Final Fantasy VII - New World Crisis

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Final Fantasy VII characters or any Final Fantasy VII rights. That would be Square. This story is purely fictional and based off of a dream I had. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Old World End

Fire. That was all. The scorching heat, the smell of smoke thick in the air, the sweat as it rolled down their faces. Two swordsmen continued to spar as the flames got higher. One with blond spiky hair, the other long and silver. Both in black clothes, the blond having a slightly open zip up sleeveless shirt and long black pants, on his left side hung a half apron and a shoulder guard on his left shoulder. The silver haired man simply wore a long black trench coat and black pants with long black buckled up boots. Each fighting for a different reason, each wielding a sword of their choice. In the blonde's hands was a giant sword that looked to be made of many other smaller swords. The other had an extremely long katana. As the fight came to a pause the man with the silver hair spoke. "It's over Cloud. The planet is dyeing and your friends have abandoned you. There is no hope, even if you defeat me I will just reappear on the new world I have chosen."

"What makes you think you get to choose the next planet, Sephiroth?" Cloud stated. Sephiroth only chuckled and lowered his eyes as he spread his one and only black angel wing. "I will guide the life stream to a new world where I will be reborn to rule as I should." Cloud, intrigued by Sephiroth's words asked, "And where is that?" Sephiroth opened his green glowing eyes and a look of craze and insanity was seen behind them. "Earth." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I won't let you." Cloud said his blue mako eyes glowing with fury, and charged at the mad man. Sephiroth simply flew away and engulfed himself in the surrounding fire, laughing. Cloud looked down as if depressed and said mostly to himself, "I wasn't abandoned, I just…" Then from the other side of the fires he heard a panicking female voice call his name. "CLOUD, CLOUD WHERE ARE YOU?" He recognized the voice immediately. "Tiffa" he gasped. Then he heard it. Another girl's voice. One he knew very well. One that sounded both kind and wise. "Don't worry. Everything will be alright." Almost immediately he relaxed, as if to agree with her. "Every one's waiting for you, Cloud. Go find her." The voice stated. Cloud just nods and starts to walk.

Tiffa was a woman who was greatly endowed, blessed with great beauty and long flowing black hair. Being fit not just slim she also was versed in martial arts, which she displayed on various fire creatures. Alongside her was a much younger girl, shorter in stature that many would consider not as pretty, she was also petit. However she was incredibly fast as she fought using ninjitsu and a giant 4-point shuriken. Both were breathing heavily as they stood back to back. The younger girl spoke first. "Tiffa, I don't know if we can hold out much longer." Tiffa was troubled; she knew her friend was right. "Well Yuffie, It was nice knowing you." Yuffie tuned slightly to say, "Hey, don't say it like that. You're supposed to encourage us." Just as she said that, a large fiery Minotaur emerged in front of her. "I'm sorry Yuffie. I've got almost nothing left." Tiffa stated not seeing the hulking beast behind her. Yuffie gulped and readied herself to take the blow from the creature. As it raised its fist into the air it had a look of blood-lust on its face. Just before it could strike, Yuffie closed her eyes and thought she heard a sliding metal sound. When the blow never came, she peeked out of her right eye only to see it fall in half. Slightly confused she opened both eyes fully only to see Cloud standing there with his sword out in front of him.

"CLOUD" she screamed in pure joy. As Tiffa turned to see him, Yuffie ran up to him, grabbed him around the neck and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek. She made it wet and loud on purpose just to see him squirm. As he remained silent, he looked toward Tiffa only to see her laughing silently at his expense. Shaking off his embarrassment, Cloud finally spoke up. "You guys are still here?" Tiffa was the first to respond, "You didn't think we would abandon you, did you?" "You're our friend!" Yuffie finished than added, "Come on Cid and the others are waiting for us at the Sherra 2." Cloud only nodded to her then looked ahead in the direction they needed to go. All he could see was fire as high as a mountain. Tiffa also saw what he saw and asked, "How do we get over there Cloud?" He gently pushed Yuffie aside and while drawing his sword, walked up to the flames with a determination unseen by others, and said, "The old fashion way." At that his body and sword were enveloped in a blue flame as he pushed past all of his limits. The mako fire traveled and focused into his sword and Cloud than swung his sword out to the right with both arms spread wide open, bringing his sword and arm around to point to the left then swinging his arm back to the right and pointing the swords tip toward the ground, and finally pointing the sword strait up into the sky while focusing the power into the tip of the blade. Carefully bringing the sword to curve behind his back, and putting all his strength into this move, he swung his sword around as if he were swinging a baseball bat. The resulting energy release created a tornado that was so powerful the flames parted and revealed a path almost instantly. "Let's mosey." said the swordsman.

