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"He held me close, caring, nursing, even lovingly. If it hadn't been for his unmatched beauty and shining, lustrous aura, I'd watch how the seeds would take root and sprout in the dead, burned earth. But he didn't let me stay close, he shoved me away, and for one moment his eyes were shining yellow, sinister and blackhearted. Then they were back to normal. I knew on that instant that the angel also was the devil, dangerous and unpredictable.

Flippy looked intently at the flying squirrel, a growl coming up from his throat.

"Why don't you do like Michael Jackson and beat it?" His voice dripping with poison.

"Oh yes, I surely am about to beat, IT..." His eyes darted towards Flaky. He cracked his neck.

Flippy turned his head to Flaky with a reassuring look on his face. "I promise you, I will not let this beast curl a hair on your head" Then he turned to Splendid again.

In fact, it was not that much because he wanted to protect her, but he was rather out for the fight. He had been looking for a reason to teach the squirrel a lesson for quite some time now, and if that meant that he had to stand up for the new girl, why not?

"Stop beat around the bushes, you flying freak, what do you want? To get your ass kicked? Then I'm here waiting for you!" The bear mocked.

Flaky hid behind Flippy, petrified. She looked from the squirrel to the bear. In between the shock and terror, she thought that there was actually someone standing up for her, protecting her…

She hadn't noticed it herself, but in the pure fright she clasped and embraced his arm. Being so close to someone felt strange and unfamiliar to her, even when adrenaline was pumping through her body and dazing her she noticed how it felt.

And then it happened.

Splendid slowly began to walk towards his opponent. sure footed and shining with self-confidence.

Flippy slowly took a step forth, still crouching, like a cobra ready to strike. Splendid leaned forth, for one moment it looked like he was going to fall headlong, and then he braced himself and burst forth with a tremendous speed that seemed impossible for such a large animal to perform.

Flippy roared and jumped up at his opponent, which meant that Flaky lost her grip around his arm and fell to the ground with a shriek.

She gained balance and crawled into some bushes to hide, and when she saw the scene before her eyes she could do nothing but stare.

Flippy was punching and kicking, rapid and savagely over Splendid with a fury she wasn't sure that even Truffles could muster.

The flying squirrel however, moved much slower and Flippy managed to avoid his reverses over and over again, something Splendid didn't succeed to well with. The problem, Flaky realized, was that Flippy seemed to underestimate his opponent. Not in a matter of how dangerous he was, but in a matter of his ability to take and absorb damage.

Suddenly Splendid got in a hit. Flippy tumbled backwards but managed to stay upright. The squirrel grinned and his arms got up in a brawlers defensive position. He delivered a punch, as if to test Flippys ability to fight back, then he delivered again, and soon the fists where raining over the poor bear.

Flippy tried to block his furious, mauling attacks, but though valiant efforts he was slowly being pushed back, into a corner of the school building.

He aimed a punch that hit Splendid on the cheek so hard that his head twitched backwards. The flying squirrel slowly turned his head back to the bear with an angry, yet irritated look in his face.

He chewed on something, turned his head and spat some blood on the ground. Flaky could swear that she saw a tooth among the blood.

"This time Flippy, I'm out for blood…" The squirrel said with a dark voice, eyes narrowing.

"Come here then and I'll deliver it for ya!" Flippy mocked.

Both the animals crashed together, fist against fist, while they clawed, kicked and bite each other. Flaky had never seen anyhing like this, and it was horrible! They are going to kill each other! Oh couldn't they please stop it?

Why was Flippy going through all this pain, all these wounds and bruises for her? It didn't seem logical, not logical at all. But then, both the males had left sanity behind them when they decided to fight.

Splendid pushed Flippy away from himself, then he elbowed him to the ground. When Flippy tried to rise and pick up the fight Splendid simply stomped on him so he fell to the ground again.

Flippy growled and kicked at Splendids legs so he lost balance and fell. Now Flippy was up, and in a split second he was hovering above the flying squirrel, punching him with a never before seen fury.

Flippy straddled over his chest and hit Splendid in his face… His face? What was wrong with Flippys face? It was something with his eyes? They were almost… brown? No… yellow, and glowing and it seemed that the pupils had narrowed.

His teeth seemed to be more like a carnivores teeth now than before, sharp and pointy. They grinned widely. Then to her horror Flaky noticed something in his hand.

Flippy held a knife.

He held it high above himself, just about to impale his opponent.

