X-Men: Jedi Rising

A Star Wars/Wolverine and the X-Men Crossover Fanfiction

Written by: FossilQueen1984

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or Wolverine and the X-Men. They belong to Stan Lee and George Lucas. If I did, the two kids from the opening credits would get there own back story, and Erica and her family would get more action. On with the story!

Suggested soundtrack: The Legend of Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke

Chapter 1: From Tatooine to Earth

Screaming through hyperspace, the Millennium Falcon screamed through hyperspace towards Tatooine as a massive radiation hurricane tore at the battered freighter. Chewbacca and C-3PO valiantly tried to keep it upright as Leia Organa Solo and two of her children, five year old Jaina and four and half year old Anakin huddled in the escape pod, clutching a backpack full of lightsabers and other artifacts.

The reason they were en route to the desert planet was because Leia's husband, Han Solo and Jaina's twin brother, Jacen, had been kidnapped by Boba Fett and being help somewhere in Mos Eisly. Before leaving Coruscant, Luke and Mara had insisted on babysitting the kids, but Leia declined. "Should have taken up the offer," Leia thought grimly.

From the cockpit, she could hear Chewie and 3PO arguing. "I will not switch off, Chewbacca! Poor Mistress Jaina and Master Anakin - " "WRRROAAAR…" Meanwhile, Jaina and Anakin cuddled closer to Leia and began to ask for a story.

"Can we hear a story Mama?"

"Yeah please? How about when Uncle Luke Master Yoda? That one's funny!"

"We've heard that one a billion times, Kinkin. How about the Clone Wars? I like learning about that."

"No! Master Yoda!"

"Anakin, you're such a poodoo head!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Hey, you said Artoo!"

"Mommy! Make Jaya stop bossing me around!"

Hearing her children banter about a story, even now as the intense storm outside tore a hole in the space-time fabric, Leia couldn't but laugh. "I have a better idea," she said softly, and she began to sing them a song from when she had been their age. It went something like this-

Two little Jedi

In their brown and white robes

Running in green fields

Laughing as they go.

Two little Jedi

With their blonde and brown hair

Running in a city

Lost and alone.

Two little Jedi

Frightened and sleepy

Flee a burning city

For their Master's

No longer there.

Two little Jedi

Must always keep running

Dark men are coming

With their giant metal soldiers

Snapping up friends and those

Who might help them.

Two little Jedi

Brother and Sister

Must face the Darkness

To save their new home.

The lullaby had a dark fairy tale ring to it, and Luke had said more than once it might be some sort of Jedi Prophecy, but Leia wrote it off. Just then, a loud clang was heard as the wormhole swallowed the escape pod, and all three were lulled to sleep.