Chapter 13: Nearly there

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"Miss Udinov, this is where you will be staying." Said the driver, opening up Alex's door. She let the Russian man help her out of the car, followed by Nikita and Cassie. The building was, as promised, guarded by about two dozen armed men (at least that Alex could see), who asked for identification from the driver before they could enter.

"Miss Udinov, Miss Nikita, Miss Cassandra," The man said as they entered through the foyer. "If there is anything you need from Mr. Ivanov, there is a safe phone in three of the bedrooms, the sitting room, and the kitchen. The line is closed-circuit, leading directly to the one in Mr. Ivanov's office. Someone will be by later to make sure everything is running smoothly. The guards will know who he is. Good day, Miss Udinov and company." The man then let himself out.

Alex could not help but admire the place: the sitting room was furnished purely in black-leather chairs and couches, with rosewood tables and stools, a large flatscreen, a huge computer, and soft lighting. The windows were fogged glass.

Cassie was so exhausted she collapsed right onto one of the couches, eyes closed, face pale. Nikita, however, went over to the computer.

"So now what?" Alex asked, impatient. She was ewager to do something.

"Now," Nikita said, "I'm going to go onto that computer and hope dearly I can hack a connection into American and Russian databases to find Michael and Nathan. Then, when they contact back, you will call Mr. Ivanov and ask if one of his chauffeurs can pick them up somewhere." She paused, lowering he voice. "We can trust that Percy is on the lookout for us. We're not in America anymore. We have no idea who is or isn't in league with Division. For all we know he could have half of the KGB secret service on his side."

"You didn't think of that before?" Alex asked, shocked.

"I did. But at the time things seemed more promising for us." Her voice dropped even lower - now barely audible. "We have no idea what is happening. We've lost Michael, and now we have Cassie on our side. That's not a bad thing, per say, but even so. She didn't have enough training for this. We have to wait for Mr. Ivanov to rendezvous and then see what he can do about the CEO of Zetrov.

~Michael and Nathan~

By sheer chance, the two managed two get into the airport and sneak onto a Russia-bound cargo jet, which would be taking off in a few minutes. Michael had cleverly found a way to get them strapped in (involving a nailed-down crate and a lot of Scotch tape) and was now pulling out his phone; Nathan was watching - and listening - intently.

"Nikita," Michael said as way of greeting.

"Michael! Thank God you're safe. Is Nathan with you?"

"Yes, he's sitting right next to me."


"Yes. We've managed to get onto a cargo plane that should be taking off soon. We're going to be in Russia in a couple of hours. Are you safe?"

"Yes. Finally, we can move and eat and talk freely. We're in one of Mr. Ivanov's safe-housed surrounded by armed guards. When you get to the country, call me. We'll be able to get you here ASAP." She paused. "Can you put Nathan on? Alex wants to talk to him."

"Fine." Wordlessly, he handed Nathan the phone.

"Nathan?" Alex's voice was tentative.

"Alex! Are you okay? Are you safe?"

"I'm fine, I should be asking you that. I just wanted to hear your voice again. Nikita said Michael said you were okay, but I needed to hear for myself."

"Yes, I'm doing alright. Michael's a little worse from wear, but he's really tough so…" He felt a jerk in the plane. "Look, the planes taking off right now. I have to go. I'll see you in a little."

~Percy's Office~

"What is it, Amanda?" Percy half-snarled.

"I just wished to inform you that Michael and Nathan are not long away from catching up to Nikita and Alex. Meanwhile, the latter are nowhere to be seen in any of our Russian databased. We have no idea what happened to them. The last record we have of them is the pair - and Cassandra - talking with a CEO, a Mr. Ivanov." She paused. "We believe that he's helping them out. It would not help."

"Do you have his profile?" Percy asked.

"Right here." She handed him a USB drive.

He plugged it into his computer and pulled up the file. It read:

Issak Ivanov: CEO of "Praviteli" (Rulers) Company.
Mr. Ivanov owns 28 safehouses all over Russia. Six have been found, but others are still in hiding (there are rumoured to be mores). He is greatly outspoken against the Zetrov corporation. He is sometimes indirectly involved in the killing of CEOs of competitor companies.
There is a large "army" of fighters under his control. Every one of the servicemen has a unique number, ID badge, and security code answer - which changes extremely often.
The man always completes a job thoroughly and make sure his involvement is shown as little - if at all - as possible.
He is said to be close to a large group of the government.

"This is who Alex has aligned herself with?" Percy asked, startled.

"It appears as such. There is a slim chance that she's trying to mislead us, but as I said - it's slim."

"Why would Nikita lead her to this man for help? I understand going to Russia, but this man? Are there any connections to him in either Nikita or Alex's profiles? At all?"

"None, Percy. Nikita was never even in Russia, and though that is Alex's hometown, all I know is that a sex trader sold her from there. We don't have much about her past. We'd always just assumed she grew up in a lousy household or something similar. A foster home, perhaps?"

"Amanda, go tell Birkhoff to search the name 'Alex' and any products thereof in the Russian database, as well as any ops we've had to do with with anyone of that name." Percy's voice was stiff, cold. He had a faint idea of who she was but - no, no it had to be wrong. Alexandra Udinov was dead by his own hand.

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