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SUMMARY: A series of one shots looking at what should have happened in some of those much loved Roy/Jen moments in the IT Crowd.

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Title: He Said, She Said

Chapter 1 – Yesterday's Jam

He said: "Okay so we definitely want to get rid of her."

Jen had known as soon as she heard the words that they were talking about her; they had both made it pretty clear that they didn't want her down there in the basement with them. Even she knew that she didn't fit in, not really, but for once she wanted to prove everyone wrong. Okay so she had gotten the job through lying but now that she was in, she could finally make an impact. When she had walked in and seen the two men she hadn't been surprised that Moss worked in a basement. He seemed like a nice enough guy but it was clear from his clothes, the way he spoke…even the air around him…that he was a geek. Roy on the other hand had been quite the opposite. Despite this, she hadn't been impressed in the slightest by his attempts to look more intelligent and upper class than he actually was. Or at least this was what she tried to tell herself even though the Irish man's words cut through her more than they should have.

Roy knew that she was listening in behind that office door and he also knew that she was probably hurt by what he was saying. When he had seen her he had wanted nothing more than to impress her, or at least that had been the plan until Moss had naively misunderstood what he was trying to do. All of that had changed however when he had been told that she was his new boss. He liked to think that he was in charge of the IT department, not some woman who had in all likelihood lied her way into the job. It was clear that she knew nothing about computers, even more clear that she knew nothing about technology at all except maybe how to plug in a pair of hair straighteners. There was something about her however that Roy couldn't quite shake off, something that made him feel a pang of guilt as the words slipped from his mouth.

Perhaps it was pride, perhaps it was the need to justify her being there or maybe it was a little of both but whatever it was, she had stupidly tried to make herself look important by shouting authority and stabbing at a keyboard when Roy and Moss walked in. As usual for Jen however, this had backfired and Moss had pointed out that her computer wasn't even plugged in. She hated to admit it but she had found it rather cute when Roy, being pretty slow on the uptake, had left before coming back in to laugh at her. No…wait…she hadn't found it cute…she hadn't found it cute at all and every time Roy opened his mouth and the words poured out in that smooth, Irish accent she hadn't felt her heart speed up a little.

For reasons unfathomable to Roy, he didn't get as much pleasure as he should have when he had realised that her computer wasn't plugged in and he knew deep down that he was lying to himself when he told his head that the only reason he hadn't followed its instructions to tell on Jen were down to Denholme's 'team' speech. Then they had worked as a team to raise their profile and for a small amount of time if had worked. They had worked well together, the animosity had melted away as Jen had proven that she was good for something and Roy had found the ice melting, not that he would ever tell her this…he wasn't that kind of person. He only wished that he was strong enough to tell Moss the truth because whatever it was that Jen had, she certainly had a hold over him. When he had said 'we definitely want to get rid of her' he had meant 'maybe we should give her a chance'.

She said: "I'm a very popular person usually."

Roy didn't find that hard to believe at all. She certainly seemed like the sort of person who had probably been very popular at school, surrounded by friends who all loved her because she was a sweet, kind, caring person who…wait a minute…where did those thoughts come from? Much as he tried to push away those thoughts, he couldn't quite bring himself to disbelieve them. This further fuelled his guilt because not only was she stuck in a job which she clearly had no interest in; she was a recluse now too. Moss naturally remained oblivious to the whole thing, not seeing what was really going on in Roy's head.

In hindsight she had no idea why she had told them that she was popular although she suspected it was because she wished it were true. When she had quietly made her way back into her office, head bowed and eyes glued to the floor, she had pretended that she was fine. The dam had broken however when there was a soft knock at the door and Roy had walked in with a small smile on his face. "Are you okay?" His voice had been soft and devoid of the spite which had earlier controlled it.

She had told him that, "No, I'm not okay," before fighting back a sudden wave of tears. He had asked her what was wrong and although she had tried not to like him, she had smiled slightly and confided in him, "I was never actually popular." His eyes had widened in shock and she had chuckled slightly; a cold, humourless chuckle which had frightened Roy who was not used to having to comfort people. "I was a social outcast at school, that's why I wanted this job to work…I wanted to prove them all wrong." She had then swallowed back a fresh bout of tears and said, "I'm never going to get to do that now am I?" before looking up at him desperately and silently begging him to lie and tell her that it was all going to be okay.

"You might be able to." He had wanted so badly to make it better but that was too risky. When you got close to people, friendships developed and then when they left things were even harder. The only close friend that Roy had was Moss and he had only allowed the closeness because he could safely say that moss was going nowhere any time soon.

"You don't want me here, I heard you say it yourself." He had sighed as his earlier assumptions had been confirmed; she had indeed heard him behind the door.

"Things change…" He had bottled out at the last minute and told her, "Moss wants you to stay in case we get any more crazy women down here." He had then smirked slightly and she had rolled her eyes but smiled in response.

Suddenly it had clicked into place and she had realised that she had lied because she had wanted someone to notice the lie. When she had said that she was 'a very popular person usually' she had meant 'I want to be noticed…I want you to notice.' And what had shocked her most was that he had noticed and perhaps even cared a little.

She had decided that giving life in the basement a go maybe wasn't such a bad idea and Roy had decided that letting her stay around for a little longer probably wouldn't do them any harm.

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