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Summary: Sherlock watches the movie "Serenity"

A/N: Not related to my other fic "Don't Stop the Signal"; though, it shares a similar idea.

A Leaf on the Wind

John hadn't been in the flat all day, having gone to the clinic early that morning, leaving Sherlock in the kitchen to experiment on the growth of different varieties of fungi. After that, he went to the supermarket, taking the time to wait in line for the completely human cashier and having absolutely no trouble with her, thank you very much. Having returned to Baker Street, he shifted all of his bags into one hand so that he could fish for his keys in his pocket and unlock the front door. He finally stepped inside and lightly kicked the door shut behind him. He was only on the fifth step of the seventeen that led to his and Sherlock's shared flat when he heard a voice that sounded very much like Sherlock yelling "Nooo!" And it wasn't a "My experiment just failed"-No! Or even a "Lestrade just banned me from cases for a month"-No! It was more like a "Dear God why is this happening"-No!

Without a second thought, John immediately bolted up the stairs, letting his bags of groceries drop to the floor, creating a large mess in the foyer; but John didn't care because something was wrong with Sherlock. The door to the flat slammed open as John ran into the room, ready to shift into either soldier-mode or doctor-mode depending on the case at hand. Instead, he was surprised to see Sherlock sitting on the sofa, staring at the television screen.

"Sherlock?" asked John. "What's going on? What happened?"

Sherlock turned to his flatmate, eyes red as though he were crying, and sobbed, "He's dead, John. Wash is dead!"

"What?" said John, thoroughly confused.

"He landed the ship, and then it was just so sudden..." Sherlock explained.

Having no idea what his flatmate was talking about, John looked around and noticed the empty dvd case sitting on the coffee table. He picked it up and read "Serenity" on the cover. "A movie?" said John, becoming angry. "All this nonsense over a fictional story?"

"You wouldn't understand," Sherlock said, grabbing the dvd case from John's hand. He then removed the dvd from the player and said, "I'll just finish this on my laptop" before running off to his bedroom.

John sighed in frustration at his flatmate. And then there was a knock at the door.

"Is someone in there?" he heard Mrs. Hudson ask furiously. "What did you boys do to my foyer?"

John groaned to himself and then went to face his landlady. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Hudson," he said to her. "I heard Sherlock yell and I accidentally dropped my packages as I ran up to see what had happened. Turns out, he was just watching a film."

"Oh," Mrs. Hudson tsked. "I was afraid that would happen when I lent it to him."

"But it was just a character in a film?" said John.

"You've never seen it, have you?" she asked.

"No," said John.

"Then you wouldn't understand," she said. "Hm, he's just been through an ordeal; maybe I'll bake him some biscuits. Mind you, I'm not your housekeeper... but this is a special situation." She turned to leave, and added, "Just be sure to clean up the mess."

"I'm on it," said John, who was admittedly a bit baffled at the moment. He closed the door behind Mrs. Hudson and shook his head lightly. No, he most certainly did not understand.