Warning: spoilers for Gauntlet

It had been exactly twelve days, eight hours, and fifty-three minutes since he'd said goodbye to Colonel Young and Doctor Rush when the music coming through his headset was suddenly muted. "Chakla?" spoke a strangely high-pitched voice in his ear.

He'd had just enough experience with Ancient to recognize it when spoken. "No," he said, slowly and loudly in English. "I don't... I mean... I can't..."

"Ehnglaesh?" the disembodied voice asked. "You spake Ehnglaesh?"

"Yes! Yes! I do!" he exclaimed, jumping to his feet and racing across the room to the control board he'd temporarily abandoned for a much needed rest. He had, of course, continued working on the problem himself for the last week while waiting.

"Good. Very good." The words seemed to be becoming clearer as the unseen creature continued speaking. "May I axe whut your problem iz?"

"I have a pod here... a stasis pod. And I can't seem to get it to work...?"

"Ah. Yes. I zee. Here's whut I need you to do virst. Reach around to de back. Zee right side, yez? Pull de plug there... wait fifteen seconds and put id back een ... Now restart de machine..."