Friday morning came, both for Sam and the rest of his family. The shower burned his skin, walking him from a poorly rested night. Eating breakfast, he did his best to let last night occupy the furthest backing part of his mind. He wasn't all that successful. Not that he expected to be; he'd tried the same last night, and that hadn't gotten him very far. In fact, he'd kinda sorta thought about... it... all last night. He couldn't understand why Puck suddenly decided to... well not like him, but wanna fool around with him, after barely saying two words to him before. That really confused Sam. A lot confused Sam though. He liked to think that his sexuality wasn't one of them, however. He really liked chicks, boobs, and well you get the picture. Not to mention he was really into Quinn right about now, and he'd never had a lingering thought about another dude in his life before ever.

Well, except for now. And yesterday after practice.

It didn't matter though, he decided as he started walking to school. Sam didn't know a "Rachel", and so going to her party wasn't even an option. An out for Sam, and seeing as he didn't have practice or any classes with Puck, all he had to do was avoid Puck if he saw him and everything would be just how it was. The weekend would blow all this over, Sam would make friends, find a girl, graduate, get married, have a decent desk job in some firm, and Puck would continue to be Puck. No sweat.

Except Puck was standing at the entrance to the school, talking in a circle with some football guys and some Cheerios at their side. And he had caught sight of Sam, waving him down.


Play it cool. He wouldn't talk about yesterday in front of all these people.

"So you're coming tonight?" Puck shouted when Sam was a couple meters away, one of the football guys taking a look back to see who he was talking to.

Sam slowed down, still directed to the doors of the school and passing on the left of the group. "Uh, I dunno... but Mr. Schue wanted to see me before class so..." Sam lied, continuing to the doors but still looking at Puck, who's eyes where looked on him.

"Hold on, I'll come with." Puck said quickly, "Alright, I'll see you guys later tonight."

"So how come you're not coming tonight man, I thought you said you would." Puck asked when he caught up with Sam, walking at his side as they went into the school. He was wearing a tight fitting grey long-sleeve with buttons at the collar, framing his large biceps Sam noted. Suddenly he decided their had to be better places to look. His feet seemed best.

"My family actually wants to go to Chuc-" Sam returned feebly, before being cut-off.

"Aw man!" Puck exclaimed, his face lighting up like he'd just solved the hardest math problem ever, giving Sam a light Punch on the shoulder, "You don't know who Rachel is, do you!"

Sam shrugged.

"Dude, she's lame don't even worry about it. Except her rents are out of town tonight, and she said the Glee club could have an 'alcoholic get together'. Naturally I invited a few people, including you." Puck said with a grin. "Anyways dude, just give me your number and I'll text you the deets later."

Sam hesitated, turning a hall corner. "Actually, I uh don't have a cell yet so I guess-"

"Dude, don't fuckin' give me that shit, I saw you on it like two days ago."

Sam sighed. "Fine, here." He handed Puck his phone, who quickly flipped it open and found the number, copying it into his own.

He also managed to run Sam into an empty class with his shoulder while he copied the number, shutting the door behind him and leaning against it.

"Also dude, stop being so fucking awkward and shit. It's not like I asked you out or shit." Puck stated flatly, tossing Sam his phone and crossing him arms. "It's just sex, no big deal."

"You know what, screw you Puckerman. It is a big fuckin' deal. I'm not gonna be with you before I..." Sam slammed his mouth shut. He did not mean to almost tell the sex fiend of McKinley High... that.

Puck's face screwed up in confusion. "Before you... you what? Get with a girl?" Puck questioned flatly. Then his eyes got real wide when Sam just stood there, looking worried as shit. "You gotta be kidding me!" Sam broke out with a smile and a half, "Dude not seriously right?"

"I gotta get to class Puck, move." Sam retorted quickly, moving towards the other angrily, hands up about to shove the other out of the way. But Puck just leaned forward before he could, hands going behind his head. And Sam could feel the warm and rough grip of Pucks massive hands at the back of his head, gripping his ruffled blond hair. In that split second before it happened, he could make out Puck's face soften to something like dazed lust, eyes Sam had never seen.

But then all he could make out was the soft touch of lips against his, eyes closed and senses enraged. And he didn't think of anything when Puck's hand pulled him closer still, lips pressing roughly together; colliding in silence.