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Chapter 0: Prologue

June 16, 1845 Kanazawa, Japan

Six year old Naruto Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze and of Kushina Uzimaki Namikaze, giggled as he listened to his father retell a story that he had heard so many times, but had yet to be tired of it. He had his father retell the story every night whenever Minato was home from doing his 'big daddy things' in other cities. Baby blue eyes as bright as the sky on a sunny day peeked out from underneath his blanket as the older man tried to reenact the story as he portrayed it, making it seem much more exciting for the young boy who was supposed to be asleep.

"… and then I met the most magnificent creature in the world I have ever seen! She had the torso of a woman, but her legs were gone and replaced with a snake's!" Minato made a hissing noise like the snake he was speaking about, waggling his fingers towards the boy as he took a step closer, causing Naruto to squeal in delight and tuck the comforter around him tighter. "Her features were certainly out of this world. Her eyes and scales were as red as her hair and she had a long tongue, her ears pointed at the tips like the elves spoken in English folklores."

Of course, as always, Naruto had to ask, "Was she nice?"

"Oh yes, yes indeed. I would have been eaten whole if this snake woman hadn't vouched for me and I was held hostage there by their Lord who goes by the name of Madara Uchiha; kept alive to teach the wonders of my land. But this man was an evil snake and wanted to devour me, but his curiosity took the best of him and kept me alive to learn about humans." Minato was now sitting down on the edge of his son's bed, looking away as if in thought.

"How did they know our language Daddy?"

The older male chuckled at that like he always did when Naruto asked that question. "Good question! You see, all kinds of things like books, charts, diaries from sunken ships or things thrown out to sea wash up there from all over the world from time to time and over the years, they taught themselves how to speak all the languages without any help (that's how smart they are). They showed me where they keep all these washed up items, locked away in a shack where only the nobles are allowed to enter and learn."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know, they nearly killed me when I asked," Minato replied with a sigh. "Anyways, back to the story. While I was there, telling everything I know to the lord, I feel in love with the snake that had found me washed up on the beach-"

"Yay mommy!" Naruto interrupted happily, making the father chuckle at his son's enthusiasm.

"Yes, yay mommy. Kushina feed me, healed my wounds, and kept me out of trouble. A few months later, we soon later found out that she was pregnant with you and the snake people didn't like that one bit." He shook his head with a large frown on his face. "The creatures were afraid of what Kushina might have given birth to so they were ordered by Madara to kill her and me, keeping the child from being born and as my punishment. But your mother did not want that and whisked me away towards the beach where she had found me. I soon found out that she was a water snake and I rode on her back all the way back home!" Minato stood up then and pretended to ride on something throughout the room, causing his son to giggle hysterically.

Once Naruto calmed down, he asked, "But how come mommy has legs instead of a tail?"

"Well, you see, your mommy's people knew how to cast spells and she was able to give herself legs to appear normal, but I had to find some clothes for her since she only wore a dress that covered her torso. However, I found my parents and they let me and my wife stay with them until I could find a home of my own and a get a job to help support your mommy. I had built this home with the money I had saved up and we were able to move in right after you were born." He ruffled his son's thick locks of blond hair that was as bright as the sun with a stunning smile as he relived through some of his old memories.

Naruto yelped quietly at the action and laughed as he pushed the hand away from his head. "Will you ever go back to that place?"

Minato shook his head. "No, I nor your mother must ever return to that place. Neither should you, my little sunshine." He kissed his son's forehead and tucked him in as Naruto yawned. "Now it is time for you to go to sleep."

"But mommy hasn't come to say goodnight yet!" Naruto was shushed gently by a hand running through his hair, making the little boy look up and smile sleepily at the sight of his mother.

"Do as your father says, Naruto," Kushina whispered before kissing her son's temple, smiling softly as the boy attempted to fight off sleep, but when the redheaded woman began to sing a small lullaby, Naruto was out in minutes. "Goodnight my beautiful baby." She kissed his forehead, grabbed her husband's hand, and walked out to get ready for bed herself.

In their room, with the door closed, she shook her head with a small frown etched on her face at her blond husband. "You need to stop telling Naruto those stories; he'll go searching for this place when he gets older. You know that, don't you?"

