A/N: Hey people, here's the chapter you've been waiting for. Sorry for the long wait on Data actual getting the common cold. You know how some characters can get distracting…. (Troi). It has references to funny episodes with an underlying dramatic tone. Enjoy! All references are credit to the creators.

Chapter 4

The entire senior staff was seated in the observation lounge in their chairs, everyone in their normal spot. They were in the middle of a conversation.

"Please continue Geordi," stated Picard.

"Well like I said. The doctor and I agree that what is happening to him is similar to what happened when we could not get REM sleep."

"You mean like what happened to me?" Troi asked.

"Actually it's kind of like the opposite of what happened to him last time."

"That's beside the point", Worf growled, "We need to find a way to cure him."

"Um, Worf, that may be a clue to cure him."

"What if we make him say 3s over and over again?"

"Um, what exactly is that gonna do. I'll tell you…nothing!"

"I mean he's unconscious for goodness sake how is he supposed to say 3?"

"Settle down we will see what happens and reconvene at 0700 hours."

"Are you delusional we have to do something?"

"Wait, is someone in the back of the room?" Riker asked.

"Who's there?" Picard demanded

"You do not recognize me, moi capitain?" They turned around and noticed someone dressed in a Starfleet uniform sitting at the end of the table.