Ok guys here's a new one for you? I hope you enjoy it please let me know what you think and if you want me to continue? ok thanks for reading this. This is loosely based on Something Borrowed, but i've twisted it quite a bit on my own just FYI before I have someone breathing down my back for not mentioning it. I hope you guys enjoy it. and thank you to Rpattz for being my beta :)

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"Earth to Bella," I heard a deep distant voice. "Isabella Marie Swan."

My full name caught my attention as it rolled of the tongue of my best friend like honey dripping with his Southern twang. I ripped my gaze away from Alice and Edward who were kissing in the corner of the bar to face Jasper, the tall, blond, gorgeous, model guy who has been my best friend almost as long as Alice had. He bent his head down as he hunched to look me in the eye.

"What the hell are you staring at?" he asked starting to shift his head.

My hands quickly grabbed the collar of his crisp white button down shirt, keeping him facing me. "Nothing. I just have a lot on my mind. You know the wedding and work, mom and dad are at each other's necks again over something stupid."

Jasper processed that slowly whist nodding his head. "Uh huh," he mumbled. "Then why can't I look behind my shoulder?"

I gave him a playful glare before finishing off the last of my Yellow Tail shiraz. "Now why on earth would I want your gorgeous eyes away from me?" I teased.

He chuckled and let it drop. "What's up with Charlie and Renee?"

"Pointless shit as usual. Last thing mom mentioned was something about the add-on off the laundry room? Who knows with them. I'm just glad I'm out of the house and away form gloomy ole Forks."

"You don't miss it? Not one bit?" Jasper asked finishing the last of his beer.

As we started to get up to leave, I fixed my coat and shook my head. "I would love to just run away and never go back. All the embarrassing stuff that happened growing up? No thanks."

"You really need to get over Prom, that was all Lauren and Jessica's fault. Everyone knew it." Jasper smiled as he flagged down a cab for us.

I groaned and punched his arm, stumbling slightly on my sore feet confined in my black four inch heels that by the way still did me no justice next to Jasper. From his 6'4" height, I still only came to his chin in these freaking heels compared to when I wear sneakers and I come face to face with his muscular chest. Jasper steady me before helping me in the cab leading us to my apartment building which was only a few blocks from his own.

"Gosh, I was no fun tonight. Jasper I'm sorry I didn't even ask about how your day was," I groaned as we walked into my apartment. I kicked my heels off and tossed them aside while I hung up my old black pea coat. Jasper shrugged casually as he ushered me into my bedroom.

"Don't worry about it," he murmured as he handed me my PJs, turning to face the wall as I clumsily stripped and put them on. "My day was fine, it was all the usual except that Maria tried to put the moves on again. All I did was help her with the copying machine and she acts like I fucked her something."

I giggled and hopped in bed, snuggling under the covers. Jasper leaned on my bed and looked down at me. "Ok Wino, go to sleep. I'll leave aspirin by the bed before I head out."

"I only had three glasses," I grumbled into my pillow. I had no idea what it was about me, but it always took a while for me to actually get drunk. I mean after two glasses I'll stumble a little but after the next one the other effects like giggly attitude doesn't appear for at least twenty minutes.

"We all know three is one too many. I'll see you tomorrow Bella." He noted as he headed into the kitchen to retrieve the aspirin. I grabbed his arm lazily before he could leave again.

"Maria must have a lot of fantasies about that damn copy machine that she wants to have fulfilled my friend. Talk to her," I mumbled a little incoherently.

I fell asleep to Jasper's deep chuckle fading off into the night.

"Bella… Bella. Bella! Bellllaaaa!" Alice's voice whined on the answering machine. Saturday morning, my day off, and all I wanted to do was sleep in with my nice little hangover but nope. Alice had to call me, then as I stared at the clock and saw the date I jumped out of bed with a slue of cussing. I grabbed the phone clumsily and ignored how everything was spinning around me. "Alice? Shoot, Alice you there? I'm so sorry I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Hurry up Bella, you're the one who set this up!" Alice reminded me.

I felt as though I was doing everything at once as my pounding head melded everything together. The aspirin was swallowed but not yet taking any kind of effect, my dull mud colour hair was thrown into a messy bun, my black rimmed plastic glasses sat on the bridge of my nose and I was running out the door clad in Old Navy boot cut jeans and a Metallica t-shirt with black $5 flip flops from Kohl's.

Stepping out of the apartment I was met by Jasper walking up the steps looking slightly confused. "What the hell Bells?" he started before I grabbed his hand shaking my head.

"No fucking time, let's go!" I stressed as I dragged him with me to meet up with Alice and Edward. As promised I made it there in about ten minutes give a couple. We arrived at one of the best bakeries I knew, who did personal favors ever since fifteen office parties I've had to host. Jon Paul greeted me with a warm smile and kisses on the cheeks.

"Isabella mon cherie," he sung. His voice booming in my head. "Did you have a rough night? Or a fun one?" His voice covered in a light tone as he stared at Jasper who was still holding my hand. I retracted quickly and shook my head.

"A little bit of both," I smiled, stealing a glance at Alice and lingering on Edward to see how he saw this. His expression was hard, a little too hard for a cake tasting with his fiancee. Jasper cleared his throat and leaned down to my ear.

"Why the hell am I here? You know Alice and I aren't the best of friends," Jasper whispered.

I hit his chest, "You need to behave, we are all friends. Besides you were coming to get me anyways right? We can leave for lunch from here after this."

He just nodded silently before following me through to where Jon had little bite size cakes set up. Alice squealed and smiled up at Edward as she reached up and fed him lovingly. God how I envied her, her small fingers rubbing over his gorgeous kissable lips. I adverted my gaze to the cakes in front of me and smiled at Jon.

