Chapter 12- Different than expected

Years ago, in Nikita's youth

Percy and Amanda had been running a government program called Division, however, they had recently decided to leave the government and go rouge. Now they were pretty much, contract killers, training people to be such killers. Most of their agents were chosen when they went to prison based on what they did. However, they had recently decided to try something new: choosing agents as children or teenagers and shaping them from a young age to what they wanted.

Amanda got her eyes on a family with two girls. The first child called Nikki was excelling at physical activities, and her love for her sister was great. With this information, Amanda and Percy decided that the two girls were good experiments. However, their love for each other would be a hindrance.

Therefore, Amanda and Percy made a plan to separate them and grow their skills. Since Nikita was already ten, they decided to keep her with her family and move the child Cassandra elsewhere. One day, when the family was visiting the park, their father went to push Nikita on the swing, leaving the perfect opportunity for Amanda.

A few days before, Amanda had acquired fake documents saying that Cassandra's parents were dead. Of course, she took Cassie and brought her to authorities, using her current cover as a social security agent. They took Cassie in and placed her in foster care. Whenever somebody wanted to adopt the child, the documents would 'mysteriously' vanish from the computer.

As time went on, Percy and Amanda put people in the kids' lives that would direct them in the path of breaking the law. Soon enough, Nikita and her sister were showing promising signs of physical ability and deception techniques. Percy made sure that the two sisters would never run into one another, especially once Nikita had gone rouge. He kept Cassie as his secret weapon. And, with this secret weapon, he planned to take down Nikita.

Alas, his plan completely backfired when he put Cassie in the field too early. She was still susceptible to listening to the targets' pleading. Now that Cassie was gone, Amanda informed Percy of Alex's weakness. While they didn't know Michael's weakness, soon enough they realized they didn't need one. He was right there with Nathan.

Present Time

Percy sighed. Of course, their huge master plan wasn't working. This proves that their experiment either had the wrong subjects or was a failure. But Percy couldn't accept failure. So, he ran up the stairs after the squad, swearing to himself that he WOULD capture Michael and Nathan.

He reached the roof, only to see that Michael and Nathan had disappeared. But Percy wouldn't accept this defeat. He needed to figure out how they got away. He couldn't have jumped to another roof. First off, that would be the obvious choice, and second, there were no roofs within jumping distance. Percy began walking the perimeter. The street was too far down to jump, the walls weren't climbable. He was about to call it off when he noticed something.

On a porch down below, there was a drip of blood. Just a little drip, but it was obviously from one of the two men. Maybe Michael hadn't stitched up Nathan as best he could, maybe he was rushed into finishing. But no matter what happened, Percy knew he overlooked a single detain when arranging his men. They needed to watch for unlikely escape routes like this.

Percy keeps forgetting, they're not dealing with untrained men now, they're dealing with their own rouges. These rouges know what's likely, what's not, and how to spot small details. Percy needed to up his game. There was no way he could do this much longer the way he was. He needed to figure out exactly how an agent's mind worked.

Michael and Nathan

Michael exited the back of the building, trying to think of a place to stay. He and Nathan sat down in an alley and rested. Michael pulled out his phone and quickly dialed the number he knew by heart.

"Michael! Are you on your way now?" Alex answered the phone this time.

"Actually, Alex, no. We got a little ah…held up. We should be on our way there soon, but we need a new safe-house. Do you know of any?"

"No. Nikita knows that stuff. But, she and Cassie are asleep right now. I think they really need it, and I don't want to interrupt them. How's Nathan? Is he okay?"

"Nathan's fine. He can't walk yet, since I removed a tracker chip from his hip. But, he should be able to hold weight soon. I need to contact someone to get a private plane. We can't go commercially, not with division on high alert."

"Yeah. And, hey, can you tell Nathan something for me? Tell him… he'll see me soon. And I hope he feels better." Michael could hear the concern in her voice. This is what Nikita felt for Daniel, he could tell easily. Alex wasn't always so great at hiding her feelings.

"Sure thing. I'll get word to him."

They hung up and Michael turned to Nathan, relaying Alex's message. He smiled and nodded. Michael dialed another number and one of his many contacts picked up. "What'cha need Michael?"

"I need a plane. I need to get to Russia undetected by the government. You think you can do that?"

"Sure thing. When can you be on the runway?"

"An hour, maybe two."

"I'll be ready. It's the plane with red wings. You know it, don't you?"

"Yeah." Michael hung up, hoping to get there undetected by division. Nathan was leaning against the wall, trying to put weight on his leg. He could stand, but his leg shook under the weight. There was still no way he could walk. So, he got Nathan over to the end of the alley and Michael walked out, looking at the cars parked on the street, looking for a pretty common one.

He chose a silver SUV with one-way windows. He got the car running the way he knew before division recruited him and moved it over to where Nathan was waiting. Michael helped him into the car and they drove off in the direction of the airport.

On the way there, they were nervous but saw no signs of division. Using a back entrance, Michael's contact, Alfred, was waiting to let them in. They got inside the airport and onto the runway with almost no way for division to see them.

Although, neither Michael nor Nathan released their internal tension until they were about an hour in the air. The plane ride was a nice rest for the two, and Nathan still worked on his leg, trying to lean on it and possibly walk. While the plane ride took a while, Michael wished it hadn't ended. When they touched back onto the pavement to refuel, the tension immediately shot back into his body.

Nikita, Alex, and Cassie

Alex was still driving, since Nikita was actually sleeping for once. She and Cassie had talked for a while and then they fell asleep, leaving Alex to find the way herself. Thanks to her observation skills taught by division, she remembered the way from when Nikita drove them. When they were nearing Mr. Ivanov's office, she woke Nikita and Cassie.

Nikita let Alex drive the rest of the way, much to Alex's dismay. Cassie looked like she needed more sleep, but Nikita was wide awake. Alex told her about the call from Michael. Nikita nodded, glad to hear that they were okay.

When they finally got to the office, they climbed out and quickly went up to see Mr. Ivanov. When they got up there, he was happy to see them and pulled out some pictures of the space they would be in. It was nicely furnished and had plenty of room. Mr. Ivanov said it was right in the center of the city, and he also informed them that he was still contacting the guards. He got some temporary guards, but he should be able to locate and acquire the best guards within 24 hours.

Nikita nodded, figuring this guy was trying his hardest. She could see in his eyes that he was wary of her, and maybe a little scared. Of course, he had good reason to be too, even if he didn't know it. However, Nikita wasn't so sure he thought Alex was going to be a weak CEO. Maybe he figured that they were prepared, but either way, he was helping them.

Mr. Ivanov was finalizing the plans with them, planning out how long they would be there and how to get there. "I called my limousine to pick you all up, but if you would rather drive, I completely understand. If you would like, I can have my driver return for your car. Here is the key to the house, and I ask that you please keep it nice and clean."

He gestured to the door, where a man was waiting. He told them that the guards were waiting at the house for them and that the limousine was fully stocked with any refreshments they would like. Alex's eyes lit up a little bit at the thought of familiar snacks from her childhood.

They all walked to the limousine and took up the offer for the driver to come back for their car. They needed the time to rest. Once in the car, they all sighed and sank in to the seats, glad to be somewhat safe.

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