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A/N- In contrast to the depressing one last update, here's a drabble full of bromancy goodness :)

Summary- On the way back from an exhausting quest, Merlin twists his ankle and the road to Camelot becomes that much longer. But at least he has Arthur with him.

Title- The Questing Duo

"It's just like you to get hurt now," Arthur chided.

"Sorry," Merlin offered, rubbing his calf, a pointless remedy to his swollen ankle.

Arthur sent him a concerned look but quickly covered it with annoyance. "Is it broken?"

"Don't think so," Merlin winced.

The prince sighed and looked around at the forest surrounding them. "Sorry," Merlin repeated, "I know you wanted to get back home."

Arthur waved a hand, aborting his intention to rub his tired eyes. "What's a few more hours?"

Merlin smiled and neither of them complained when he was forced to use Arthur as a walking stick.

If that wasn't enough to make you happy, perhaps the following will do the trick: I have FINALLY done an extended Uncle Merlin one shot. It's almost done, I just have to work on an epilogue so tomorrow it will finally see the light of day! Excited?

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