Author's Apology

Dear Readers:

I first started The Zerg Swarm on a whim. After a few months, even I was surprised that it got as much support as it did. Unfortunately, when I first started the story, I did not think through the details of the story. As such, both the world of Luminous and this particular incarnation of the Zerg lack vitality. The result is that I have all but lost interest in the story. This manifests in an ever increasing period of time between updates.

You have all been very patience with me, and I feel that you deserved much better than waiting months on end for piss-poor chapters. So I am dropping The Zerg Swarm and moving onto The Terran Legion and subsequently to The Protoss Khala. Once the tales of both the Terran and the Protoss are finished, I will write The Zerg Swarm - NEO with a more vibrant swarm and a livelier Luminous.

Below, I am including a synopsis of The Zerg Swarm for anyone who would be interested. The first chapters of The Terran Legion will be uploaded within a week or two. Until then, if you like, you could read the first half of my book, Divine, on fictionpress; just search for my name.

If what you read is of interest to you, the full book is available on Amazon, BarnsAndNoble, or directly from my site. The links are in my profile. Please tell your friends, family, coworkers, and/or strangers you meet on the street. I'm a new author so any support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your continuing support,

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The Zerg Swarm's Synopsis

The story left off as the Zerg Swarm evolved into stage three and Night had just designed the various Prototype Zerg templates. This unlocked the spell-caster units of the Zerg such as Infestors and Defiler along with the Zerg ultimate land-based weapon, the Ultralisk. (My version of the Zerg has the Infestors as sort of a geneticist/brain bug, injecting and manipulating DNA to make Infested Terrans, among other more horrible thing. They also use neuro parasites to mind control other creatures, reading their minds and the likes. As for the Defilers, they are the bringer of disease and plague, they could spread a disease that would consume every weaker member of a population within a few days. The Defilers most useful ability, however, is the dark swarm. Unlike in the game where the ability is only use as a shield, the dark swarm here is a thick mist of airborne Zerg bacteria that not only obscured line of sight but will also slowly eat away at anything that they deemed unwelcomed.)

With his new power and units in hand, Night put his Project Sanctuary into full effect. He informed White Stone to the concept of bio energy and began to temporary infused any human with a Prototype template for a price. He also began renting out Overlords as transportation in an attempt to promote trades and contact between human settlements. To provide the humans of Luminous a safe haven, he altered the wall of the Hives into fleshy apartment which he then rented out.

The Zerg swarm began to expand very quickly across the face of the world. More and more humans moved into the Hives, leaving many city half empted or completely deserted. A good number of humans began to worship Night as a god. Within half a month after Project Sanctuary began, the Overlords Night sent months before arrived at the moons. Within a few days, creep enveloped the moons, turning them purple, further fueling the worshippers' fervor.

As both his territory and religion expanded, the power and influence of the various clans and cities began to diminish. A couple began to dream of the power and wealth that the swarm now commanded. Some just wanted to crush the Zerg in order to protect their interest.

One by one, each city that challenged the swarm was overwhelmed. After half a dozen city fell to the Zerg, the swarm entered the elite circle of Luminous, become the third major powers—the other two being Heaven Gate and a hidden city called Darkness Light.

Through meeting with the city of Darkness Light located within a hollowed out mountain, Night learned at Heaven Gate was the servant another world called Solaris. It was the people of Solaris that brought the Hellites to Luminous. It was the cores. Hellites were destructive and all but impossible to domesticate on a large scale. So they brought the Hellites to Luminous and all but obliterate the civilization on Luminous. Free-range Hellites, that was the plan.

Darkness Light was started by a group of people who knew the truth. Their goal was to destroy Heaven Gate and free Luminous from the grip of Solaris.

Before Night even decided what to do about this new piece of information, the forces of Heaven Gate attacked the swarm. Seemed the growth of the swarm had severely cutting into Heaven Gate's ability to collect Hellites cores, and they could not meet their quota.

After a few battles, the considerable force of Heaven Gate proved unequal to the task of holding back the Zerg tide and Night's forces had the city surrounded.

From Heaven Gate emerged three a large number of Force and Magic Users along with numerous magically powered war machines, the product of an advanced magical civilization.

Despite their advancement, Heaven Gate failed to hold back the swarm and the city was overrun.

From the mind of the prisoners of the city, Night found out that the using of Luminous as a backyard for Hellites were not the consensus of Solaris but rather the action of a single powerful family of Solaris, the Anusis, that the rest of Solaris did not even know about Luminous.

Night also learned that level ten was not as strong as human could get. On Solaris, Force and Magic Users along with Hellites rose as high as level fifteen.

In the depth of Heaven Gate, Night discovered a spell circle that allowed transport between the two worlds. Through the spell circle, Night sent his swarm to Solaris and the Zerg overwhelmed the Anusis, taking over their territory within three days, establishing themselves as a new, dominant clan of Solaris.

Solaris was ten times the size of Luminous and was ruled by large and powerful families instead of having countries or kingdoms.

Fascinated by the magical civilization, Night began to collect anything and everything magical, going so far as to enroll himself in a magical school. All the while, the swarm was integrating themselves into Solaris through trade, selling condense bio energy and using the profit to buy more Hellites cores.

