfall laughed.