Minato waved it off and wrapped his arms around his wife's waist from behind. "He's only a child. Once he gets older, he's going to think that they were only stories." He made a noise of protest when Kushina pulled away and turned around to give Minato the look.

"Stories that are true and he's going to believe that they are true if you keep telling him them." The redhead sighed in sadness at the look on her son's face once they tell him that they can't retell those stories anymore. "You know I don't like it any more than you do, but I think it's for the best." Grabbing the blond's hands in hers, she kissed his cheek before gliding across the floor to retrieve her yukata as well as her husband's. "Why don't you start telling him about your childhood tomorrow? I know he'll enjoy those."

Minato shrugged, still a little upset. "Alright, but he won't enjoy them as much, I guarantee it." Pulling his blouse over his head and slipping off his boots that he had bought from a British trader a few years ago, he pulled his yukata over his shoulders and tied it closed before slipping off his pants.

Kushina laughed at his modesty and proceed to undress herself in front of her husband without any shame. It wasn't until she was completely naked did she slide into her night clothes, practically teasing her husband to come and touch her. She was disappointed though when Minato restrained himself and slipped beneath the heavy quilt to hide his erection. His wife followed after him and pressed herself against his body. "Goodnight, my love."

"Goodnight," Minato replied a little shakily before blowing out the candles on his nightstand.


August 11, 1849 London, England

He was not happy; no he wasn't happy at all. The air was musky, the people were rude, and the roads were hard: this was not home. Naruto didn't like the way the people scowled at his father and sneered at his mother, practically ignoring him. The carriage that they were in was the only thing that seemed interesting to the small blond, but the clothes he was wearing irritated him. He had seen his father wear similar clothes to the British traders, but he never wore everything they did until now.

Since they were of noble families, they had to dress like one and to dress like one you had to wear constraining garments. Naruto was used to feeling free in his kimono, but now he had to wear what they called trousers over here along with a buttoned up blouse, vest, and jacket. The shoes he had to wear hurt his feet since he wasn't used to having his whole foot covered and he was almost tempted to throw a temper tantrum. Although, his father did look rather nice in his suit and his mother in her white poofy dress and white hat.

They had to move to England because of his father's work. Minato had owned a silk factory back home where he made the finest homespun clothing. This had caught several business men's eyes and had asked for the older blond to come and help with their own silk factory since they weren't making any profitable business. At first, Minato was hesitant until he found out how much money he would be making. Even though he was a noble, his family wasn't making very much money since they weren't that big of a clan and a little extra money would help them a lot.

They had traveled across the country with the two business men by train and across the English canal by boat. It took them almost two months to do all this and Naruto had become very homesick, especially when being on a train for so long and not just one, but several. He did, however, find one of the business men that could speak Japanese very friendly and spent days talking to the man, learning about the many places that he and his partner had been.

Now they were dressed the way the business men were and were now on their way to their new home that the two men would be providing for them. The homes here were built tall and made out of brick, different from the ones back home where they were made out of wood and built out instead of up. And the house that they were going to live at now was on the edge of town near the fields, but near the factory as well. It was certainly different from their old home, but it will do for the time being.

The carriage stopped in front of a three story, red brick house and the carriage door was opened for the family. Minato stepped out first to help his wife and child, looking nervously up at their new home. The older blond pulled out the key that Gatou, one of the business men, had given him. It was the man's summer home, but he rarely used it; so he was letting the Namikaze's borrow it for the time being. Naruto did not like it at all, but refrained himself from saying it out loud so as to not upset his father; but it could be seen on face, though.

They settled down and relaxed as much as they could in a new place where they couldn't understand the language during the past month, Haku, the second business man, being their personal translator. Haku practically lived with the Namikaze's, teaching Minato and Kushina English. Naruto had someone else to teach him the language and was his home schooled teacher that Haku had suggested they have for their son. The young blond's parents wanted their son to become accustomed to their new living before he could attend any kind of private school. Luckily Iruka, Naruto's teacher, didn't live too far away and was a nice young man.

