It's been three and a half years Sasuke. But then I guess you probably know that.

Naruto is really coming into his own as Hokage, he's come such a long way from the knucklehead he was ten years ago.

And he just told me he's going to be a dad. I know right? Can you believe it? Our Naruto becoming a father. It's a little scary to think about him being responsible for a child. But then he's changed a lot, and he has Hinata to guide him.

Kakashi is the same as ever, although he's surprisingly excited about being 'uncle Kakashi'. To be honest I think he'll probably be seen more as a grandpa, so we're looking forward to teasing him about that.

I got married last month.

We left a seat for you at the ceremony.

I wanted our team to be together one last time.

You probably think that's stupid but it felt good to think you were there with us. Kakashi gave me away, because as you know my father died a few years back, I think there was a bit of a fight over who would get to do it, but he's always been a bit of a father figure to all of us I think.

It was a beautiful ceremony, I'm pretty sure all of Suna was there, and most of Konoha as well come to think of it. In truth neither of us had cared much for the idea of a big event, but it was an inter-village marriage involving the Kazekage so I suppose we couldn't have just eloped. But the whole thing worked out so wonderfully, and the best part was I didn't even have to organise it!

Oh and I was made Konoha's official ambassador in Suna, I get my own office and everything, how cool am I? I still work at their hospital as well; Gaara said I needed to earn my keep somehow. Did you know he could joke? Three years ago I might have been baffled by the idea of him making a joke, but now I don't understand why people are so shocked by the idea.

Anyway, I should probably get going, Gaara's waiting for me.

I miss you, and I'll love you always Sasuke, my friend.

Sakura touched to stone gently before getting to her feet and turning away.

Gaara was standing twenty feet away with his back to her, head inclined toward the sky.

She smiled at the back of his head. She could almost see the expression; he was impatient to get back to Suna after being away for so long, that would be in the slightly harder line of his lips. He also knew that this was something Sakura had to do, so the stoic tolerance would be somewhere in the way his frown didn't really reach his eyes.

She bounded up to him and grabbed his hand with her cooler one, leaning her cheek on his left shoulder for a second.

"All done, let's go home." He looked down at her and his lips twitched as he nodded.

Everyone had been horrified by the news that Gaara had never told her he loved her. There had even been a bet that he would say it at the ceremony; Naruto had won big time thanks to Sakura advising him to bet against it. He'd be eating free ramen for years to come.

She knew he loved her. It was in that little twitch in his lips whenever he looked at her, and the way he squeezed her hand just a little bit. In the way he kissed her gently and stroked her jaw before he tugged her hand gently to get her moving.

Maybe he'd say it eventually, on some sleepy morning sometime in the future.

For now he didn't need to.

They raced away from Konoha, making a beeline for Suna, their oasis, their peace.



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