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Azusa Nakano is not a normal girl...

She has something no other girl has...

And she's kept it hidden very well...

Azusa Nakano has a penis.

And the only one who knows is her girlfriend...Yui.

It all started right after The Light Music Club had its very first training camp with Azusa. It was a warm May evening as The Light Music Club had just finished practicing for the summer concert.

"Oi! Hurry Up you guys!" Yelled Ritsu

"Hai!" They all yelled back

Mio had just finished putting away her bass, Mugi put the last dish in the cupboard, and Yui zipped up her case for Gita as they all grabbed their school bag. As they were all leaving the room Mio noticed that Azusa wasn't following behind. As she turned she said:

"Azusa-chan aren't you going home?"

Azusa flinched as she looked up into Mio's concerned eyes.

She stuttered as she said, " W-Well I was just going To S-Stay A Little Longer A-And Practice..More"

Everyone looked at each other with worry in their eyes as Ritsu said:

"Okay Azusa make sure you lock the door when you leave"

"Good-bye Azusa-chan" said Mio

"Take Care Azusa" said Mugi

"Good-Bye Azu~nyan!" yelled Yui as she waved good-bye

Azusa blushed a deep red as she looked away and muttered a low "good-bye"

When everyone left the room she sighed as she walked over to the window and waited for everyone to leave the building as she thought:

"Oh Yui if only you knew how much I love you..."

She sighed again as she walked over to the door and made sure no-one was passing by as she walked back into the room closing the door behind her. When she got to the nearest chair she sat down and instead of unzipping her guitar case she unzipped her skirt as she pulled down her panties. She grabbed a hold of her member and stroked it slowly as she moaned:


Her strokes got faster as her breathing got heavier. She bucked her hips and bit her lip as she got more aroused. Yui's childish smiled popped up in her head as she pumped her hand faster and right when she was about to cum she yelled, "Yui-Sempai!" as she shot her hot sticky cum onto the hard wooden floor. As she opened her aurburn eyes, she saw a pair of brown eyes looking back. Azusa jumped up and struggled to put her panties back on in fear that someone saw her "actions". Her face turned a light shade of red as her eyes widened at who was looking back.

"Ahhh Azu~nyan has a boy part!" Yui said as she walked over to Azusa and sat on the floor.

"P-Please Don't Tell Anyone Yui-Sempai!" Azusa said with tears in her eyes.

"It's okay Azu~nyan your secrets safe with me" Yui said as she began pulling Azusa's panties down again.

Azusa grabbed Yiu by the wrists as she asked, "W-W-What are you doing!"

"Well Azu~nyan's boy part is standing so I decided to help her out"

Azusa blushed as she looked down and noticed her member standing out. She moaned as Yui grasped her penis and rubbed it slowly.

"Azu~nyan's so big!" Yui said as Azusa sat down in the chair behind her.

Yui put her bag down and smiled at Azusa as she put the tip of her member into her mouth. Azusa gasped as she gripped the arms of the chair tightly. Yui lowered her head as she engulfed her whole member in her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down Azusa took a hold of the back of Yui's head as she moaned Yui's name over and over again. Yui could feel that Azusa was about to hit her limit as she smiled inwardly. Azusa twirled her fingers in Yui's hair as she tightly gripped her head and gritted her teeth as she climaxed in Yui's mouth.

"YUI-SEMPAI!" She yelled.

Azusa fell limp in the chair as Yui struggled to swallow Azusa's load. Azusa got hard again as she saw her cum spill out of Yui's mouth and onto her hands. As Yui swallowed the last bit, she noticed Azusa's erect memeber. Azusa looked away blushing.

"Not enough?" she said as she smiled and took a hold of her member again. Azusa nodded,her face a bright red, as Yui spread open her legs and stuck her finger in Azusa's moist vagina. Azusa moaned her heart beating as fast as it could as Yui pumped in and out of her slowly. She also jacked off Azusa's memeber at the same time. Azusa was getting wetter and wetter by the minute as Yui leaned down and licked Azusa's clit. Azusa moaned louder as Yui began sucking on it. She then took out her finger and replaced it with the tip of her tongue. She stroked Azusa's member faster and faster as Azusa's walls clenched around Yui's tongue as she came. Yui licked her clean as she looked at Azusa's tired face and smiled.

"All better?" She asked.

Azusa opened her eyes and stared at Yui's childish smile. She couldn't help it as her memeber got erect again. Yui looked at Azusa shocked as she thought for a second, then smiled. She stood up as she un-zipped her skirt and slowly pulled it down, her underwear coming off after. She then wrapped her arms around Azusa's neck and sat on her lap. Her dripping vagina hovering over Azusa's erect member.

