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Characters: Zelos & Regal

"You do know she believed you, Chosen?"

"Yeah, I know. So what?"

"When you do not arrive at this meeting you have set up, she will be hurt."

"It's no big deal. Everyone gets hurt. Besides, it's not like I declared undying love for her. She's just a girl."

"That does not give you the right to harm her."

"It's not like I did anything wrong. I flirted with her and agreed to meet her for a dinner I won't go to. So what?"

"Lying is wrong, Chosen."

"I didn't lie. I misled. And besides, I did her a favor. I made her smile."

"She will cry tomorrow."

"So the hell what? Everyone cries sometimes. Not my fault if she can't deal with rejection."


"What's with the look? You're acting like I'm a monster."

"I do not understand how you can break hearts so easily, as though it does not matter."

"I'm not breaking her heart. She'll forget about this by next week!"

"I was not speaking only of this girl. I was also speaking of Sheena."


"You are breaking her heart, you know."

"...Yeah. I know. But she'll forget about me, too."

"I do not believe so. I ask again: How can you break her heart so easily? She does not deserve it."

"I said I knew I was breaking her heart. I never said it was easy."

"Then why would you do it?"

"Trust me, man. She's better off without me."

"You would rather her break her heart than give her a chance?"

"No! I never said that! I mean... The easy path isn't always the right one. That's what they say, isn't it? Well, that's what I mean. It would be so easy to go to her and tell her how much I - how much I want to be with her. How much I freaking care about her. You have no idea. But it's not worth it. It would be worse in the end."

"For her? Or for you?"

"For her, Regal. I wouldn't care if I'd end up getting hurt. But this is about her."


"Yeah. For real. It's always been about her. Always."