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"Quinn wasn't the drunk one the night she and Puck had sex, Puck was. Quinn still ends up pregnant and she still tries to hide it from Finn, but Rachel still tells him and everyone still blames it on Puck. Because its not like Puck would say no to sex (he did). And its not rape because he's a guy and he's had sex with all those cougars from his "pool cleaning" business. At least that is what Puck thinks and he go off so it must mean that he wanted it. Somehow Kurt finds out and you decide what happens from there."

If it's not obvious this will have rape and mentions attempted rape and underage drinking. Quinn is a bitch, so if you're a fan of her, you might not want to read this. It's mostly around Quinn, Kurt and Puck, but the others show up periodically, and I have played with the timeline a little... I think... It starts off as Quinn/Puck but it will eventually be Puck/Kurt, but possibly only friendship, I haven't decided yet. Despite the 5 pages of neatly written notes on this story...

This is going to be a multi-chapter fic, only about 4-5, but it's being difficult, in every sense of the word, so I'm going to try to intersperse it with the other prompts, (and finishing Second Chance and the Shuffles...)


Puck had no idea why he'd gone over to Quinn's that night when she'd called, in tears, and like a fool he'd gone over to comfort her. Because she was his best friend's girl.

Everything had fallen apart after that.

She kept him supplied with beers, and no once did he question why she had them, or why she wasn't drinking. When the world was fuzzy she slung a leg over his lap.

'Let's have sex,' she tried to purr. But she couldn't quite get that same sultriness that Santana had, or Kurt had without really trying.

'No,' he slurred, how many beers had he had?

'Come on Puck,' she coaxed, palming his half hard erection through his jeans, 'you know you want it.'

'No,' he tried again, trying to push her away. He felt so weak. 'You're Finn's girl, friends don't sleep with friends girlfriends.' That and he had Kurt, or he was working on having Kurt. The other boy was still a little leery of Puck, but that was totally understandable and he was – having sex with Quinn?

'But you like having sex,' she began to kiss his neck as she fumbled with his cock. When had...? 'And you're so hard.' Yeah, for Kurt.

'We shouldn't do this, Finn-'

'Forget about Finn,' she said, placing a finger on his lips to quiet him. 'I just want you,' she tried to kiss him, but he wouldn't let her.

'Quinn, stop, you don't want this,' he pleaded.

'Oh, yes Puck, I do,' she smirked before she rather unceremoniously sank onto Puck's now hard cock. He had no idea what she was doing or when she'd shed whatever layers of clothing she had.

'See Puck, you're rock hard for me, you do want to have sex with me.'

'Stop, Quinn,' he tried again, but he's brain and his mouth seemed to have lost their connection.

'You like it, you have sex with all those women, and Santana,' she cooed as she rocked on him.

'No,' he what the hell had happened to his ability to talk?

'I gave you something to make you more pliable, because I knew you didn't want to have sex with me, because I'm Finn's girl,' she mocked him. Could she read his mind?

'No, you're actually voicing your thoughts,' she replied, sucking on his neck.

After that, Puck didn't really remember much.


Puck sighed as he pulled his baseball hat down lower, as he looked for a seat. He had no idea why he'd just driven out to Columbus...

Oh, right. His Nana had suggested that he come, so he would know that he wasn't alone.

He didn't need therapy and he certainly didn't need this support group. He hadn't been that. He cursed his Nana, than immediately began to apologize and take back the curse, promising to bake her cookies or something in return. He hadn't meant it. Really.

A voice snapped him from his self-flagellation, and he glanced up only to meet Kurt Hummel's gaze. Puck could only gape at Kurt, who nodded and gave him a small smile, before going back to the blonde he'd been chatting with.

With a shake of his head, Puck dropped into the chair closest to door and waited for the survivors meeting to start. Kind of glad he'd begun to mend fences with Kurt.

Several minutes later everyone was seated and the blonde that Kurt had been talking to greeted everyone cheerfully.

Puck tuned out his welcome speech to take in the other 13 or so people that were there. He and Kurt, who he noticed was sitting primly beside him, seemed to be the youngest, while the oldest looked to be in her sixties. There seemed to be an even number of men and women.

It seemed that he wasn't the only new comer, the other was a redhead named Joey who looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here. Kind of like he felt.

The blonde at the front let them all greet Noah and Joey before announcing that Kurt wanted to share his story. Everyone clapped and a few cheered him on.

Puck watched Kurt as he took a fortifying breath, and stood, 'hi,' he gave that finger wave thing he did that Puck had seen a million times, and he realized that this wasn't the same Kurt Hummel he knew. He was the Kurt Hummel he wanted to know. The one under all that diva bullshit.

'Hi,' several members, obviously people he got along with replied, all looking amused.

'I work at my dad's garage, I have since I was about 10. I've been able to change the oil and check the radiator fluids since I was 7 but I think there's some sort of child labour laws.' Everyone gave a polite chuckle, 'when I was about 13, my dad hired some more help because one of the guys was going on paternity leave, his wife really wanted to get back to work after the baby was born but he didn't mind. So this new guy was young, I don't know how young but young, and that afternoon I was working on a beat up Jeep and my dad went out to get us some lunch. It was a quiet afternoon and it was just me and the new guy. He wasn't too impressed that the boss' kid was working.' Kurt had wrapped his arms around himself and Puck found himself listening intently to the other teen.

'I was listening to music, so I didn't hear him approach me. He slammed me against the wall, stunned me.

'He put his hand down my pants and,' Kurt's eyes fell shut and his breathing hitched. 'He began to threaten me, tell me all kinds of things he wanted to do to me and then his other hand was behind and he, he fingered me. It was dry and it hurt. I tried to fight him, but I wasn't strong enough to do much to him, and he had a knife to my throat,' Puck's eyes widened in surprise, he'd seen that scar but had never asked about it.

'My dad found us before he could really do anymore. He ended up in jail and he's not allowed in the state of Ohio,' Kurt trailed off. 'The worst part was that I came, before all the pain...'

Suddenly Puck was on his feet, hugging Kurt, he hadn't realized that he was also whispering, 'I'm sorry.'

'Noah, we don't...' the blond, Jason, Puck thought his name was, tried to get Puck away from Kurt.

'It's okay,' Kurt stopped him, 'he's a friend of mine.'

The pair just stood there for a moment, holding each other.

When the pair broke apart, they continued talking about Kurt's experience, some of the others relating it to theirs.

If anyone noticed that their hands were linked on Puck's thigh, they didn't say anything.


Puck was tense all weekend, waiting for whatever was going to happen when Kurt told Mercedes, who would tell Rachel, who would tell Finn who would blurt it out to everyone.

When Monday came, no one was talking about him, and Kurt didn't say anything about it. In fact it was like Friday night had never happened. Puck found himself wanting to know what the other boy was like.

At the next meeting Puck sat next to Kurt and they listened to the others and Kurt would explain a little about the others. Some had been coming to this group for several years, while others were rather new. Kurt had only been coming since he could drive without his dad. He had been the youngest one and they all tended to treat him like a little brother.

It was almost nice, because at the meetings they were Kurt and Noah, while outside them, they were still Hummel and Puck.

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