"Dang, Where are they?" a large dark skinned man sighed. He was quite tall and muscular, with a broad face sporting a goatee and a mechanical lower right arm. His mesh shirt and tan vest did little to hide his muscles. By his side was a little 10 year old girl who had brown hair up in a braided tail. "Don't worry dad. They'll be here with Cloud." she said having total confidence. "Thanks Marline." said the large man with a smile. "Cloud must have defeated Sephiroth. He always does. Right Densel?" said Marline looking to a boy with spiky brown hair no more than two years older than her. He gave a smile and a big nod to her. A red wolf-like creature with a small humanoid cat sitting on its back walked up from behind the boy. "You kids are very inspiring. Right Red XIII?" said the cat to the wolf. "They truly are Cait Sith." He said. "Stop woryin' Barret. They're probably almost here. Cause damnit if they aint I'm takin' off without them." said the blond man at the helm. "Cid! No swearing in front of the children." said the brown haired woman sporting a lab coat and glasses standing next to him. "Well Shera, they're gonna learn it somewhere." Almost out of nowhere a man in a red cape and black leather suite appeared. His right arm was armored in a brass arm guard and hiss feet had pointed brass shoes attached to them. His skin was a pale white and his long uncombed hair was a raven black color. "They're on their way." He said with a gruff voice. "How the hell do you know, Vincent?" Cid shot off. His question was answered when Cloud entered through a side door followed by Tiffa then Yuffie. "Cause he met us at the door." Yuffie called. "Rotten #$% brat." Cid said under his breath. "What was that?" she asked in a huff. Shera gave him a look that would have scared Bahamut out of his scales. "Shera won't let me say." he retorted. "That's what I thought" Yuffie retorted. "Let's go, head north to the Forgotten City. We'll meet her there." Cloud interrupted. Tiffa was curious as to what Cloud was talking about, so she asked, "Her who?" "Aerith." was Cloud's only answer.

The Forgotten City was a place of mystery and beauty. With giant sea shell homes and coral ferns, the place looked as if it should have been under water. Everything spoke of wisdom even if it was run down and deserted. Cloud and the group gathered here at the entrance to the city. "Well where is she?" Yuffie asked impatiently. Ignoring her outburst, Tiffa looked around at the place. She had only been here a few times, one of which was the time she witnessed Sephiroth kill Aerith in cold blood. "She's at her grave isn't she Cloud?" Cloud's only answer was a silent nod and he started walking away toward the far east of the city. No more than 15 minutes into their travels, and the scenery started to change, the houses were completely destroyed and again fire was spreading, but only in small amounts this time. "What the hell?" Cid called out. Barrett decided to add his two cents in with, "What monster could do this kind of damage?" "It looks fairly recent." Vincent observed. Everyone was on full alert, ready to take on anything that might pop out and attack. When something did come out it was not what they expected. The monster was large, easily twice Barrett's height and colorful as if all 5 colors of materia had hovered above it than melted onto it all at once. It had a rough humanoid shape and moved almost like a zombie would. Its eyes were actually green orbs that might have resembled materia if it weren't for the red pupils that moved around wildly within them. It also looked to have no mouth. As it spotted the group of travelers its eyes focused and stopped moving to point right at them. "Whaoit'sabigugly THING!" Yuffie said as fast as she could. "Thanks kid that helps a lot." Berret retorted sarcastically. Suddenly the thing's mouth appeared, slowly, as if paint were being separated. Then a loud roar could be heard coming from the slit in its face. A roar powerful enough to put out the surrounding fires. "I got this." Cloud said. "Why do you get to kill it? I want to kill it!" Yuffie complained. "OK." Cloud simply exclaimed. "Hey wait I did mean…" Yuffie began to say. Tiffa interrupted her in a sing song voice saying, "It just might have you stolen materia." "OOH!" Yuffie huffed in anger. (a little known fact about Yuffie, she can be obsessed with materia) As Yuffie charged in head first the others joined in as backup. Cloud however stayed behind to protect the children. As his friends fought he could hear her again. That same voice that held kindness and wisdom. The voice of Aerith. "Come on Cloud, come and find me. Everyone is waiting to see you." Cloud began to look around and find the path, so much in fact that he missed the entire battle that his friends went through. "Nope no materia." he heard Yuffie say. "Sorry for getting your hopes up Yuffie." Tiffa responded. "That's ok. You'll just have to wait and see what prank I pull to get you back." The young ninja said with a wicked smile on her face. Cloud spoke up to end the spat before it turned into a fight, "Pranks will have to wait. Right now we go this way. We're almost there."

As they approached their destination they could see it, the giant hermit crab shell house with a hole in the ceiling you could fly the Highwind through. But the most prominent part was the small lake in front of it. It was here six years ago that Aerith was laid to rest, left to sleep silently forever at the bottom. Cloud remembered her clearly, that long brown hair braided down her back, that pink dress and maroon coat, her innocent baby like face. It was almost as if she were standing right in front of him. "Come on Cloud. Everyone wants to meet their older brother." She said. He reached out to take her hand.

Outside his friends watched as Cloud disappeared into a light of mako. "What's going on?" Yuffie called out. Suddenly Barret did the same thing while holding onto Marline. Both disappeared walking forward as if going somewhere. Vincent looked to Cait Sith and Red XIII then walked with them and disappeared in the same fashion. Yuffie watched as Cid, Shera and Densel walked forward and disappeared as well. "What's going on? What's happening to every one?" Yuffie called as she began panicking. "Come on Yuffie." Tiffa called out. Yuffie spun around and watched as Tiffa motioned for her to follow. "We're leaving now." Tiffa said as she reached to Yuffie with her right hand. Yuffie hesitated but eventually took the invitation and Tiffa's hand. Then she saw it, the light and the girl, her friend Aerith. The two walked toward her as she said, "Welcome home you two!"

On the surface of the planet the life stream erupts from the ground everywhere. First from under the old church completely destroying it, then a large sword with its tip buried in the ground was engulfed with the life stream, the buster sword as it was called was swept away with the mystical energy. Other places of interest were also destroyed in a similar manner. Than as if erupting from a volcano, their world exploded in a green flash, and the life stream traveled on a beeline course toward its new world, Earth.

To be continued…