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Hinata was panting as she jumped from tree to tree back to her village. 'If I hurry I might get back with help' she thought sending chakra to her feet and jumping higher. 'I'm almost there but so are my pressures' she though looking at the team of four. How did Hinata end up running for her life? She was put on watch duty since no other Hyuga wanted to and Neji who usually did it was not here he was with Ten-Ten on a mission of sorts… but back to Hinata who was almost there she could actually see the gate to the village! 'Almost there' she thought but as always when a person says almost there the villain usually ends up in front of them somehow and that's what happened to Hinata cliché as it is. Instead of a person coming up from behind a wall of water did. Hinata stopped in her tracks and saw as the water solidified in to a boy with blue hair and purple eyes. Hinata noticed that the other three pursuers stopped with one in front of them the leader guessed Hinata. And she didn't need to look who it was the leader was she'd recognize that chakra anywhere, Sasuke Uchiha was here.

She concentrated on her opponent and saw his arm still in a liquid state. 'Big mistake' she thought. She did a couple hand signs and used chakra to control the water.

"What are you doing to me?" the boy yelled as the rest of his body slowly turned into water. Hinata smirked a new look for her as she was enjoying this more than she should. Soon her attacker was nothing more than a puddle in her control she lifted the water up in the air and turned to face her other opponents. She sized them up and decided to go after the red head girl first she was practically quaking her boots cowering behind Sasuke like a scared kitten. Hinata froze the water and split the frozen puddle into small daggers and the way they were floating around her Hinata looked scary.

'If only father could see me now' she thought. She threw the daggers at the girl and then rushed her. Sasuke deflected the daggers for the red head but couldn't stop Hinata from blocking all of her chakra points and paralyzing her until the red head was merely an ungraceful heap on the floor.

A series of claps echoed across the forest all coming from one person. "Very good Hyuga" said Sasuke approaching her. Hinata slipped back into her Hyuga stance ready for a battle. "Hmm I could use a Byakugan user don't you think Juugo?" he said turning to the huge dude behind him. He merely nodded. "What about me! I'm as good as any Hyuga " yelled the red head from the floor. 'Its true I'm guessing she's a sensory ninja' thought Hinata but Sasuke seemed to differ. "Apparently not Karin or else you wouldn't be on the floor" Sasuke said dryly barely giving her a glance. A high pitched laugh came from where Hinata's daggers landed in a tree she turned and saw the boy back in his solid state. "Suigetsu you shouldn't be laughing either" Sasuke said and he immediately stopped laughing. "Man you didn't have to go there" he said sulkily and sticking his tongue out as he walked to stand beside Juugo crossing his arms and pouting like a child. Sasuke rolled his eyes at Suigetsu's antics and turned his attention back to Hinata. " Hyuga your coming with me" he said in an 'Obey me at once' tone.

"I didn't agree t-to anything I'm not going anywhere" she answered back. Sasuke smirked at her and stepped closer so now he was right in front of her Hinata looked away. He in turn raised his eyebrow in a perfect arch like only Sasuke can. He roughly pulled her chin up so she was forced to look at him. Determination shone through her eyes and Sasuke saw his 'charms' wouldn't work on her. He let go of her chin and stepped back. "Fine" he said "Since you won't come without a fight I'll make a deal. You come be a part of my team and I won't harm innocent people in your pathetic village"

"And if I don't?" Hinata questioned.

"Your people will die, one hundred a day so take your pick" He said his eyes as cold as ever.

Hinata was trapped she didn't want to go with him but she didn't want to be the cause of so many villagers deaths! One hand she would be free from her father and the other elders from the Hyuga clan but on the other she would miss her friends and Neji. She sighed and nodded coming out of her stance her head low in defeat.

"Hey welcome to the club!" yelled Suigetsu apparently over his sulkiness. Juugo smiled and nodded in recognition. 'Like Shino 5 seconds in and I miss my friends already.' She thought sadly.

