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I had loved her from the first time I held her in my arms. She had dark brown hair like mine and ice blue eyes, shining and beautiful like Peeta's. We had decided to name her Faith, hoping that was what she would hold with her all her life. Faith is what kept me going through the games all those years ago. Faith was what finally brought me and Peeta together, forever.

I remember when she was little, running around in the little meadow near our house, her little brother Jack chasing after her and laughing. I remember when Peeta and I first told her about the Hunger Games. I cried in Peeta's arms after we told her our terrible past. She had such fear, such horror in her eyes it was unbearable, but she knew she was safe now. No more reapings, no more blood, no more heartache. Then she grew in to an older girl, becoming even more beautiful, helping Peeta bake and draw pictures. She always came to me for advice and I always helped her, telling her stores about Rue and Prim and all the other people she should know about in her past.

Before my eyes she grew into a young woman. She was strong and independent. Peeta and I were so proud of her. We hoped one day she would find love as strong as Peeta and mine. She was very good friends with Finnick and Annie's son, Oliver. Sometimes we would joke about them falling in love and getting married. But Faith always pushed the idea aside saying it would never happen. One night, as Peeta and I sat on the couch, we watched Faith and Oliver outside catching fireflies and laughing.

"I really hope one day they do get married," Peeta whispered.

I smiled and hugged him. "Me too."

Deep down I really did hope they would be together. Oliver was the most charming boy I had ever met. He was sweet and polite and was so kind to Faith. I was positive they would be together. I didn't know exactly where Faith's future would go, but I hoped, no I knew, Oliver would be a part of it. Well, at least I thought I knew, but I never expected would it would actually bring.

Chapter 1

"Mother!" Faith rain straight in the front doors. Her hair was pinned back in a bun and her eyes were shinning.

"How was school?" I asked giving her a hug.

"Great!" she smiled. "But you would never believe it!"

"What wouldn't we believe?" Peeta walked into the front entrance. He still had his apron on and his face was covered in flour. His eyes sparkled down at his daughter.

"I met the most amazing boy at school today!" Faith spun around giggling then faced us again. "He was visiting from District Two."

"Really?" Peeta and I exchanged glances. "Is he as amazing as Oliver?"

"Oh please," she rolled her eyes. Then she realized I was serious. "He's so much more amazing than Oliver!"

"What's his name?" Peeta asked.

"Sam," giggled Faith shyly.

"Well," I put my hands on my hips. "Why don't you invite him over?"

Peeta gave me a look saying, What! We don't even know who he is!

"Oh come on," I whispered to him. "She is sixteen. Maybe she's found love."

"It is love!" cried Faith over hearing us. "Can I really ask him to come over?"

"Sure," I smiled. "Tell him to come for dinner tonight."

Faith skipped happily to the phone in the kitchen. Peeta held me back for a moment. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"She seems so happy," I sighed. "Don't you want her to be happy?"

Peeta smiled, "Of course Katniss." He kissed me. "But, are you sure she is actually in love?"

"I don't know," I admitted. "But she seems to like him. Come on, Peeta."

"Fine, but you better go make dinner." He gave a small smile and we walked hand in hand toward the kitchen.

"He said he can come!" Faith was jumping up and down. "He's staying here for a week. His father used to live here so they're visiting."

"His father used to live in District Twelve?" I looked at Peeta. "Maybe we know him," I said to him.

He shrugged. "I'm not sure. We'll probably meet the boy's father soon enough." I nodded.

I took a chicken I had bought from the market out of the refrigerator. I placed it in a pan then turned toward the oven and started to bake the chicken with help from Faith. Peeta made cheese buns because they were also Faith's favorite. Peeta and I listened to Faith as she chattered on and on about Sam. Suddenly Jack ran in. "What's all the excitement?"

"Faith's having a friend come over," I told him.

"Oh," he headed over to help Peeta. "Want me to melt the cheese?"

"Okay," Peeta smiled and tousled his hair. Jack was eleven and already an expert at baking bread and frosting cakes.

We worked for an hour cutting and placing and cooking until the wooden table was set with five ceramic plated and five crystal glasses. The chicken and bread stayed warm in the oven until dinnertime. The setting sun cast a cozy glow through the windows and smells of herbs and bread and butter floated in the air. We barely had time to sit down before there was a knock at the door. Faith jumped up excitedly.

"Go get it," I tiredly flopped down on Peeta's lap. He wrapped his arms around me.

"We better go meet him too," he gave a crooked smile.

"Okay," I got up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Let's go."

The boy and Faith were already chattering excitedly in the kitchen. "Hello," I walked over to them. "You're Sam right?"

He turned around to shake my hand. "Yup."

For a moment my breath caught in my throat. He looked like, no it couldn't be. He had olive skin and dark brown hair. There was no doubt about it he was handsome; he hand broad shoulders and deep, big brown eyes that reminded me of someone from my past. I quickly pushed my thoughts away. It was impossible. He couldn't be related to who I thought he might be.

I reached for Peeta's hand for comfort. If Peeta recognized this boy at all he didn't show it. He gave me a quizzical look. "Um, why don't we all sit down." I clenched his hand in mine and made sure we were right next to each other. Jack sat on the other side of the table next to Faith, with Sam at her side. I walked over to the counter and carried over our dinner. I placed it in front of Sam without even looking at him and then served the rest of us. As soon as I was next to Peeta again my hand immediately dove for his. I couldn't eat. I wasn't hungry.

"What's wrong?" Peeta whispered in my ear. "You seem jittery. Why aren't you eating?"

"He, Sam, he reminds me of…"

Sam cleared his throat. "Um, good chicken." He nodded toward me. Then he looked at Peeta, "So, Faith told me you were a baker,"

He sounded exactly like who I was dreading. I wished so much that he wasn't his son but I knew that face and voice all too well. Sam was the son of, "Gale," the name barely escaped my lips. I had forgotten about Gale, almost. But memories of the rebellion had never found a way to escape my mind and, unfortunately, Gale was a part of them. I could never forget the night he was whipped. The time his kissed me in the woods. When he betrayed me. All the painful memories cal swirling back into my head. I wanted to get rid of Gale. I never talked about him. I never brought him up in any of the stories I ever told my children. But here he was, his own son, sitting in my kitchen making coody eyes at my own daughter!

"Mom," Faith looked at me. "Who's… Gale?"

Peeta gave her a look to be quiet. I knew her mind was buzzing with questions but she kept her mouth shut.

Sam looked at her, "Gale's my father." He turned to me. "How do you know him?"

I couldn't bear to talk to him. Not Gale's son. Tears began to streak down my eyes. Peeta pulled me close. "Finish dinner," he said to Faith. "I-I'm going to calm your mother down. We'll explain everything." He gently carried me out of the kitchen and up to our bedroom. He gently lay me down in my bead.

"It's ok, Katniss," he whispered gently pulling back my hair. I just sobbed and sobbed in his arms. I knew I was safe with him but all the horrible memories kept coming back. He just held me and whispered that he was here. Everything was okay. I slowly cried myself into a horrible sleep filled of nightmares of the Hunger Games and the rebellion .Of Prim dying, President Snow. Gale. All the memories locked in the shadows of my brain came flooding out like ghosts. Haunting me. Terrorizing my thoughts. The only thing that kept me sane at the moment was knowing that when I woke up Peeta would be right beside me.

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