Chapter One

I stared into the mirror and looked deep in the brown eyes that I had gotten used to over the past few months. I was grateful for the months I had my dad's eyes but I was excited to return to my normal appearance too. Today was the day. I was finally going to tell the Cullens the truth and get rid of this horrible disguise. Let me tell you, I have never regretted a long-standing ruse like I have regretted this one; especially not during

Let me explain- my name is Isabella Lillian Potter, but I usually go by my middle name, or simply just Lily. I'd never really been a fan of the names Izzy or Bella and never a fan of the way the Dursleys used to say it. Hearing about Bellatrix Lestrange definitely didn't help that.

Anyway, I'm a Metamorphagus- which means I can change my appearance at will. I usually try to look like my twin brother, Harry. I'm graceful enough; to the point where I can walk up and down the millions of staircases at Hogwarts anyway. I'm usually not passive, but I noticed the vampires in my school cafeteria and I did just about anything to find out more about them. They were unusual and definitely not like the ones that were so common in England. They were different, and I knew that if I didn't investigate, Hermione would kill me.

Anyway, the main reason I'm even in the United States is Dumbledore and Harry decided to team up in an effort to "protect" me from Lord Moldy Shorts, or as I like to call him Tim Roddle. It's not his name, but I think it'd be fun to call him that to his face. You see, I'm not really a chosen one, like my brother, but they think Moldy will use me to get to him. Which, honestly, does make sense. But it does not make sense how they think I can't protect myself.

As I brushed my hair I saw Edward walk in the door. I sighed quietly and turned with a quick smile. I was happy to finally be ridding myself of his weight. I had never even meant to get involved with him so deeply, but it helped me, so I went along with it. I just hope my boyfriend isn't completely annoyed. I had explained that if finding a "boyfriend" would help me fit in, I might jump for it— but no one would ever be able to replace him. He'd only sighed and kissed me quickly, whispering that he would miss me and that he believed in me. He's a sweet guy, let me tell you.

"Bella?" I heard his grating voice. "Are you ready to go? You said it was important."

"Yeah, I'm ready— let's go." I saw him move in for a kiss and I turned my head, slightly disgusted and even more ready to leave. He kissed my cheek and smiled at me
before he finally went to his car so that I could head down. I quickly scrawled a note for Charlie and headed to Edward's car, hopefully for the last time.


I'm leaving today and letting the Cullens know. I know we already said goodbye but I just want to thank you for everything. I promise after the war is over Harry and I will visit a lot.



We drove quickly, but sadly not silently, as he kept speaking about… well, I'm not going to lie— I was not paying enough attention to him. We finally got to his house and I sighed in relief. He opened the door for me, so I took his hand. I took a deep breath, here goes nothing.

I stood in front of the Cullens trying how to best say it, knowing Alice should have had a clue as to what I was doing, at least, if she was bothering too, but Edward and Alice both seemed completely clueless. I guess she finally understood that I did not need her to know everything about my life.

"Alright, I want to say this once and only once. I don't need overreactions and I don't need 'tears,' okay?" My fingers had never used air quotations before and I knew as soon as I did it, I never would again.


I huffed, "Let's start with that— DO NOT CALL ME THAT!" I had held in my temper, and my anger at that name, the whole time I had been in Forks and there it was; coming out of me because of that murderer's awful name. I was steaming.

"Calm down," Rosalie sneered, obviously thinking there was something wrong with me. I glared at her as I tried to figure out how to proceed.

"Look, blondie— I don't care what you think you know, but I'm letting you know now— I can cause a lot of damage when I want to." She scoffed but I continued. "My name isn't Bella Swan, it's Lily Potter and I'm a witch," I said as I morphed into my usual appearance, but I decided to keep my dad's eyes.

I took out my wand and decided to fix my outfit too because I was currently wearing baggy jeans and one of Edward's shirts. And then I remembered I couldn't do magic due to being underage, so I rolled my eyes and walked to the bathroom with the bag Hermione had enchanted for me as they stared after me. I stepped out in some leggings and a plaid shirt over one of Harry's shirts and laughed as I noticed they still seemed shocked.

Carlisle was the first to snap out of his stupor. "You mean, the old man, Albus? He wasn't insane?" I laughed even more at that.

"Dumbledore is just as sane as Luna," I said, finally letting my English accent come through. "Ah, how I've missed the accent, I had to watch a lot of Doctor Who to get through these months."

Edward finally got out of his stupor— much after everyone else already had. "Bella-"

"MY NAME IS LILY, NOT BELLA, I JUST TOLD YOU!" I practically felt the steam coming out of my ears. I said it once, must I repeat myself?

"Lily," he started again, as I rolled my eyes. This was going to be pathetic. "Why do you have an English accent? Why are you being so mean? Why didn't you tell us, or me at least, sooner? We trusted you."

"I didn't," Rosalie interrupted.

"Shut up, Rose," he hissed. "And what do you mean you're not Bella, why did you insist on people calling you that?"

"Eddie, darling," I started. "I'm British. I'm from Great Britain. Of course, I have an accent. I'm not being mean, you're being stupid. I didn't tell you because I didn't trust you. I've been observing you for a friend. Hermione's a genius and if she knew I'd been around vampires and hadn't tried to find out more, especially your species of vampire? She'd have killed me on the spot! I insisted on Bella because anyone from my actual life would have known I'd never pick that murderer's name."

"You're a witch?" Jasper asked, his voice sounding somewhat relieved. Why? "From Hogwarts?" At my nod, an extremely wide grin appeared on his face. "I went to Ilvermorny!"

"You went to Ilvermorny? That's incredible! Have you kept up with the news; American and British?" At his nod, I continued. "So you can explain why I'm leaving. You were a Horned Serpent weren't you?" He nodded and I grinned. I've always wanted to meet a Horned Serpent!

"Wait! What is happening?" Alice shrieked, I rolled my eyes slightly annoyed. I have to leave.

"I'm leaving, Jasper can explain." I took out the Portkey Charlie had given me, my car key, and left, but not before I felt multiple hands tugging at me.

I landed in the backyard of The Burrow— gracefully might I add— surrounded by many clumsy vampires. Except for Jasper. Because apparently, he was a wizard— who knew?

"ISABELLA LILLIAN POTTER, ARE THOSE VAMPIRES?" Oh crap, I forgot how overprotective he was.

"Harry!" I scream, delighted at seeing my older brother (by five minutes but I still call him an old man). I ran at him and pulled him into a tight hug as he put his arms around me.

"Is that your boyfriend?" I heard an annoying voice ask. And by this point, describing it like that only tells you it's a Cullen, not which one.

"Edward, this is my brother. My twin brother." I rolled my eyes, annoyed that he still thought my time as Bella meant anything. I can't help it if he fell in love for quite possibly the dullest person I could be.

"Who's Edward?" My brother questioned me, probably still annoyed I hadn't answered his first question about the vampires.

"Bella's boyfriend," I answered, my face turned up into a sneer. I'd explained everything to my brother, using no names but now that he knew who Edward was he seemed ready to laugh. I had told him about Edward and was never complimentary.

"And who are you?"

"Edward, MY NAME IS LILY! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR STUPID CENTURY OLD BRAIN! I AM NOT, NOR WAS I EVER, ANYTHING LIKE BELLA!" My hair and face both a brilliant red, my brother and friends knew to step back before anything was thrown their way.