"We have to get moving if Hinata saw us who knows who else did" Sasuke said walking away from the group. "Oh and Hinata fix Karin she still might be useful to us"

"How do you know my name?" Hinata questioned stooping down to 'fix' Karin. Sasuke smirked "We were in the same class weren't we?"he said walking away. 'Oh right' thought Hinata.

Hinata finished and Karin just got up and ran after Sasuke like a puppy, not even telling Hinata thanks. "Is she always like that?" Hinata asked. Juugo nodded and Suigetsu rolled his eyes "Karin is an A-list slut whose got the hots for Sasuke almost like every other girl" he looked at Hinata strangely. "well except for you that is he almost looked like he was gonna kiss you but you didn't care"

"S-Sasuke kiss me? I'll sooner believe he kissed a dog than him kiss me!" Hinata exclaimed giggling, Suigetsu laughing too.

"Is the idea of kissing me so bad?" said Sasuke appearing in front of Hinata and Suigetsu who were laughing it up. They both shut up quickly until Suigetsu broke the silence "Actually the thought of you kissing anybody is funny have you even had your first kiss yet?"Suigetsu asked. Karin listening intently of course wanting to know if she could be the first to claim Sasuke's lips.

Hinata broke out into a fit of new giggles and answered for him "YES!" she exploded.

"Tell me!" Suigetsu said excitedly and Karin stared intently at Hinata wondering how she knew about Sasuke's first kiss, but Sasuke interrupted her. "Tell them and you'll regret it" he said through clenched teeth. Turning and walking away.

"Tell me later kay" Suigetsu said. Hinata nodded glad to at least have one friend in this group her happiness short lived when Sasuke appeared in front of them again. "How do you keep doing that" she whispered. Juugo smiled at her comment while Sasuke's face stayed the same although he was amused inside. "You're staying at the front with me" he ordered. "But Sasuke I usually walk with you" whined Karin. "Don't worry Karin you can stay with me and Juugo two for the price of one" Suigetsu said wrapping his arm around Karin who looked about ready to gag. Hinata couldn't help but giggle as she walked off with Sasuke.

"You better not tell him" Sasuke said when they were out of the others earshot.

"Why I'm sure Karin would enjoy dreams about you and some hot guy making out" she whispered mostly to herself. Sasuke scoffed "She probably would"

"Eww" she said with her tongue sticking out. "Don't you ever think about Naruto at all though or Sakura at all though these people actually remind me of them" she said to Sasuke looking at him intently as he showed no emotion but continued walking staring straight ahead. "There is only one thing tying me to Konoha right now and that's you I don't think about them at all"

"Your eyes say differently" she muttered.

"What?" he said amused. Hinata shrank into her jacket and mumbled a nothing and Sasuke looked at her curiously but dismissed it. It was quiet for a while and it soon got dark.

Now Hinata enjoyed quiet but Sasuke was too much and it was getting really awkward for her.'I'm hungry and tiered and Karin won't stop whining and I have to walk with boring Sasuke' Hinata thought. 'wonder how to make this a bit interesting' she looked across at Sasuke who was looking serious and over all completely boring.

"Here's my little teapot short and stout here's my little kunai to poke your eye out" she sang softly peeking at Sasuke to see his reaction. Which was only a raised eyebrow.

"Hmm Naruto and Sasuke sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" she sang a little louder. This received a very strong glare.

"Is there something you want Hyuga?" he asked mono tone as usual. Hinata smiled gleefully for getting his attention.

"I want something to do" she said. Sasuke looked at her as if she was completely and utterly… crazy.

"W-what I'm bored" she said looking down. Sasuke scoffed then said "Karin is more annoying than you are and she isn't bored" Hinata looked back at Karin and quickly turned around face blushing.

"I-I know why she isn't bored she's looking at your ass" Hinata said softly trying to suppress her laughter.

Sasuke stopped walking and so did everyone else quick as a flash Karin was knocked out on the ground with Suigetsu gaping and Juugo looking at Sasuke with interest.