Business was booming, and with increase wealth so came conflicts as the other powerful families of Solaris began to turn their gaze toward the Zerg. A few even attacked the swarm under the claim that the Zerg were evil invaders. Of course, all their claims of righteousness were meaningless against the fury of the swarm.

For the most part, Night all but ignored them, spending his time and much of the Overseers mental capacity on analyzing, optimizing, and coming up with new spells.

Through the school he was enrolled in, Night learned that the magical civilization on Solaris used to be much more advance, that about ten thousand years ago, there was a massive cataclysm and much of the knowledge of the old civilization was lost. The only thing remained of the old world were a few ruins in forest, mountain, or underground scattered all over the planet. Night began to send his Zerg to search for these ruins and collect the knowledge there.

From one of the ruin, Night learned that the ancient families of Solaris were so advanced that they were capable of space travel. They couldn't break the light-speed barrier but they managed to master stasis. When the cataclysm hit, many of the families had sent out space-faring 'Arks' toward the direction where they suspected habitable world lied.

On a whim, Night ordered a search of Luminous. In the depth of the ocean, he discovered the remnant of a crashed Ark, confirming what he learned on Solaris and discovering where the ancestors of the humans on Luminous came from. From the evidence he could gathered, it was the survivals of the Ark who drew the spell circle in Heaven Gate. It had simply been useless since there was nothing to connect to. The Anusis had drawn the other end of that particular mystical bridge by accident when researching some magic they had discovered in a ruin. It was more less dumb luck.

Of course, this fact had little effect on him. Night simply considered it an interesting discovery. It wasn't until a year later that the events of the cataclysm showed their effects. Nine lineages who had taken to the stars during the cataclysm returned. Seemed they had landed upon habitable worlds, but these new world seemed too harsh for their liking. After many years, they had finally discovered the path through space back to luminous.

The returning Solarians viewed the people of the new world as inferior and began to enslave or wipe out the current Solarians. The whole of Solaris degenerate into chaos as the ancient Solarian lineages began to struggle for larger territory.

For his part, Night kept to his territory. It mattered little to him who reigned over Solaris. Unfortunately, the planetary strife seemed disinclined to allow the Zerg to remain neutral. One of the ancient lineages attacked Night's territory and was subsequently eaten by the swarm. The three ancient lineages allied with them attacked the Zerg in reprisal, viewing the swarm's victory as a humiliation and a challenge to their superiority.

They, too, were wiped out.

It wasn't until then that the remaining ancient lineages realized how dangerous the Zerg was and banded together to oppose the swarm. By then, however, the Zerg numbered in the billions. When the ancient lineage accidently injured Dawn, in his fury, Night brought the full fury of the swarm against the whole of Solaris.

The Zerg spread like wild fire. It took nearly two months for Night's anger to burn out. By then, the swarm had all but covered the whole planet.

At his mother's urging, Night offered the remaining two ancient lineages the chance to surrender, and they took it eagerly. Within two months, the Zerg had reign supreme on Solaris.

They lived peacefully for five years before the swarm managed to reach level four, unlocking Broodlords, Corruptors, Devourers, Guardians, and Leviathans along with the ability to travel between galaxies.

A month after the Zerg's evolution to stage four, Night received a message from the creator of the swarm. In the message was a set of coordinate to Earth.

Night took his family and headed to earth immediately. He arrived at the Sol System (the solar system where Earth was located) at the same time as the Protoss's Prime Executor and the Terran's Supreme Commander.

Waiting for the three of them was a pearl-liked ivory ship with tens of thousands of crystals that formed nine rings that maintained various orbits around the central orb. The three of them were teleported onto the ships where they met the creator of the three races.

He told them that the official reason that he created the three races was to protect Earth, which was very dear to their great, great, great, great…great grandmother. Unofficially, he was just a fan of game and wanted to create the three races and sent them out among the stars to see how many galaxies the three races could stir into a bloody mess.

He gave them leave to return to their families on Earth, asking them to at least put up the appearance of protecting the planet but stated that as long as they didn't kill more than half of the world's human population, he didn't really care what they do.

When they voice their concern about being away for so long, he told them that he had sent them back in time, that as far as everyone on Earth was concerned, they had only been gone for three days. There would be a problem since their Earth parents did call the police to report them missing, but he said it should be inconsequential for the wills that governed the three races.

With that, the three returned to Earth.

Author's Note: The three races will each have their own tales on Earth in what I am, at the moment, tentatively dubbed as the Terra Arcs. As for my future plans with the Terran and Protoss along with the relaunch of the Zerg tales, as mention above, I will be uploading the first two chapters of the Terran Legion within a week or two.

I am also planning to make the three races even more powerful in an attempt to widen the scale of the stories. At the moment, I planned for stage one of the three races to be a little more advance than the technologies of earth at the end of the twenties centuries—power of flight, ability to break orbit and built satellite, and able to travel to the moon and the like. At stage two, they would gain the technologies for sub-light travel, allowing them to move between the planets within the same solar system.

Stage three would allow the three races to travel at trans-light speed, allowing their civilization to enter the interstellar age.

Stage four would be the transition into the intergalactic age.

Hopefully, this would be allow for a more stable development of the three races, if only at a literary level