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Chapter 18

Faith's POV

I stared out at the rain from under the little make-shift tent Oliver had built. He was sitting next to me, doodling and what not, but I took no notice. I was lost deep in my own thoughts. We had been searching two day for Sam with no luck. We didn't even find a scrap of clothes and the rain was washing away any chance we had of discovering footprints. I kept thinking of Sam, but I didn't love him anymore, or rather, I didn't think I loved him anymore. I never actually loved him. He was more like a toy on Christmas. You love it for some time, but then you realize that it's not what you wanted or expected or thought you liked. Then again, Sam wasn't brightly decorated in sparkles and ribbon; if he was I probably wouldn't have even talked to him in the first place.

I returned to the woods and caught Oliver's eye. He glanced away then I glanced away then he glanced at me again so I let myself be swept back into my thoughts. Although this time I focused on Oliver. He was always there for me. He saved me from the Peacekeeper attack and agreed to run away with me. Sam never did anything like that. He never saved my life. And I never could forget the fact that Oliver actually had feelings for me. He said he loved me. Sam had never really said any of the sorts. Come to think of it, I had feeling for Oliver a bit to, but more as a friend.

Then I started to think of how I was starting to view life differently. Sam was just someone I used to prove my parents wrong. They always used to make fun of me and Oliver and I could never stand it. I was mean to him just to prove them wrong. The only reason I invited Sam over so many memories ago was so I could prove I could find someone. Someone who wasn't Oliver.

A sudden gust of realization hit me. It felt as though energy, sparkling and electrifying was thrown at my mind. I crashed into a realization that literally made me jump in surprise. Oliver wasn't just someone who was there. He wasn't just a helping person. I didn't just invite him along because he was the only one who could help me. I didn't bring Sam in my life just to prove my parents wrong. Even when I was stupid and naïve somewhere in the back of my mind I had always thought more of Oliver than a person, a friend. I liked him. I liked him a lot. And it took me a whole life threatening journey to realize this.

"Are you okay?" Oliver's voice knocked me out of my senses and I jumped.

"Hmmm…" I looked at him.

"You keep jumping." He looked concerned.

"Oh, well, um…" I blushed, a little. "I'm just surprised."

"Oh," he turned back to doodling.

"Listen," I stared at him. He looked up. "Sorry for being kinda mean, I guess. I think I was kind of obsessive about Sam and I realized he's not that great and he's going to be arrested anyway and so…"

"Yeah, sure," he glanced down.

Wow. 'He's going to be arrested anyway.' That came out terribly wrong. "Um, no I don't mean it that way." I cleared my throat uncomfortably. "I never actually liked Sam. I know I was kind of bitchy about the whole situation and I'm terribly sorry." I looked at him, unsure.

His face softened. "Faith, it's ok. I never thought you were a terrible person. I've always thought you were fantastic."

I smiled. "Thanks."

I was surprised at what came next. But I was happily surprised. I felt Oliver's lips touch mine, but only for a second, then I was left alone. I leaned in, but was caught with a hand over my mouth. I opened my eyes in shock. Oliver had a finger to his lips.

"What?" I whispered.

"Peacekeepers," he hissed. "And Mr. Hawthorne is with them."

Oh shit, I thought. That meant Bianca must be close by. Oliver grabbed a gun that he had taken from a dead Peacekeeper and he handed me another. I held it at the ready, waiting for his signal.

"Come out, hands on your head," A harsh voice boomed from eerily close to the tent. "You are surrounded. Show yourself or we will shoot."

Oliver looked at me, fear glinting in his ocean eyes. "Faith, run. Don't look back, just go. I'll be right behind you. Keep your gun at your side. Head for the nearest bush or tree and take cover. Be ready to fight."

I nodded. Oliver gave me a signal and I jumped up, running blindly away. Rain pelted my eyes so the world became a blur of grey and green. I heard distant gun shots and screams, but I tried to block it out. If I let fear catch up to me I wouldn't make it. I heard a cry of pain behind me, but I kept going, I kept running, letting my legs be their own machine, driving me away, driving me to safety. I reached a tree and hid behind it, catching my breath and letting the world come back.

I saw Peacekeepers charging toward me. There were three of them. Only three and Gale was behind then, running more slowly than the rest. I cocked my gun and pointed it, knocking down one, and then another before the third realized where the shot was being fired from. I yet again ran, although I was aware of my senses and I turned back every now and then to blindly fire a shot behind me. I wasn't worrying about ammunition right then. I thought I had enough.

I hid behind a bush, but the Peacekeeper was on me like lightening. His gun was aimed at my back and I didn't dare move.

"I'll kill you," he breathed, his word twisting from his mouth in a snarl. "You're Katniss's daughter. I can get a great prize from you."

I didn't dare breathe. I didn't dare close my eyes. I stared ahead wishing for something to happen. Wishing Oliver was with me. But, I was alone. I was dead, I was gone. I

I heard a small gun shot from behind me. I figured it was the Peacekeeper. I closed my eyes, ready for death, but death didn't come. Instead, the peacekeepers body fell down next to me with a soft plop. I turned around; ready to run into Oliver's arms, but instead I met the eyes of Gale Hawthorne. His gun was at his side and his eyes were pitiful, but I hated him.

"Want to finish me off yourself?" I scowled. "Cause my mom pain by killing off each and everyone she loves? One by one until she has to suffer, until she is the last to be killed?"

He didn't say anything, he only stared. His eyes grew hard and angry.

I spat at him. "Now I know why my mother hates you."

"I don't hate Katniss," I cried angrily. "But I don't love her. Although I know the pain she once went through. I was her best friend once. I know the pain she must be going through now. But, I cannot help her. I love Bianca. She may seem evil but she is not. She is my wife and I can never leave her. But, I don't have to kill you. I don't have to be the one to kill Katniss's family."

I didn't believe him. Any moment I knew he would finish me off. "Is this some kind of sick lie? Something to get me to like you before you demolish me?"

"No," He replied, so quietly I almost thought I had imagined it. Then, he ran. He ran away. He never turned to look back.

I watched him go, his body a flash of grey as he sprinted through the dreary forest. I watched the rain splatter against him. I watched him break through the barrier of water as it splattered down. I watched him until he was out of sight, and I stared at the spot he had been. His footprint in the mud had already washed away. I felt the rain pelt onto the skin and I saw steam rise from my arms from the warmth of adrenaline. I ignored my stringy, wet hair as it feel out of the ponytail I had put it in, covering my face. I breathed slowly and steadily, absorbing what had just happened. I didn't cry. I didn't feel pity for myself. The old Faith would have. The old Faith would have sat there, not moving, waiting for her knight in shining armor to rescue her. I was not the old Faith. I was the new Faith. The Faith who had found herself when a boy had screamed some sense into her head.

I stood up, holding my gun. I pushed the hair from my face and walked forward. I ignored the rain as I started forward. I was alone, but I had to find Oliver. He was the one who mattered. I stumbled into his body close to our tent. He wasn't moving and blood seemed to be seeping from his head.

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