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Ichigo's POV

I sank to my bathroom floor and looked at my clenched hands.
Opening them I felt a small tear slide down my face. I dropped what was in my hands and left my bathroom

Once I got out of my bathroom I got my pink cell phone with a black butterfly on it out and called him…..Him being Kashino…My boyfriend for a year and a half. He said he finally got the guts to do it after the large amount of guys asking me out.

"Kashino…..Could you come over to my dorm room please?" I asked him, I was to the point where Iw as about to cry, I guess he could hear it.

"Yeah is everything alright Ichigo?" he asked me.

"Yeah I'm fine…..But I need to tell you something about what happened a few weeks back. Just come over here now." After that he said 'Okay' and came right over.

"So what do you need to tell me Ichigo?" he asked I walked over to him and whispered something into his ear…

"I understand Ichigo…Well get ready well leave tonight…But you didn't tell any else right Ichigo? " he asked still a little shocked about what I told him.

"'re not mad or anything." I asked kind of shocked.

"Not really, I mean yeah I'm kinda freaked out, but I guess we'll have to pull through. I'm going back to my room and pack really quick, can you be ready in like...10 minutes?"

"Yeah I can do that really fast. I'll call a taxi and then off to the air port we'll go." I said walking over to my hello kitty suitcase and getting ready to pack. When I looked back up, he had already headed for his dorm.

90 minutes later.

"Flight *** is now boarding." Someone said into a speaker, Kashino and I walked over and gave the ticket person…Well the guy our tickets.

"Hey aren't you to a bit young to go to Paris France?" The ticket guy who was about 35 asked us.

"No, what are you a cop?" Kashino asked him kinda mad at him.

"Kashino, let's just get on." I said, venom laced through my voice.

Ichigo… Just calm down…to much stress is going to be bad for the-….both of you." He whispered the last part…..I think the ticket guy kinda heard it though.

"I know that already…..baka*" I said back.

"Well okay you ALL can get on now." He said with a small smile at me…..He knew.

"Oh and boy…Good luck…" The man said with a smile.

Paris France

"Okay well let's go and get a hotel room…we'll look for a little place to stay in the morning." Kashino told me, climbing onto one of the two twin beds.

"Okay." Was only my reply.

Back at the school Rumi (Did I spell that right?)

I walked into my bathroom that I shared with Ichigo….I was a little worried because she's not here…..and she wasn't there for dinner last night as well…Than I stepped on something I looked down…I was in pure shock, I cried softly… Once I stopped crying I call the sweet princes over.

When they looked at what I was…I saw all color drain from their faces.

Ichigo was pregnant…And Kashino was the father.

BAKA- Idiot, Stupid.

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