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It had been several years after ten Red Rangers had gone to the moon to destroy the last remaining Machine Empire generals. The mission had been a success, with the Red Wild Force Ranger, Cole Evans, destroying Serpentera, and General Venjix.

Or so they thought.

It was now the year 2012, and General Venjix was now standing in front of a machine, pressing some buttons.

"This re-animator should help with my ultimate plan." he said to himself. After pressing a series of buttons, two people appeared at the moon, and elderly man, and woman.

"Where are we?" asked the woman, clearly confused. The man just looked around.

"I don't know hun." he said to her. General Venjix then made his presence known.

"Good day to you two. I am General Venjix, and I am going to re-animate something of your past." he said to them. The older man looked at him.

"Just what are you talking about?" he asked angrily. Venjix laughed.

"You will see." he said. Soon the re-animator shot two beams at the couple, and they began to change. In a flash of light, there stood two of the biggest enemies that the universe had ever seen.

"Well how do you feel?" asked Venjix.

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa looked at Venjix, more evilly than when they had first tried to take over the world.

"I feel like I'm 10,00 years young again." Rita said. Lord Zedd nodded.

"Yes, I feel all powerful again!" he roared. Venjix laughed.

"Good. You two will be part of my plan; to destroy the Power Rangers once and for all. I will re-animate your son, Thrax, along with Astronema. The Power Rangers won't know what hit them!" he laughed.

Unknown to them, bringing back the two evilest villains also brought back another. A beam of light shot towards Earth, with one of the most powerful people that anyone Ranger or villain had ever seen.

"Please hold on Rangers, I will be there soon." said Zordon