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Epilogue – Three Years Later

'Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!' an adorable three year old with soft chestnut curls and bright blue green eyes barrelled into Kurt's legs.

'Lizzie! Lizzie! Lizzie!' he mimicked, pulling her up into his arms as he spun her around.

'There's a boy here,' she whispered loudly, causing a few of the adults around them to chuckle.

'Really?' Kurt raised a surprised eyebrow. 'Is there a certain boy you noticed, there are a lot of boys around.' There were a lot; Burt had told the boys to invite their friends to the house for a barbeque. Most of the old glee club was there, as well as a few friends that Kurt, Finn and Puck had made at school and work.

'That boy, with Aunt 'Ceds,' she replied, pointing to the boy who wasn't much older than she was that was leaning against Mercedes' leg as he held on to a man's hand.

Mercedes had arrived with her fiancé, Jacob, and his son, Dylan.

Jacob was a few years older than Mercedes but had started at university at the same time she had. They had been taking the same classes and had somehow gravitated to each other.

'Let's go say hello,' Kurt said as he moved to his closest friend.

He set Lizzie on her feet as he greeted Mercedes and Jacob, having met the older man on several occasions before.

'Hi,' Dylan offered softly, giving the younger girl a small wave.

Lizzie fairly beamed before she grabbed his arm and pulled him away, babbling about her toys.

'Well that as easy,' Mercedes chuckled.

'Where's the little hellion?' Puck asked, coming up behind Kurt and wrapping his arms around him.

'The little hellion's got a new boyfriend.' Kurt offered, nodding his head to where Lizzie and Dylan were playing.

'What? You let her just go off with some boy?'

Kurt kissed him chastely, 'relax babe, he's only 4, besides his father is right here.' He waved to an amused Jacob and Mercedes.

'I hope someone took a picture of them kissing!' Rachel laughed, from where she was watching the pair along with a few other adults.

Puck looked like he didn't know if he should be angry that some boy was hitting on his daughter, or proud that some boy wanted his daughter.

'Noah!' Kurt chastised when it looked like Puck was going to go separate the kids.

It had surprised everyone to learn that Noah was the overprotective parent while Kurt was the o one that let her get dirty. Puck had been livid when he found out that Lizzie had eaten a handful of dirt at the park one afternoon. But Kurt had used his logic of she's done it once, she probably won't do it again, and besides, it'll help build her immune system.

'You want her to be strong and healthy, don't you?' Kurt had practically purred, rubbing against him and Puck had reluctantly consented.

He had gotten a little better, but he still didn't like anything with a penis getting within a five feet radius of his baby girl.

Puck relaxed enough to give Jacob a proper greeting which led to a healthy debate over sports and why hockey (Jacob) was better than football (Puck).

Mercedes went off to chat with some of the others, and Kurt stood for a moment, just watching his friends.

He never thought that he'd be here, with a wonderful boyfriend and a beautiful daughter, at only 19.

Kurt had finished his first year of university at Columbus where he was taking architecture and interior design and loving every minute of it.

Puck, who mostly went by Noah now, was taking business and accounting. He often went over Burt's books for the garage.

They both would sing at a bar near their apartment once a week, usually alone, but sometimes together. They each had a loyal following of locals and regulars.

Mercedes was taking English and fashion; Jacob was in her English classes.

Rachel and Finn had moved to New York, where she was training for her Broadway dream and Finn was working as a gofer on a movie set. No one was really sure how he'd gotten that job.

Mike was in town from LA for the weekend, he had just finished his third video as a dancer for Lady Gaga, whom Mike had introduced to Kurt almost as soon as he could.

Tina, who'd tried to go to school, decided it wasn't for her and was currently trying to make a name for herself as a photographer. She'd manage to sell some to a few local papers and magazines.

Brittany was studying massage therapy; Artie had said she had a natural talent for it whenever she massaged his legs. Actually, he had said that she had magic hands, which had awed Brittany, causing her to touch everyone she met, hoping to give them a bit of her magic. Artie was a studio musician, when he wasn't writing kid's books. His first book, about a kid in a wheelchair who was a superhero, had been a runaway hit. Apparently he'd been working on it as a form of therapy for himself since he'd been about 12.

Santana had moved to San Francisco and had found comfort and safety in the arms of a lovely woman named Zoe. Santana was doing makeup for movies and television shows, while Zoe did costume design. Kurt knew they were going to be a fierce team.

Matt had moved away at the end of the year, and had been replaced by Sam, who was actually working at Burt's garage. He could do amazing things with a car.

Puck still kept in touch with Will, calling him as often as Kurt called his own father, and the older man had become the closest thing to a father that Puck had; he was still at McKinley, and he was still the director of New Directions. He was also now married to Miss Pillsbury, who was happily awaiting their own bundle of joy and being cooed over by several of the girls. Though, he was happy to have become Gampa to Lizzie, while Burt was Popi, and Carole was Nama, while Emma had become Gamma.

There were others around, a few who had joined the glee club late or just become friends with them around school.

The only one who wasn't there was Quinn.

Kurt sighed, he didn't know why, but he had hoped that she would've come. No one had really heard from her once they'd all graduated and moved on.

He went to talk to Artie and Sam, who was standing with a shorter brunet that Kurt vaguely recognized.

No one noticed the blonde who'd stood at the gate and watched them all, though she mostly watched the little chestnut haired girl who was now playing in a sandbox with the caramel skinned little boy. Yeah Quinn had faced them after everything that had happened, but they'd all been a little distant.

She was still in therapy and on medication, she didn't know if they would ever stop, but she'd finally come to understand what she'd done to Puck, and what it meant.

But she wasn't ready to face them, not yet. Not when they all looked so happy. Brushing away her tears she turned and walked away.

'Papa?' Lizzie pulled on Puck's leg.

'What is it Lizard?' Puck asked, running a hand over her dishevelled curls.

'Who was that?' she asked, pointing to where Quinn had been standing.

'Who was who?' he retorted, a little confused, he hadn't seen anyone standing by the gates.

'She had gold hair, and looked really sad.'

Puck glanced at Kurt, who had joined them.

'I don't know baby girl, maybe just someone who wasn't invited to the party and was sad,' he offered.

Lizzie shrugged before running back to Dylan.

Puck went to go after the lady, who he was sure must have been Quinn, but Kurt's hand stopped him.

'If she didn't come in, then she's probably not ready. Let her come on her own time.'

Puck looked torn, and then Lizzie gave a cry of, 'Papa, look what I found!' and all thoughts of Quinn vanished as he caught sight of what Lizzie was holding.

Bugs. By the looks of it, something slimy. Kurt had sworn left and right that the sand box was safe and bug free. And look, she was covered in dirt, that wasn't from the sand box.

Puck sighed, so much for his princess.

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