Naruto was a fast learner and caught on to the language quickly, though he didn't like how he sounded; much different than the way the others spoke. However, he was slow with his studies since he found them boring except for history, which was his only subject he had perfected. He wasn't too bad with the other subjects, but wasn't going the speed that Iruka would have liked him to. Naruto did get his work done though, even if it took him all day to do it, which he didn't mind since he had no friends and there was nothing to do here.

December 29, 1852 London, England

Shock. That was the only way Naruto could describe the look on his father's face when Gatou came up to their doorstep and fired Minato right on the spot. A huge argument followed and Naruto tried to keep himself from being noticed as he watched from the stairs, high enough to not be seen, but low enough to see what was going on. The shadows hid him as he gazed out between the banisters and watched the two men argue.

"How could you fire me right when business is booming?" Minato yelled, his English accent a little choppy. "I worked hard for your business with low pay without complaint while you sat back in your mansion and then you tell me I'm fired? Why?"

The short brunette looked uninterested in the blond's distress and anger, looking at his fingers while his other hand gripped the end of his cane. "You see, Mr. Minato, you aren't needed anymore. Now that the business has finally gained enough profit to give me a comfortable living for the future, I won't be needing your assistance any longer."

"Are you telling me you used me?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying."


"Well, I needed someone to do all the hard work for me and you were just too easy to fool." The man smirked up at the furious, red faced blond. "When I went to Japan and saw your nicely made silk garments, I just had to use your talent for my own use. Thank you for your hard work, I'm sure I'll be bringing in the big bucks here soon."

Red covered his vision and Minato attacked the stout man without a second thought. Lost in his anger, the blond beat the man to death. A gasp from Kushina snapped Minato back to earth and see what he had done. Shame and guilt at not controlling his anger flowed through the redhead's husband and he quickly grabbed the body to hide it in the coat closet. He ordered his wife and son to pack whatever they could carry, following suit before all three left into the cold night to the docks with whatever money they had. They paid the captain of one of the ships a large sum of money to take them out of England and to wherever and fast.

The captain accepted the cash and ordered the other passengers to get on bored or be left behind.

July 8, 1855 Providence, Rhode Island

Naruto was out splitting wood for his mother and for the upcoming winter this year, wanting to get it done quickly instead of working extra hard at the last minute like he did last year. He was not particularly fond of doing such hard labor, but working at a farm was better than living in the city with all its people and musky air. After he and his parents left England three years ago, they docked in Providence and decided to stay there, but outside the city limits. It was summer when they had arrived so they were able to camp outside before the Inuzukas took them in.

The Inuzukas were a family of three, Tsume Inuzuka, her daughter Hana and her son Kiba, who was about the same age as Naruto. The lively bunch had been riding down the road on their wagon when they passed by the camping family and let them join them as long as they helped out on the farm. The Namikazes were thankful for the help and stayed in the large shack behind the house before building onto it and making it their permanent home. The Inuzukas were dog breeders and bred the best hunting dogs around. People paid hundreds for their dogs, giving enough money to live comfortably.

Naruto stopped so he could wipe away the sweat from his brow and take off his shirt before going back to work. He lifted a piece of wood vertically onto the large stump, grabbing the axe next and raising it high into the air to only to bring back down right on top of the small log, splitting it in half in one go, which surprised the blond. He picked up a piece of it and weighed it in his hand.

"This is much lighter than the others," he mused to himself with a shrug, throwing the piece into the pile of split logs next to him. He made to grab another log, but a tanned arm wrapped around his shoulders, halting him from going anywhere.

"Ya still splittin' logs? Haven't ya been doin' that since mornin'?" a cocky, yet friendly voice asked.

Naruto turned his gaze towards a shaggy, brown haired, dark brown eyed, and very tanned teenager. Red like fangs adorned the boy's cheeks, a sign of what clan he was from, and the boy's canines were longer than the norm, but it fitted the boy. This brunette was very handsome and had many of the good girls want to go bad for him, especially when he was shirtless and sweating. The blond smirked at the thought of one girl in particular, a Ms. Sakura Ables, wanting to go against her father's teachings and sleep with the brunette. However, this boy was not interested in the pink haired bimbo.

