Bella's point of view

"Brothers," Aro said somberly. "there is much to consider here."

"Let us counsel," Caius said eagerly.

Aro turned his back to us, facing the other ancients. They joined hands to form a black-shrouded triangle.

As soon as Aro's attention was engaged in the silent counsel, two more of their witnesses.

This was it. Carefully, I loosened Renesmee's arms from around my neck, and looked at her with a sad smile. "I love you." I whispered to her, and my dead heart broke at the sight of her tear stained face.

"I love you to momma." She sniffed, looking at me with fear, and obvious fear filling her chocolate brown eyes.

Renesmee reached for Edward, and he took her in his arms, understanding what was going on. They hugged each other tightly, sharing their goodbyes.

I watched feeling tortured as Edward put our Nessie onto Jacob's shoulder. She scrambled onto his back, pulling herself into place with her tiny fist filled with his fur.

"As soon as they are totally distracted, then run with her far away from here." I said to Jacob seriously, looking him deeply in the eyes, hoping he would understand.

Horror etched his features as he stared at me, a low growl of sadness sounding from him lowly.

"I trust you Jacob, keep Renesmee safe." Edward said with a tight look to him, but he was being completely genuine.

Jacob let out an agonized growl in defeat as he took in Edward's words, and Edward seemed to cringe at whatever Jacob was thinking. But with a look to Aro and the rest of them he slowly backed up, and then fled into the woods.

As soon as Nessie was out of sight, I felt two things, one intense sadness, loss, and fear, but on the other hand now that I knew she was going to be safe with Jake I was relieved.

I sighed as I turned back towards Aro preparing for the fight that I knew was about to break out. A tense minute passed before finally Aro, and the others turned to us with black expressions.

"I'm so sorry my dear friends, but with a possibility of this child becoming a threat against our kind we can't allow it to exist. And all who shall defend is going against us, and will be punished with immediate death." Aro said with a fake disappointed look to each of us.

Now I got into a crouch, furious at how Aro spoke of my daughter as if she was some kind of threat, and was referred to as 'it'. I bit my lip in eagerness for their demise, and quickly stretched my shield out farther, protecting everyone.

"And I'm sorry Aro, sorry it had to come to this, but we won't back down." Carlisle said standing tall, and serious. This seemed to annoy many of the guard, and several hisses echoed from their side.

That's when suddenly I felt something fluttering against my shield, but it didn't cause any damage.

I watched in shock as Chelsea, Jane, and Alec ran forward, at that everyone around me ran forward in reply to their attack, only a few stayed behind. As they all moved I moved so I could continue to shield everyone, and all of them that are behind us.

I felt a fluttering pressure in Carlisle's direction now, and in many others, pointed mainly to the most powerful of our groups, but I held up the shield with no trouble.

It looked like we had more of the strength then the guard, or the witnesses for I already watched as many of them were ripped to shreds on the ground already.

Edward suddenly gasped, and looked around anxiously at everyone, but then so much confusion covered his face that I would have laughed if it wasn't for the situation.

"Is everyone okay?" He asked confused, and everyone nearby nodded with slight curiousness.

Edward's eyes locked on mine now, looking almost in awe.

"Are you doing this?" He asked seeming amazed, but I kept my eyes at the vampires still running towards us.

I could feel that everyone on our side was fully protected, but I couldn't help but watch nervously as Edward got into the fight.

When Emmett and Felix smashed together it sounded like thunder as they began to tackle each other, and throw powerful punches right in left. The winner here would obviously be the strongest, they both looked equal when it came to their physical strength, but Emmett seemed to be more skilled at fighting.

Alice and Jasper was working together, almost looking strangely beautiful as they took down Jane, and Chelsea, who was standing looking confused that no one was affected by their mental attack. They didn't even see it coming as they attacked.