"We'll camp here for the night" said Sasuke taking off his pack. Suigetsu quickly got over his shock and groaned. "But Juugo's map says there's just a little while to go till we reach the inn" he complained.

'We had a map?' thought Hinata. Sasuke looked at him sternly and 'calmly' gave his reason "I'm not carrying Karin, Juugo won't carry Karin are you going to carry Karin?" Suigetsu shook his head disgusted at the very idea. "With my bad luck she'll have a 'Sasuke dream' and start groping me" said Suigetsu scared.

Sasuke let out a sigh and Juugo and Hinata cringed. 'But I want to go to the inn its cold and swampy and I'll just risk it'

While Sasuke was looking in his pack for something to eat and Suigetsu complaining to Juugo about having to sleep on the ground, Hinata picked up Karin in a bridal hold and got the boys attention. "I can carry Karin" she whispered. All the boys stopped what they were doing and looked at Hinata holding Karin. Suigetsu was the first to react. "NO! My Hina you'll get cooties or worse Sasuke syndrome and I wanted you to be mine!"

Hinata blushed at his very loud comment while Sasuke looked frustrated.

"You don't own her and her name's Hinata" said Sasuke briskly.

"Oooh someone likes Hinata! Well Sasuke I want her too" said Suigetsu in a mocking voice but the last part had a note of seriousness in it. Sasuke just 'pfft-ed' and said "Whatever "

Juugo now stood by Hinata as Sasuke and Suigetsu were in the middle of a glaring contest. He cleared his throat and got the guys attention. "L-let's go the inn's a few miles away" said Hinata still blushing from Suigetsu's outburst.

Sasuke, Hinata and the unconscious Karin were leading and Juugo and Suigetsu were in the rear.

"Why are you still blushing?" Sasuke asked. This only caused Hinata to blush more. "B-because of what Suigetsu said" she answered not looking at Sasuke. "What about Suigetsu said?" Sasuke said interested.

"Sasuke syndrome" she whispered smilling. Sasuke looked at her curiously and Hinata blushed under his scrutiny. "You're not how I remember at all" he whispered.

"You never knew me to begin with" Hinata answered. Sasuke raised his eyebrow. "See the Hinata I used to know wouldn't answer back she would stutter and blush and disappear in the background"

"You still didn't and don't know me and I guess I just changed that's all" she said looking at Sasuke smiling, "I kinda like it too"

Sasuke smirked and looked ahead at the approaching inn. 'It's going to be interesting having Hinsta on the team' he thought. Secretly looking at her through the corner of his eye.

"Sasuke I can see you" she said blushing again. Sasuke lightly blushing himself but it was masked from the dark night. (A/n: I know im interrupting the story but Dark Knight batman! Ok out of my system back to the story)

But of course their moment was ruined when Karin stirred in Hinata's arms. Hinata looked down and registered what or who was in her arms. 'I forgot she was even there!' she thought.

"I'll carry her" said Sasuke offering help although he probably would despise holding her. "It's okay besides if she did, what she did to Suigetsu imagine what she would do to you" Hinata said smiling.

Sasuke visibly shuddered and nodded at Hinata's logic. It was quiet and they reached the inn in no time.

"Hyuga take off your head band" Sasuke ordered. Hinata cleared her throat and Sasuke looked down her arms holding Karin forward to him. Sasuke stepped back and Hinata stepped forward, Sasuke stepped back and Hinata stepped forward until Suigetsu intervened. "I'll take it off Hinata" he said as his nimble fingers slowly untied the knot by her neck blowing on it as he did so sending shivers down Hinata's spine causing her to blush redder than a cherry! Sasuke' fists were clenched as he saw this little interaction and turned away.

"L-lets go i-in okay" Hinata said hurriedly moving away from Suigetsu.

"Yeah lets go in come on Juugo Sasuke" Suigetsu called walking off with others following behind him.

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