"Oh the old familiar pain spots!" He yelled and jabbed the knife downwards. Splendid kicked his knees in the back of Flippy so he fell over him with a howl.

Flaky got a glimpse of Flippys eyes once again, he seemed confused, and now… they were back in their normal, blue colour. She blinked. Had she only imagined herself?

Splendid used the opportunity to get a hold of Flippy, he raised him high up in the air, choking him. The bear fought for his life to get loose, but it was in vain. His position was hopeless and his efforts only made Splendid squeeze harder. But he didn't let go, and Flippy was becoming paler and his resistance faded.

And by that instant Flaky knew, the horrible realization struck her.

He was going to die.

Unless anyone did something, Flippy was going to get killed. When Flippy was ready to jam the knife in Splendid, the forfeit was also close at hand, but that didn't seem as urgent as this.

Flippy was a good guy, he couldn't die, that wouldn't be fair! Someone had to help him, but there was no one there as everyone had left school for the day. The only one that witnessed the brawl was… Her…

She swallowed hard. She was the one that had to save him. She, a sad excuse for life was about to grant someone else another day to live. She was the scale master? The thought seemed unrealistic in her head., but then again, nothing of this was in her head.

This is reality, with real consequences.

He had been so kind towards her, she owe him this.

The bear's face grew blue when Flaky silently emerged from the bushes. She slowly tiptoed forth, unsure of how she would do. She thought of something, she did have a weapon she could use after all. She broke of a quill, and readied it in both hands.

But then she saw his face, his handsome face that was pleading and almost white, and when his resistance faded away, so did his consciousness and life.

Everything went blank for Flaky, if she had a plan before, it was flushed away now. She ran forth and jumped up on Splendids back, stabbing him with the sharp quill.

"L-leave him alone!"

With a bone chilling roar Splendid knelt down. He got his large paws on Flaky and hurled her of himself. She hit the ground with a squeak. Flippy fell to the ground, gasping for air and seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Splendid thundered towards Flaky, she tried to crawl up but it was useless, he was to close.

His first hit sent her floating in the air. She didn't even got a chance to land before he began to kicking her repeatingly. She winced and tried to crawl away, but Splendid grabbed her legs and swung her round, round. When he let go of her she slammed into the school wall with a clamorous thud that made her lose her breath.

Splendid walked up to he and grabbed her by the collar, then violently jerked her upwards and pushed her against the wall.

Flaky's cracked lip trembled as she looked up at the giant, one of her eyes black. He readied his fist for a final, fatal blow. Flaky closed her eyes and braced herself for what was about to come.

"Splendid! If you touch a single hair on her head… again… I promise I won't stand responsible for the consequences-ss… that will be brought upon you!"

"F-Flippy?"Flaky whispered weakly, but it was not Flippy who've come to her rescue.

It was none other than Lumpy who interrupted Flaky's soon to come misery. Splendid's eyes narrowed when he saw the teacher approaching.

"Stay out of this one Lumpy, don't interfere, just move on and act like you didn't see anything. That will be the best for both of us."

Lumpy looked from the mess that was Flippy too the the shivering, crouched Flaky.

"I doubt that it will be for the best of them, why did you do this?" the squinty moose asked.

Splendid frowned and let go of Flaky, thus allowing her to slide down the wall and rest on the asphalt. She noticed something shiny beside her, namely the knife that Flippy had used. It was a small thing, easy enough to hide in your sleeve. Without thinking it through she snatched it and shoved it inside her pocket, luckily no one noticed.

"Yeah, what if I did?" The flying squirrel taunted.

"Well, you shouldn't. This is assault, and you could end up answering for your actions in the court of law. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

"Shut up! What do you think this is? Kindergarden? Don't come down here and act like you are something, do you think that I, that anyone has any respect for you? Well face reality, they don't. No one respects you because you are a half-witted, empty-headed, bird-brained, freak!"

"Well see who speaks…" Flaky heard Flippy mutter, his eyes still closed. Oh thank heavens! He was still alive! She tried to crawl a bit closer to him so she could… well… she wasn't sure if she could help him, she didn't know what to do, except trying to comfort him or do anything that might help him. There had never before been someone who stood up for her... he was the first one… ever…

Splendid's growling voice yanked her back to reality.

"I've made an example out of these two cheap little punks so people will respect me, they have to know who Is at the top of the food chain, namely me!"

"T-That's n-not res-p-pect, it's f-fear." Flaky chirped in, covering up the space between Flippys body and the outraged Splendid.

