Bella's pov

When we made it to the Cullen's everyone was running around, packing up things, we would be leaving Forks for an extremely long time; I still wasn't sure when we would be coming back.

It hurt now more than ever to think if me leaving this place, it held all of my most important memories, were I fell in love, were I found friends, family, a place that I actually fit in, were I got married, and were I delivered my baby, and now I was leaving.

I knew Edward was having a hard time to, after everything was packed up in the cars, and Nessie was playing with Jimmy in the back of the Volvo, both of them strapped in and ready to go, Edward and I quickly to a run to our meadow one more time.

We sat down right in the middle, and I looked down sadly at the snow covered ground blocking the sight of the beautiful flowers that I had loved when we came here.

And slowly took my hand in his looking at me with smoldering golden eyes.

"Are you going to be ok love?" He asked looking slightly concerned as he watched me.

I nodded a little at him, not able to look up to meet his gaze.

But I suddenly felt his gently finger at the bottom of my chin, making me look at him, and I reluctantly let him.

"Bella," He said let my name fall off his tongue with a frustrated look. "What are you thinking?"

That's when I remembered about what Zafrina and I had been practicing, and I put my hands on Edward's head, making him stop, and watch me with curiousness.

I began to concentrate extremely hard, and began to think of ever minute that I could remember from my human years with Edward.

I heard Edward gasp a little, looking amazed, and when I felt him beginning to pull me into his lap, and crush his lips to mine with a passion that had me losing my focus, and I felt the rubber band stretching back in its place protecting my thoughts.

Edward growled into my mouth at that, biting my lip a little, but continued to kiss me with burning passion.

"I heard you…" He said as he pulled away a little, as he stroked my face with tenderness. "It was the most incredible experience I've ever gone through, how did you do that?"

I shrugged a little, pleased that he had liked it.

"I worked on it with Zafrina, it took a while to do, and I need to concentrate a lot though." I said with a proud smile.

Edward chuckled, as he played with a string of my hair, looking as if he was thinking about something.

"I know you are going to miss this all Bella, and I will to, god you have no idea how much I'm going to miss forks, this was a brand new life for me as well, but just think about the whole rest of forever we will be having together, we will make even more memories together." Edward said when he finally let me go, and I just sat comfortably in his arms.

This made me feel a little better, and I stood up pulling him up with me as I got an idea.

"I have an idea." I said, and began to pull him to one of the beautiful tall looking trees on the edge of the meadow.

I picked a nice big tree, that seemed to have tons of twists and turns there farther it went up, and I laid my hand on the trunk, and began to use my fingers to carve Edward and my name.

Edward Cullen + Bella Swan forever.

"There, now what had happened in this meadow will be here forever, and when we come back it will still be there." I said with a big smile as I turned back to Edward.

He wrapped his arms around me, kissing me again, and smiling as he looked at the tree, and sighed contently.

"That was a good idea." He said, and smiled.

"What kind of tree is this?" I wondered, as I gazed at our names.

"It's an apple tree." (Like on the cover of Twilight with the apple in the hands) Edward said watching me closely with an adorable smile on his face. My dead heart fluttered at that sight of it, and I felt myself floating on cloud 9 just like I had those years ago.

I nodded, and twisted our fingers together, and let the memories of the past swirl around me, filling me with happiness, and sorrow that had me a little emotional.

Edward noticed, and just held me for a while, until we finally had to turn our backs to the tree, and walk away from where my life had taken bloom.

We ran back to the car hand in hand, and to tell you the truth I was still a little sad about leaving, but of course Edward knew that, and shared the feeling with me, but we made sure to hid it well as we slipped into the Volvo.

"Are you two ready?" I asked smiling back at them, and they responded with excited smiles on their faces.

Of course they were upset about leaving, there hadn't been here for even a year, nothing has happened to them to make them reluctant to leave, there were only kids still.

I nodded, and Edward took my hand in mine before we began to speed out of the drive way, and out to the road. All the other Cullen's right behind us.

I had already went to visit Charlie, I never saw Charlie look so sad, but he didn't seem to last too long when a pretty little woman came knocking on the door.

It turned out that while Charlie had stopped in to buy a coffee he had met a nice woman named Amber. She had nice long blonde hair, and brown eyes close to mine, and when Edward and I had been there with Nessie, she looked at us with no envy on her face, not even lust over Edward.

She would be perfect for Charlie, they already were dating, so I was extremely happy for him, he had found new love, and now he wouldn't be lonely, and he wouldn't miss me too much.

I looked down to my hand in Edward, and just watched him, trying to make myself stop my sour mood for leaving, and thing about making new memories.

It helped a lot when I heard Nessie's low giggling in the backseat; it reminded me that there were so many great years I will be having with Nessie, and Edward as a family. We will be able to experience it all now.

My outlook brightened a little at that, and I was able to smile.

New life there I come.