"Since everything I do is not working there's nothing left to do but this"

Azusa's eyes widened as she looked at Yui with worry in her eyes.

"Yui-sempai I can't take your chasity..."

"If it's to help my Azu~nyan then I don't care"

Azusa looked at Yui as Yui smiled and lowered herself onto Azusa's member. Her grip on Azusa's neck tightened as her member was half-way in. She let out her ragged breath as she closed her eyes tightly and dropped her self until her whole member was in Yui. Blood ran down Yui's leg and fell on Azusa's thigh the same way tears fell down Yui's face.

Are you okay, Yui-sempai?" Azusa asked, worried.

Yui struggled to open her eyes as she forced a smile. Her body shook in pain as she stuttered

"I-I-I'm F-Fine"

Azusa stood still as Yui began crying in pain. Yui buried her face in the crook of Azusa's neck as she cried. Azusa wrapped her arms around Yui's waist and caressed Yui's head as she tried to subside her pain. When it finally did, Yui smiled at Azusa. Azusa smiled back.

"Ready?" She asked


Azusa slowly thrusted in and out of Yui. Yui bit her lip and as she lowered her head and whispered in Azusa's ear.


Azusa blushed and obeyed as she thrusted faster. With each thrust she went deeper and pounded harder. Yui placed her lips on Azusa's neck as she sucked on her soft skin. Azusa moaned as she pounded as fast as she could. Yui threw her head back as she moaned in pleasure. Azusa removed her hands from Yui's waist and began un-buttoning her jacket then her shirt. She stuck her hand in Yui's bra as she lifted it up and grabbed both of Yui's soft mounds. She squeezed Yui's erect nipples and put one of them in her mouth as she sucked on it hard. Yui's eye brows scrunched up as she leaned forward and bit the tip of Azusa's ear. Azusa moaned and bit down on Yui's nipple as Yui moaned in Azusa's ear. Screams of pleasure filled the room. Azusa and Yui's thrusts were in sync as Azusa was reaching her limit.

"Y-Yui I-Imma bout to...t-to"

Yui whispered in her ear:

"Please...Shoot Your Hot S-Sticky Cum Into M-My Womb"

Azusa blushed as she gave one final thrust and shot her load into Yui's womb. Yui's walls clenched around Azusa's member as she came. They both screamed each other's name.



Yui fell limp in Azusa's arms as Azusa thought:

"What did I just do?"

30 Minutes Later.

Azusa straightened her skirt and Yui buttoned up her jacket. Their eyes caught each other's as they both blushed and looked away.

"Ummm...Yui I Just Wanted To Tell You That I-I Lov-"

Azusa gasped as she felt Yui's soft lips on hers. Azusa couldn't believe this was happening. Well, she couldn't believe alot of stuff was happening today. Yui pulled away a little as she licked Azusa's bottom lip, begging for entrance. Azusa heart began to beat faster as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She felt as Yui's tongue wrapped around hers and their lips re-connect. Their tongues danced in each other's mouth as Yui stuck her tongue back in her mouth and pulled away slowly. Her eyes opened half way as Azusa looked back at her, her cheeks a light red. Only one trail of saliva kept their mouths attached. Azusa blushed as she licked the saliva away.

"Yui I-I...Love..You"

Azusa flinched, fearing that Yui would say-

"I Love You Too, Azusa"

Azusa looked up at Yui, who had love in her eyes, and smiled. Azusa walked up to Yui and inter-twined their fingers together.

"By the way why did you come back to the club room?" Azusa asked

"Oh I forgot Gita here" Yui smiled as she rubbed the back of her neck.

She then stuck her hand in Azusa's pocket and took out her phone, she typed something in and saved it. She showed it to Azusa who looked at it and asked:

"Is this your number?"

"Yup! Anytime You Wanna Have A Little Fun with Your "Friend" Call Me And I'll Be Sure To Come And Help You"

Azusa blushed as Yui took her bag and began walking away.

"Uhhhhh Yui..."

Yui turned around to see Azusa's erect member sticking out her skirt. Yui smiled as she put her bag down and walked over to Azusa. She stuck her hand in Azusa's underwear as she grabbed her member and said:

"I Love You Azusa"

"I Love You Too, Yui"

Azusa tilted her head as Yui stuck her tongue in her mouth and they kissed once again.

"This is gonna be a looong day" Azusa thought.

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