The flying squirrel seemed as he was about to lose it. "Shut it greaseface, who asked for your opinion?"

Lumpy pointed a finger at him, "Not a word more young man!"

"Oh please! What are you going to do about it? Well, that i know for sure. You'll do nothing! Bragging and ranting you've always been good at, but when the chips are down, you won't still do a thing."

Lumpy's eyes narrowed.

"Won't I? It's correct that I won't for example press charges against you, that's something only they can do" He nodded towards Flaky and Flippy, "But the school don't have the money that we'll have to pay in compensation, so they have to come from somewhere else."

Splendid frowned. "From where?" Lumpy smiled deviously. "I'll take them from your socials"

Splendid jerked and cast an alarmed look at Flippy and Flaky, he looked scared all of a sudden. "Don't speak about that, not now!"

Lumpy's eyes narrowed even more. "Ooh... so you mean they don't know?" How come tha-"

"Okay! Shut up! Chill, chill! Just... don't... talk... about... that..." Splendid was very eager to silence Lumpy, but the moose didn't seem all pleased just yet.

"Okay, if you leave. Now."

Splendid breathed heavily, and for one moment it looked like he was going to attack Lumpy. But then he sighted in defeat and slowly walked away, throwing a murdering glance at Flaky when he passed her. Lumpy called after him; "You'll keep away from them in the future! And remember, That money is still gonna come from you!"

With the flying terror gone, Lumpy came up to the couple on the ground. His eyes were naive and goofy, but they still kept the will of good intentions.

"Oh my... I'm gonna call an ambulance to pick you two up." Flaky didn't feel the need to seek up medical accommodation, she had taken care of injuries like these before.

"I'm g-good, it's j-just b-b-bruises. I'll d-d-do fine on th-the first aid kit i go-got home. But F-Flippy m-might need to c-c-c-consult a d-doctor..." His movement caught the attention of her eyes and she turned to face him. He stood up, a little unbalanced, but he seemed alright.

Lumpy fished up his cellphone and dialed the number, but Flippy interrupted him. "No, stop it, I'm fine, i don't need a med."

His voice was abrupt and strained, he seemed quite uncomfortable and most likely in a lot of pain, but not as if he was dying.

Lumpy eyed him. "Are you sure? Splendid will have to pay the cheque if you visit the hospital, so you won't have to worry about the charge."

"Nah it's good, even if it would be a topper to cause that son of a squirrel more pain that I've already have, i don't need to. I only feel... well... dazed... and my head feels kinda messy right now, plus I got things that has to be taken care of."

The moose put back his phone. "Okay, if you say so, but please let me give you two a ride home, That's the least i can do."

"I'm fine, thanks. I already got a ride."

Lumpy didn't fancy how impolite the bear declined his hospitality, so he turned to Flaky. "How about you? Can i get you a ride home?"

Flaky was just about to nod when she remembered that Flippy promised to take her back home.

"I-I am v-very g-grateful f-f-for your offer sir, b-b-but F-F-Fli-pp-ppy promised to t-take m-me home, isn't that ri-right F-Flippy?" She looked shyly at the bear, he suddenly looked guilty.

"Well, I... there... with all the stuff about Splendid and that, I don't have time to get you home."

"Oh... u-uhm... alright... o-k-kay, th-thanks anyway." She lowered her head and the place bathed in silence, that of course, until Lumpy interrupted.

"But that means that i can give you a lift home, a'ight?" Flaky noded and mumbled and 'yeah'.

The silence that grew was painfully awkward. Flippy noticed Flaky, but he appearantly found it very hard to say anything, he who just five minutes ago was a fountain of self confidence was now twisting and turning in discomfort. Flaky scratched her arm.

"Flaky, I-I... I'm s-" He began, but silenced and his eyes grew wide. He shoved his hand down his pocket and retrieved his cellphone that was quietly buzzing.

He flipped it out and looked at the display and he answered with a grunt, all while Flaky felt like she was shrinking and becoming smaller, because she realized she wasn't all that important. He was probably talking to Petunia right now, and soon he'd be at her place, nursed by her pretty self.

She woke up from her dream by Lumpy tapping her on the shoulder. "I don't want to be any worry, but I'm in a bit of a hurry, could we move on right now, i got a few things myself that i have to take care of."

Flaky looked at her watch, it had an old cartoon figure, a marmot with white gloves, shoes and a large club. It was indeed very late, and she had to take this opportunity as the last bus had already left. With one last glance at Flippy, she nodded at Lumpy.