"This is absolutely gorgeous! Is that vanilla I taste?"

"The bean, oui." Jon Paul nodded. "Too much?"

I shook my head as I moved onto the next one looking at Jasper who just finished licking his finger lightly. "Doesn't this remind you of Emmett and Rosalie's cake?"

He nodded with a smile, "Yeah, I think it's the coconut flavor."

I agreed as stole another glance at Edward and Alice who were staring adoringly into each other's eyes, it made me sick. Edward's bottomless emerald green eyes stared into Alice's ice water blue eyes that perfectly went with her styled raven hair. Edward's hand ran lazily through his amazing messy bed head bronze hair that screamed sex, and I felt mesmerized until I felt something cool and creamy on my cheek. I let out a small gasp as I gave Jasper a glare. He laughed as he sucked the remaining icing off his finger.

"There you go now you're even sweeter than can be," he joked.

I rolled my eyes and was about to reach up to wipe it off before Alice took multiple pictures with her brand new BlackBerry. "Come Texan, they never taught you how to smile on that old farm of yours?"

Jasper gave a sarcastic smile while rolling his eyes. "Nope, they only taught us how to square dance."

Edward wrapped his strong arms around Alice's waist pulling her close to him, while smiling at me and Jasper. "Be nice, this is supposed to be a happy occasion."

Jasper looked from them to me before reaching out and wiping the icing off my face tenderly. I blushed and watched Jasper give a tight smile to Edward who now didn't look all too impressed. Alice without notice of the exchange went on to the next piece of cake, giggling over how perfect it was. Then Jon came into the room again, I never even noticed he left, and wanted to know our opinions. Before anyone could speak a phone rang and we all had to check ours instantly. Jasper held it up and gave me an apologetic look.

"It's the firm, I have to take this. I'll just be outside Bella." Jasper said as he began to head out.

Jon Paul looked between us and raised his eyebrows. "Amour?" he teased.

Alice burst out laughing. "Not a chance, he's like her best friend next to me. Beside's Jasper is some farm boy from outside Dallas."

I gave her a stern look. "He is a successful Harvard lawyer now, Ali."

She rolled her eyes and leaned up to kiss Edward. "I think we found the one Jon!" she completely changed the subject without faltering. That was what she was always best at. Her and Jon began to talk about the cake she liked and how she wanted it to look, so Jon began to get out the books. Edward and I retreated to back corner of the room away from Bridezilla and he sighed looking down at me.

Edward was shorter than Jasper but still a tall guy at around 6'1" so he could still make my 5'5" feel short. I don't understand how Alice did it, I mean she's around five foot the massive space is sometimes incomprehensible. Edward leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, somewhat glaring at the wall across from us. "What's up with Jasper?"

"What do you mean?" I asked turning to look at him. Gosh he was so fucking gorgeous. His sculpted arms looked perfect though his tight long sleeve white shirt, and he always pulled off jeans like an Abercrombie model. I bit my lip as I studied him. I felt like a piece of trash or something next to him. I wore no make up, my hair was a mess, I just threw on clothes and I'm pretty sure I was in desperate need of a pedicure.

"What Jon Paul was saying," Edward stated like it was obvious.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh please. Jasper and I are best friends, that's all. Besides what's it to you?" I started to get a little defensive. "Jasper has been my friend since the fourth grade."

Edward held up his hands in surrender, "I didn't mean any harm. I was just being curious."

As if he was about to continue, Alice suddenly cut him off summoning him to the design books. Edward gave me a teasing torturous glance before being dragged away. I reminded him, "The marriage may be yours together, but the wedding is hers. Smile."

Once I could tell I was no longer needed there I made my way outside and found Jasper just leaning against the black metal barred fence out side the bakery. His strong arms were crossed over his chest as he looked out into the street with a frustrated face. When he saw me, he turned and stood up straight putting his hands into his dark wash jeans. Jasper wore a plain black muscle shirt underneath a pale grey cardigan with his usual black tattered converse. Looking at him now you would never picture him as a lawyer, he could be anything in the world with his beauty. Everything about him was almost perfect, the way his blond hair fell lazily into eyes, the way the chain of his necklace sneaks under his shirt making a focal point to stare at his well earned body and how his soft blue eyes changed colour depending on their mood.

"You okay?" I asked softly, taking in his expression.

He nodded before rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, I just have to go into work after lunch for a little bit."

I bit my lip and nodded slowly. "We can just have lunch tomorrow, if you need to get to work."

This time Jasper broke out his winning smile while shaking his head. "Bella, we are going to lunch. I'm hungry and you owe me for making me do that in there with you."

I could't help but laugh before nodding. "Let's get going then. Will you need to go back to your place to change?"

Jasper shrugged casually as we began to walk side by side. "I've been thinking about it, I might just throw some slacks on. Kaitlin was a little frazzled when she called me."

I just nodded slowly, unsure of what to really say after that. "Okay then."

"You know last night you seemed pretty distracted, I mean I haven't seen you drink so much wine unless you're in a mood about something. And don't give me the Charlie and Renee bullshit, I know you. You stopped giving a fuck when you were sixteen. Does this honestly have to do with the stress of the wedding, or is it Alice or what?"

I shrugged as I stared down at my shoes. "I honestly don't know. I feel like I'm losing my head Jazz, it's just a mix of everything. It's Bridezilla Alice, work, having to help her with the wedding. I don't know it's just going crazy."

I looked up to see Jasper nodding slowly before he wrapped his arm over my shoulders pulling me to his side. I sighed contently but I couldn't stop thinking how nice it would feel to be like this with a boyfriend I didn't have, and I felt even worse imagining that I was like this with Edward, my best friend's fiance.

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