"Lost track of time I guess," Naruto replied with a shrug, picking up the axe so he could bring it back to the barn. He hung the tool on the two nails sticking out of the wall just before a pair of arms wrapped around his waist, raw bitten yet warm lips brushing against the side of his neck. "Kiba…" the blond let out with a sigh.

"I'm rather hungry tonight," Kiba whispered lustily in the other's ear before nipping it. "Won't ya feed me?" The hands around the blond's waist made their way up Naruto's stomach, massaging the hard muscles there. He was pushed away, however, before he could get too far, but was pulled up to the loft where a blanket laid on top of the hay just for this purpose.

About a year ago, Kiba and Naruto were starting to understand the meaning of sex after hearing the blond's parents a couple of times on accident and reading a few books about it from the nearest library. Since they couldn't really experiment with girls unless they wanted to get married, they decided to try it out on each other, which involved in a lot of arguing and a lot of pain on Naruto's end. After that, the two began to have sex constantly, but secretly up in the loft of the barn when everyone was busy and not expecting the boys anytime soon.

Naruto was roughly pushed down onto the comforter, pink lips captured by darker red ones, a tongue forcing its ways into the blond's mouth. The shorter male moaned and wrapped his arms around Kiba's shoulders, hands weaving into brown hair at the back of his head. Kiba laid between Naruto's legs, brushing their denim covered lengths together, thrusting his hips into the blond's.

"Mmm, how would you like me today?" Naruto asked in a whisper, turning his head when the brunette latched onto his neck.

"Just the way ya are," Kiba answered quietly with a smile before capturing Naruto's lips again.

October 5, 1855 Providence, Rhode Island

No, no, no, please no! Naruto yelled in his head all the way to the hospital his mother had been brought to. He rode his horse all the way into town as fast as he could, Kiba right behind him. Kushina had developed a high fever and was throwing up blood while the two young boys were out fishing at the lake close by. Tsume had stayed home to tell them what happened and that Minato had taken Kushina to the hospital. Naruto wasted no time, not even bothering to saddle his horse, and rode all the way there without stopping.

He tied his horse to a pole outside the large building and ran inside, startling many patients that were waiting to see a doctor at his appearance. He wasn't wearing a shirt or shoes and his pants were a little damp. Kiba was the same and the two of them didn't care about the dress code. They strode in and immediately started patronizing a nearby nurse on where Kushina Namikaze was. The nurse quickly told them on where she could be found to get them away faster and ran down an opposite hall.

The blond and brunette found the room the redhead was staying in and Naruto was by her side in a second, holding her hand that wasn't already taken by Minato. Kushina groggily turned her head to the side and smiled weakly at her son, face pale and lips a light blue. Her red eyes were becoming less lively by the minute and Naruto knew that her end was coming. She knew it too, but she was ready and Naruto tried to stay strong for both his parents, knowing that his father was going to take this rather badly.

"We spent a nice long 16 years together, haven't we?" Kushina whispered with a gentle smile, eyes straining to stay open.

Naruto nodded sadly while Minato shook his head. "No, no it wasn't long enough. We both should be living together for a few more decades." He wrapped both his hands around his wife's and brought the delicate appendage to his lips as a few tears slipped past his lids. "You'll be ok, right?"

Kushina shook her head softly, mournful for leaving her husband a little sooner than she thought she was. "No, sweetie, I'll be joining with my mother here soon and I'll be watching over you two." Her breath hitched and became raggedy, slowing with each heartbeat. She didn't live much longer, her hand going limp in her husband's and son's.

Minato broke down when his wife didn't answer him after several attempts to wake her, Naruto wrapping his arms around his father as he cried as well, but not as heavily. Kiba stayed standing outside by the door, watching the whole ordeal with a sad frown and watery eyes which a few tears broke through to fall down his cheeks. Kiba had been around death but it was never someone close to him until now; Kushina was like an aunt to him and he had grown to love her. But seeing her lifeless in front of him with his friend and friend's father crying for her death broke his heart.

A few days later, they tied a heavy rock to the redheaded woman and let her sink to the bottom of the ocean. Minato said she never wanted to be buried on land, but in water. And that's when Naruto remembered something about his father telling him about his wife being a water snake a long time ago, but it had just been a story. However, as he continued to watch his mother sink as they left, he swore he saw a tail grow out of her before it became too hard to see her anymore.