"Y-yeah, I'm d-d-done here..." Flippy was facing the opposite direction, thus not noticing when they walked off toward the parking lot. She overheard some of Flippys speaking.

"Hello? Yeah... uhu... well that'll have to wait, i got news for you... well- We meet up at my place. Round up Kaboom too, yeah... good-".

Lumpy was demonstrably the owner of the Lincoln Continental, Flaky was sitting on the passenger seat with the seatbelts on. Something cold and stiff was in contact with her skin, She glanced down and noticed Flippy's knife. She felt cold inside. She discretly shoved it back into her pocket, making sure Lumpy wouldn't notice.

She broke the silence that she otherwise would appericiate because some questions had formed inside her head and she would love to straight out the question marks.

"Wh-what was th-that ab-b-bout Sp-sp-splendid and s-s-social c-c-contribution?"

"I'm not sure if i should talk about that..."

"Why? Is he in s-some s-sort of t-trouble?"

Lumpy frowned "You could say that, well... i can tell you this much: He's in a tough situation, he's having a hard time at home, his father ran away and left Splendid and his wife a couple of years ago. His mother is addicted and got some gambling issues. He's having a hard time, cause no one really car- i have said to much. Forgive me, and please, forget everything i said. I shouldn't be talking about my students like this."

Flaky just uttered a silent 'O'. So Splendid had it bad, almost as bad as she have had it. Might that be why he was a bully? Flaky felt a sorrow grow in her stomach. Not the self pity she usually felt but rather sympathy for Splendid.

She shook her head, tying to clear up her mind. You shouldn't be thinking like that, a little voice in her head told her, He is the enemy, he's no better than Truffles.

But still, he wasn't rotten to the core, she hoped. He just had a troubled childhood, and resorted to bullying because he don't know how to fit in or make friends. Probably.

Flaky bit her cracked lip and glanced at Lumpy. Unsure of how to put the request she'd formed up in her mind "D-do you have to t-take his money? I m-mean, if he's having it as b-bad as you're s-saying, wouldn't it b-be better if he... c-could g-go unp-punished?"

"I don't think you understand this, that if he can go unpunished for his crimes he'll never stop, and at the same time we can't contact the local authorities, it's all a bloody mess, trust me when i say that this will be best for all of us. His money will go to you two."

"B-b-but won't tha-tha-that m-make him p-p-poor? How w-w-will he s-survive?"

"He'll have to get a part time job. I know, I've been in the situation, you wouldn't believe how many jobs i've had throughout the years."

By that they arrived at her destination. Lumpy wanted to help her out but she assured him she would do fine.

Before he entered the car again she asked the moose out of sheer curiosity- "Yo-yo-you said yo-you w-was in a hu-hu-hurry, m-may i ask wh-why?" The moose smiled his dumb but still kind smile, small traces of red could be seen at his cheeks.

"I-I got a date tonight!" He exclaimed proudly.

She congratulated and wished him well, and it was honestly meant. If it wasn't for him she would be in an ambulance towards the emergency care in this very moment.

Lumpy drove off, waving at Flaky. She waved back, not so happily, but she atleast tried to look grateful.

When the clouds of carbon dioxide has settled she turned around and walked with heavy steps up to her door. She thought about her new school and that it had only been her first day so far, her first day and all this had happened in such short amount of time. She thought about Cuddles, about Toothy and that anteater in her class, She thought about Splendid, Giggles, her kind teacher aswell as Petunia. But mostly she thought about Flippy.

He was willing to get into a fight for her. She couldn't grasp it, there was no way. He had been ready to do battle for her, in her imagination she pictured him with a lance in shining armour riding a horse.

She made some sounds that was almost purring by the sheer thought. Flaky entered her house and leaned at the door. The cold metall resting by her leg made itself remembered.

Slowly it was fished up from her pocket. She eyed the stainless steel in her hand, cold and hard against her soft, warm and fragile being. Her thoughts darkened. The knight in shining armour had been ready to jab this into Splendid, to... kill...

Finally, from all the stress and panic, all the adrenaline and all emotions that had been in movement this day, she collapsed on the floor and loudly began to cry. She would use the knife later that night, it would be her trusted friend, her only friend, to which she could share all secrets and ease her pain.

In between her sobs she stuttered.

"Th-This, this is all m-m-m-my f-fault… w-why… is it alw-w-ways m-me… It's my f-fault th-th-that everyth-thing goes w-wrong… I'm u-useless…"

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