Steve tore the metal as if it was mere foil, his red eyes glaring into the lift straight at Claire; she was right in the corner brown eyes wide and scared, like a hopeless animal. Steve grunted a half laugh as he pulled himself up and into the lift with her.

She didn't want to move or do anything; her heart was frantic, pumping hard as if it was about to explode out of her chest. She opened her mouth to speak, but she couldn't the words wouldn't come out. He looked frightful and so close to her, there was no way out.

No way!

Steve smiled, "You ok Claire?" he rushed forward almost shoving her back into the wall, "You look pale..." his hands slammed in-between her head missing her by inches, he did it on purpose. He wanted to prolong her agony, her torment. His claws dug into the wall, his body so close to hers, she looked from his face staring at his blood stained clothes. She didn't want to see into his eyes, she didn't want to see that Steve was gone and replaced by something else.

"Look at me," he ordered.

Claire stayed silent, eyes still glaring into the material, something to stare at while he was there.

"LOOK AT ME!" he roared, she almost jumped tears now falling down her cheeks. She glanced up into the red eyes, black silts as pupils staring back at her, "That's better," he whispered his mouth turning into a satisfied smile, "That's my Claire."

He pulled his right hand out of the wall, black claws tearing the metal as it was released. Claire didn't dare move or lose contact with his eyes, he didn't seem to like that and she didn't want to make him angrier than he already was. He moved the tip of one claw to her face, pushing strands of her damp hair from her eyes and very gently tracing the tip of his claw down her cheek. He deliberately pushed the sharp tip in slightly causing a small cut into her skin, the blood filled up and poured down her cheek. She gasped as the pain came in stinging sensations. He smirked, "Your so beautiful Claire," he said moving his body more and more closer to hers, "You smell.." he slightly closed his eyes sniffing the air around her hair, moving closer to her lips taking in the warm air around her mouth, "...divine," he simply said.

He opened his eyes fully again and glazed into her face, she didn't know what was going on in his mind. She prayed for a miracle something deep within his mind for her Steve to resurface, to help her.

She needed help! She needed Steve!

"You know you drive me crazy?" there and then it almost appeared as if Steve was back again and that ghastly beast was gone, "You know I can't stop thinking about you. I would kill anyone for you. I would kill myself for you if you asked."

"Please," she murmured.

He smiled, interested in what she had to say, "What is it?"

Claire gulped gaining her voice back, "Please Steve," she whispered through tears, "Let me go..."

He laughed, gently placing a small kiss on her lips, "How could I?" he whispered over her lips, "I love you too much." He settled his head on her chest, eyes closed and for a moment it looked as if everything went back to how it should be. She raised a hand stroking back his slick hair feeling the warmth of his body through her, tears falling down her face like rain. She couldn't stop herself because she knew this peacefulness wouldn't stay forever, she wanted to enjoy whatever there was of that moment before reality came back.

'What are you waiting for?' Alicia stood close to Steve, her body pressed into his side, he opened his eyes to her, 'Do you see it in her eyes?' she said, her lips spreading into a wicked grin. She leaned close to his ear, soft lips lying close to his earlobe, 'She wants you to kill her Steve... she wants you to rip her into pieces,' she laughed, 'why are you denying her wish?'

Steve looked up to Claire, such a fragile woman, her love encasing him in a hot blanket. Something inside wanted that blanket to end, it wanted something else. It wanted her fear to come flooding back; he turned back to the ghostly girl and narrowed eyes, "I don't need you to tell me anything!"

'Then why don't you kill her?'

He frowned, confused with what she was saying, he stared back at Claire and something inside ached. He so badly wanted to drink from her, to taste her but something; another part of him was forcing it all back. He suddenly wrapped his claws round Claire's neck, gently as not to cut her and pushed her slightly into the wall.

Alicia stepped back walking to the other side of him, 'O I see,' she smirked, 'You still 'love' her...'

"NO!" he yelled, "I...I don't know...!"

Alicia's pleasant face turned, her childlike features seemed to twist into a demonic beast, 'That's what she wants you to think!' she spat, 'If she wasn't so weak, she would of killed you along time ago!' Her evil face didn't seem to change, with her anger the small lift seemed to increase in heat. Steve watched her, 'She doesn't care about you Steve! She never had! NEVER!' she moved to him ghostly hands wrapping round his waist, 'I'm the only one who cares, I'm the only one my son. I gave you life again...'

He looked at her, "I know... mother..."

'Then why won't you kill her! Show me that you love me and not her by killing her! End it!' her warmth, quickly as she came, vanished.

The lift came to a halt; the outer doors opened showing the entrance hall to the building

Though Claire was filled with fear some part of her mind was thinking, the wheel was turning. The doors to her left were screaming out freedom. She quickly glanced to the doors and back to Steve, he was confused or hesitant to follow out the voices that plagued his mind. Claire stopped and used what time she had to calm her body, to calm her mind and think.

"Don't listen to them," she tried saying calmly. "They are trying to hurt you."

He looked in her eyes.

"You know I would never hurt you Steve," she swallowed. "I've waited for you for so long. If I didn't love you why have I waited when everyone said you were dead?"

Tears formed into his eyes. "Claire," he grunted. "Claire…. Help me."

"Let me go and we can leave this place forever," she pleaded.

"Mother… she needs me."

"Steve, she isn't your mother. She died. Do you remember what Umbrella did to you? To your mother? Your father?"

"Father?" He remembered something. Bullets ripping into his father's flesh. His father had lost control. No! His father had changed. He had to kill his own father because of Umbrella.

The rage bubbled up, his grip loosening around Claire's throat. He gently took hold of her waist and held her within his arms. "I'm so sorry Claire," he whispered. He carried her out into the foyer placing her down on the floor. His beastly shape shrinking as the real Steve came back. He held out his hand, his face sombre. "Give me the counter virus Claire."

"What?" was all that came out.

"The counter virus Claire. Give it to me."

She fumbled in her pockets taking out the hypodermic needle and syringe.

"We can't fight her together Claire. She's too strong."

"What about you? This is your chance in becoming human again."

He smiled, though his eyes held the sadness of losing his one chance. "I know, but Claire if I don't do something to stop her then we can never escape this hell hole alive. Please try not to worry." His features lighten. He tilted his head to the side and gave her a reassuring smile, "I'll be fine and dandy. I won't die. Not again."

She grabbed his arm. "Is that a promise you'll keep?"

He knelt down gathering her into his arms. "It is, Claire." He let her go his eyes taking her in. "Never again will you grieve my death Claire. I promise you that." He slowly kissed her lips before picking his self up and turning back into the elevator.

He looked back at her still smiling. "Now head for safety Claire. I'll be back in a few."

She watched as the doors closed and with that Steve disappeared again.

She only hoped not from her life.


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