December 9, 1855 Providence, Rhode Island

"He's at it again, Naruto," Kiba whispered so as to not let Minato hear him from the other room. He gave the young blond a sad look when Naruto peeked into the living room to see his father gazing at a drawing of his mother while holding a cup of some kind of alcohol. Tsume and Hana were gone to take a few of their bred dogs to certain clients that couldn't make it all the way out here in the boonies. "You need to talk to him; this has gone far enough."

Kiba was right and Naruto knew he had to do something instead of letting his father wallow in self pity all the time. Taking in a deep breath, Naruto waltzed into the room and grabbed the cup from his father's hand to put it aside. Minato made a sound of protest which Naruto ignored and grabbed the picture of his mother, putting it in the pocket of his pants when Minato made a grab for it.

"Give that back!" the older blond cried out.

"No, father! This has gone on long enough! Mother is gone and is not coming back, get over it. I know it's a rude thing to say, but you need to buck up and start living again instead of drinking your life away!" Naruto yelled angrily, unhappy at the way his father kept grabbing at him to get the picture back. "You're not the only one who feels lonely!"

"But she's my wife, I've known her longer than you have," Minato snapped with a look of anger.

"She was my mother, someone who is very dear to me as well! I've grieved and now I'm going to go on with my life like she wants me to." Naruto sneered, really wanting to hit him at the moment. "I'm sure she's very unhappy with you like this."

A resounding smack echoed in the room, a gasp from Kiba following.

His cheek stung from where his father had hit him with the back of his hand, but his head had barely turned to the side. Naruto bit his lip and nodded as if agreeing with whatever he was thinking of. "Ok… fine. If want to wallow in misery, that's fine by me." He left, grabbing his jacket on the way out after slipping on his heavy boots.

Minato stared at his hand in shock, guilt tearing him up inside from what he had done. He had hit, hit his son out of anger. Never had he struck out at Naruto out of anger, ever. The only time he did hit his son was to give him a spanking when he did something naughty, but the young blond was too old for that now. He looked to where Naruto had left and followed after him, thankful that it had snowed earlier this morning so there was a new set of tracks that were most likely his son's. Kiba was behind, going at a slower pace to see what would happen.

By the time Minato caught up with Naruto, the young blond was crossing an icy bridge. "Naruto!" he called out, running across the bridge. His voice stopped the younger blond at the other side of the bridge.

Naruto spun on his heels with a surprised and confused look on his face just in time to see an out of control carriage coming straight towards his father. He gave a warning shout, but it was too late. He watched in horror as Minato turned to see what was wrong only to be pummeled to the ground by a large horse, the carriage running over his fallen body and crushing him. His whole body exploded in pain as he started to feel rather sleepy along with it. His neck was broken; he knew it by the way his head just stayed flopped to the side when he tried turning it to see the damage of his body.

The man driving the carriage stopped, hopping down and running towards the fallen blond. Naruto was already kneeling beside Minato by the time the man had reached them. The man who had run over Minato cursed and apologized for his idiocy for going too fast on the icy bridge, but Naruto ignored it. The young blond was shaking as he took in the damage his father had taken that was mostly covered in blood. A puddle of red liquid began to form around the broken body, staining Naruto's pants and Kiba's, who had seen the whole thing and ran as fast as could to his friend, shoes.

"I-I'm… s-s-s-so… rry," Minato whispered around the blood that had filled his mouth, draining whatever he had left. Blue eyes that rivaled Naruto's stayed open as the old blond passed away, mouth slacking and letting a small stream of red run down the corner of his lips.

Naruto and Kiba didn't wait for a funeral or have the body cleaned and fixed; instead, they had the man driving the carriage take them out to the docks, tying whatever could keep Minato from floating back up before dumping his body into the dark depths. It began to rain, causing Kiba and Naruto to shiver from the cold as thunder storm started to brew. They left in a hurry so they wouldn't be caught in the storm, but when Naruto looked back into the watery depths just as a lightening flashed, he swore he saw a long tailed creature wrap around his father; the creature looking very much like his mother.

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