It had been a few years after the War had been over, and much had changed on Earth. Kimberley and Tommy had made up, and were on good terms. Leo and Maya had children now, and the oldest was named Mike, named after Leo's brother. The Samurai Rangers had won their battle, and as he said he would, Zordon took their Powers.

It was now a sunny day in Stone Canyon, CA as two teens sat down to lunch. "Hey James, can you pass the mustard?" Seth asked his best friend. Seth had short brown hair, green eyes, and had a muscular build. He also wore a red shirt.

"Sure thing Seth." James answered. James was an inch shorter than Seth, had black ahir, and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt.

"Hello boys." said their friend Megan, who was joined by her best friend Heather. Megan wore a yellow shirt, and several pieces of jewelery, was about 5'4, and had black hair, and brown eyes. Heather has 5'2, had blonde hair, blue eyes, and wore a pink shirt.

Finally they were joined by another boy, Travis, how was 5'5, had brown hair, and black eyes, and wore a green shirt. He was picked on by others growing up, and the four had stuck up for him, becoming his best friends.

The five began to eat, and there was a loud explosion, as ships came out of the sky. The five teenagers began to run, until a red figure stepped into their way.

"You five, there is no need to run." The figure told them.

"What are you crazy? There are ships firing at us!" Megan cried.

"They are the Zanyark forces, they seek to invade Earth. You five must stop them." the figure told them

"And how do you expect us to stop them?" Seth asked.

"With these." the figure said. A box appeared in his hands, and there were five cellphone like devices in it, with five multi-colored keys. The five took the devices, and the keys that were the same color as their shirts.

"What are these?" Heather asked.

"Those are your Guardian morphers. Insert the keys into them, and yell out "Guardian Transform", and you will become a powerful fighting force. You will also use Powers from past generations to fight these foes."

"Generations of what?" Megan again asked.

"Generations of Power Rangers. As of now, you will be known as the Power Rangers; Pirate Guardians."