There was intense battles all around me, and I seemed to be in the center of it all, but no one came my way yet. So I scoped around to make sure Edward was still okay. At the moment he was fighting Alec, it looked as though he was struggling a little; I knew Edward could take him, but as I noticed a female vampire stalking towards Edward, with an evil smile I carefully made my way over as well.

She was watching them both as they fought, probably looking for a way to jump in and surprise Edward, but I quickly was there, and tackled her to the ground with a growl. We snarled at each other, and began clawing at each other. My fist connected with her face over and over again, until I was beginning to slow her down.

I smashed her head to the ground as I got a hold of her head, and with a smirk I twisted until I heard the snap of her head popping off. I didn't know why, but knowing that I had been the cause of this vampire's death didn't bother me, it actually felt natural.

I cringed as I got a hold of myself, that had been the first vampire I have ever killed, and all on my own, I didn't even know what her name was.

Benjamin appeared then, and began to burn the pieces of the vampire I had just killed.

"Nicely done Bella." He complemented, but kept most of this attention around him at the small grounds fighting.

"I guess, do you know who that was?" I wondered, biting my lip a little as I watched the remains of her burn.

"Yeah, that was Renata, well got to get going." Benjamin said as he saw Tia wrestling with two vampires, seeming stressed, and obviously needing help.

I nodded, and turned back to Edward who just ended the fight with Alec and was making his way over to me.

"Are you okay?" He asked looking me over quickly, but at the same time looking around tensely for another fight.

"I'm fine, are you?" I asked, making sure that he was okay.

He gave me an eye roll. "Please Bella; the last thing you should worry about is me." Edward said with a slight frown.

A loud growl sounded and I looked anxiously around, but was relieved that it was just the wolves. They all had went together to take down all of the ancient wives in the very end of the Volturi side of the field.

We were so lucky to have them on our side, individually they might not be as strong, but together the wolves really were a big threat.

Edward and I's little talk was now cut short as Santiago came racing forward to us. Edward led him away from me quickly, and they began throwing punches.

I quickly check my shield, making sure Edward was safe. I wasn't sure if Santiago had a power of not, he seemed to appear pretty powerful, so I anxiously put more energy into my shield making it thicker. I was so concentrated on my shield that I was shocked when I was tackled to the ground.

I gasped at the sight pain in my back, and look up to see the back, and looked up to see the beautiful Heidi, her blazing red eyes watching me.

She hissed down at me, her eyes flashing with hatred. I quickly wrapped my hands around her throat, and rolled so I was pinning her down.

My fists went over and over against her face as she clawed at mine.

"You worthless little witch." She snapped at me as I gave her an intense punch square it the eye. Now I saw red, and blood-lust rushed through me, making my body begin to move on instinct.

My hands now grabbed handfuls of her perfect hair, and slowly I began to twist so she felt every second of the pain as her head was twisted completely around before be ripped off her body.

I threw her head to the ground still in anger, and stood up, ready for more, and feeling my anger bubbling even more, but I almost groaned as two more vampires came charging in my direction with fury on their faces.

I sighed in relief when Emmett flew into one of them with a growl, looking as if he had already killed him as they landed on the ground. And Edward quickly got in front of me, and attacked the other vampire.

As much as I was grateful that they both had stepped in, I actually wanted to fight, I didn't get much of the action, and I wanted to prove to everyone that I could hold my own.

I watched as Edward and that other vampire was still going at it, and it seemed not many vampires were left on the Volturi side so I cautiously looked around to see our damage.

Tanya, and Kate together was taking down Caius, still probably holding hostility towards him from killing Irina. While Kachiri, Senna, and Zafrina fought Demetri, and Marcus.

Everything was happening around me so fast, everyone was fighting, not one person was just standing there, and even the wolves were helping out to anyone that seemed like they needed some help.

A touch from behind me made me jump in panic, but I relaxed as Edward's calm golden eyes locked on mine.

"It's alright Bella, it's almost over." He said seriously.

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