A/N: A sad little Klaine fic because right now I feel sad.


Somehow, they've fallen apart. Kurt's not really sure how it happened.

Looking back, yes there had been fights, some bigger than others. Some over nothing at all like shirts left on the floor and Blaine not remembering to bring a CD with him that Kurt had wanted. There were lots of those. And some that were just flirting in disguise. But mixed in there had been ex-boyfriends that seemed a little close and insensitive comments and stress and loneliness and feeling ignored and the distance. God the distance had been bad. And yes he'd over reacted sometimes but so had Blaine.

In between the bad there had been so much good that at the time the bad hadn't seemed important. Blaine driving three hours just to spend an hour curled around Kurt then driving back again. The long phone calls before they fell asleep. The weekends filled with hand holding and ice cream in the park and kisses and films and being domestic and love notes left in his pillow and plans for the future. Plans like their wedding and their house and their children and the dog (I'm allergic to cats, Blaine!) and a million happy moments that they would have. And there had been singing, lots of singing. Blaine serenading him over a picnic in Central Park and impromptu shower duets and bad quality love songs over the phone and songs that made him cry when he heard them and thought of Blaine so far away.

But it seemed the good hadn't been enough to cover the bad for Blaine.

This isn't working. I feel like I'm unhappy all the time now. I met someone. He makes me smile the way you used to. I'm sorry. You deserve more than what we've become.

The feeling of elation in the pit of his stomach at the sight of a text from Blaine had so quickly turned heavy and painful and he's sure he threw up. He's sure that other people would call Blaine, beg him to reconsider, cry and beg and plead and a million other things but he's not like that. Hummel's have pride.

If that's what you want. I'm sorry we made you unhappy.

Soon Kurt will feel angry and betrayed and sad but for now all he can do is stare at the words on the screen and wish that he hadn't just lost his lover and his best friend all in one go.


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