The Final Blow, Destruction to the Triads


Chapter One:

1.1 Jason Riggs was just a normal criminal, he'd kill a few people get paid some money until one person died. Three years ago he managed to not just Triads but also they upset the Mafia. He had killed the leader of the Mafia, now he was wanted dead, immediately. Right before he was tracked down he managed to get out of Liberty City, but now three years later he decided that it was safe to go back. This is where the story begins.


1.3 "It's been three years since I left this city, and I hope I can get a chance to live," thought Jason to himself.

All of the sudden black cars surround him, there's no escape. One of the cars open, its Tony (a former employer) who pulls Jason in the car.

"What the hell do you think your doing," said Tony " Killing the boss, smart move kid."

"Wh wh where are you taking me," said Jason trembling.

"That is for you to find out, all you need to know is I'm going to kill you," screamed Tony.

The car pulls up in front of Tony's restaurant. Jason sees the whole Mafia standing there. They get out and Tony puts a gun to Jason's head.

"You wont kill me," Jason says confidently. "How come," said Tony.

"Because if you let me go, ill finish off the Triads," said Jason.

"Deal, but two of my men are going to follow you just so you cant try to run away," said Tony.