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Summary: Tahalia is that one girl who defies gravity, who wants more than anything else to make life right. At first she starts out just writing these ways to find out who is a kira but what happens when she is found out and exposed as one herself. No one would have guessed that L's own sister was another hidden kira as well.

1. To figure out who a kira is is to see how the kira answers your questions.

Tahalia writes in her notebook as she thinks of other ways to figure out who is a kira. She thinks and thinks yet she can't get another solid thought on the paper.

"Why must this be so hard," she mutters, as she stares at her notebook annoyed.

"You know you shouldn't keep this lying around, you know," says someone, worriedly.

"I know Seraphina, I know," says Tahalia, brushing off the shinigami's warnings. She hated when she was warned by anyone, it made her feel not in control.

She knew that of all people only her brother could not know about her shinigami and her possession of a death note, after a long time a voice calls to her from outside her room a voice she knew very well.

"Tahalia, you're going to be late," calls the familiar voice. Tahalia remembers that she is not in fact late but will be if she doesn't get out and eat breakfast. She actually woke up two and a half hours before she had to go to school so she could eat breakfast, talk to her brother, and write things down in her notebook. She was surprised that her room wasn't bugged, though she could guess L told them not to, trusting his younger 'sister'.

When she comes into the area where she and her brother eat, she blinks her eyes as they are getting used to the light. When she sits down and picks out what she wants to eat she starts to study her older brother.

What's wrong," she asks sweetly, fluttering her eyes to make herself look like someone a lot younger.

"The Kira case is taking its toll on me and I hadn't had much sleep," said L as he eats a piece of cake.

Tahalia laughs, as she takes a bit of her pastry. "You're funny L. Well I will be going now."

Tahalia gets her backpack and goes outside to walk to Sayu's house where the two will go to school together. Once she gets there Sayu is waiting expectantly for her.

"Finally," exclaims Sayu, giving Tahalia a hug.

Tahalia stiffens but shows no other emotion to really point out where her discomfort really lies.

"You know your only concern with this girl is fake, right and not truly genuine," comments Seraphina, looking at Tahalia go back a couple feet away from Sayu.

"Yeah and so what," she mutters. "Does it matter now, she was my friend before this and she still is my friend now."

Seraphina nods, "Yes, of course Tahalia, you are just an angel from the heavens above, bah."

Tahalia looks at Seraphina warningly before she is called back into existence by Sayu.

"Let's get to school Taha-chan," suggests Sayu, after finishing her talk with her mother.

"Of course, let's go," agrees Tahalia for a minute her mind not coherent with the world.

"So what are you doing today," questions Sayu curiously.

"Well I will be taking my college entrance exam, training for both my tournament I will be in and also my demonstration, and lastly I will be catching up with my school work," answers Tahalia her hands over her head in a carefree manner.

Sayu nods amazed with her dear friend. "Wow," she said. "So you are getting a college exam to see if you are qualified to go to college?" she asks curiously.

"Well yes if I get a near perfect score on the test I will be going to college, the thing is I will do my college classes three nights a week this year and the four nights and so on," is Tahalia's response.

"So you won't be able to walk home with me today," asks Sayu, sadly.

"Well I got a plan; the place where I will be testing at is thirty minutes away from the school and fifteen minutes from your house. So we will leave school as soon as possible. Then I will go to the testing site right after I see you are safely in your house does that sound good?" Tahalia explains, all the while looking at Sayu's reaction.

"I guess that sounds appropriate," replies Sayu, shrugging her shoulders in response.

They sit down in class and Tahalia starts to tick off the minutes till school is over. After school Tahalia and Sayu walk to Sayu's house. Tahalia occasionally stops but Sayu does not take notice once at what Tahalia is looking at.

Though she knows that after setting after the testing site that she probably will see brother she doesn't know where she will be sitting exactly. Seeing that she is twelve minutes early, she decides to do a scan of the room of anyone familiar. So far she had seen no one familiar and it annoyed her to no amends. After the test she decides to go to her karate dojo to practice for the demonstration and tournament.

When she bows into the dojo she sees that her sensei is teaching one of the older students. After her sensei dismisses the student he looks over to where Tahalia is standing.

"Hello Tahalia," says the sensei.

Tahalia smiles and says, "Hello sensei."

While she starts to stretch her sensei goes around looking at how proficient her stretch is. "You know that the tournament is this Friday right and the demonstration is next week."

Tahalia looks up at her sensei dumbfounded. "I didn't know it was so close, I thought I had at least another month of training before the two events."

Her sensei shakes his head. "Well let's get started then, 1,000 pushups."

Tahalia jumps down and starts doing the insane amount of pushups. As soon as she is done Tahalia falls to the floor trying to get back her breath.

"Alright now do 1,000 sit-ups and jumping jacks and then we will start doing katas," commands sensei, walking around the room.

"Wow, he works you hard," comments Seraphina.

Tahalia nods but makes no comment other wise to what Seraphina had said. After she does her katas she remembers that her brother will probably not be able to see either event due to being involved in the Kira case. Tahalia silently curses while she is replaying the fact that he may not be able to go to the tournament or demonstration.

At last she walked into their hotel room and she was relieved that nothing happened to her. She then went to her closet took out two cups, two spoons, and two buckets of ice cream.

"Here's a treat Seraphina, for you being so good," says Tahalia giving the shinigami a cup of chocolate chip mint ice cream and then she serves herself a healthy portion of her own favorite flavor, peanut butter cup.

Seraphina takes the cup and eats it greedily and after she is done with that, she takes the gallon of ice cream and starts to gulp it down.

"Seraphina, you pig," exclaims Tahalia, "you could be at least more civil about eating it and more clean as well."

Seraphina looks at her with her head cocked to the left. Tahalia rolls her eyes and puts away her things back in the closet so they will not be confiscated by anyone.

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