Final Chapter – New World Crisis

"Excuse me, I'm here to see James Gaia." Robert said as he approached the front desk of the hospital. The receptionist was a young girl, with short rimmed glasses but beauty for a face. "And you are?" she asked. "Robert Gaia, his twin brother." He responded. The girl finally looked up to see what she thought was the patient. "Room 332, third floor." she said in a kind of shock. "Thank you." He said, as he walked past her. As soon as he was out of sight, she picked up the phone and dialed. "Yes, I think I just saw the monster you guys were advertising on TV." She said into the phone.

Robert reached the room his brother was assigned, as he entered, he noticed a very odd smell. It wasn't a smell of death, nor was it a smell of active bodies, it was a kind of musty scent, like the scent James would always come home with after a week long adrenaline search. Looking to the bed, he noticed it was empty, but messed up. Turning to look to the other side of the room, he hoped to see his brother, awake and moving like he was, only to find a man with long silver hair facing away from him, drinking a glass of water. Slamming the paper cup down Sephiroth finally spoke, "I've been waiting for you to visit me…" turning around, Sephiroth gazed at Robert with those green evil eyes, yet there was an excitement to way they shined, "Cloud." Robert's eyes went wide as he saw the madman, and before he could react, Sephiroth grabbed him by the collar and yanked him into the room, then quietly shut the door. "Draw your sword, I want this to be fun." He said in a demanding tone. Robert Mako Shifted, but instead of the new sword, he saw the Buster sword in his hands. Passing it off as force of habit, he was blindsided when Sephiroth knocked him through the wall of the building. The pain of hitting the brick wall so hard, shot through him like a lightning bolt. Opening his eyes in pain, Robert found himself sailing towards the sidewalk, three stories down. Quickly he righted himself and landed awkwardly on his feet. Looking up to see his adversary, he saw as Sephiroth flew ever so gracefully out the gaping hole in the wall, and floated down to the ground. Robert righted himself and placed the Buster sword in front of him. "What did you do with my brother Sephiroth?" Robert asked. "Let's just say he's having the time of his life." Robert roared loudly in hatred, and swung the massive sword high in the air to chop Sephiroth in half. Sephiroth swing the Masamune above his head and parried Robert's strike to the left. Robert brought his sword back to his right in an attempt to sever Sephiroth but the silver man just jumped over it. Spinning upside down, Sephiroth swung his sword with all his might in Robert's direction. Robert quickly brought the Buster sword in front of him and blocked, but Sephiroth's strike was enough to bring him off of his feet. Robert collided with the wall of the building behind him, hard. "You bastard." He said before leaping into the air, and bringing his sword over his head. Sephiroth used one hand and the Masamune to block the strike, placing a familiar smirk on his face. "This is going in the record books for most exciting battle fought." Sephiroth said. "Only if you survive this you son of a…" Robert said and was interrupted when Sephiroth said, "Come on don't you have any faith?" Something in Robert's memories was triggered and he remembered when he and his brother were near the summit of what was known as the most impossible mountain to ski or snowboard down.

The helicopter propellers were the most prominent noise the two could hear, until James yelled, "This is going in the record books as the most incredible run ever." "If we survive that is." Robert yelled back. "Come on don't you have any faith?" James retorted before jumping out of the flying machine and down to the snow below. Only seconds later, Robert followed.

Robert's eyes opened wide in realization, "James?" he asked. The second those words left his mouth, Sephiroth pushed him away and started to de-shift himself. His silver hair shrank to be no longer that the back of his head and darkened to the same color as Robert's hair. Sephiroth shrank only a little to match Robert's exact height and his chin rounded slightly to mirror Roberts face. When he opened his eyes, they were glowing blue, just like Robert's Mako eyes. As guessed, the figure beneath the swordsman's form was in fact Robert's twin brother James. Robert flew through the air and flipped so his feet were beneath him before landing safely on his feet. When he looked up, he saw his worst fears come to life. James laughed with Sephiroth's voice backing him up. "Took you long enough." they said at the same time, sounding like an eerie echo. "What have you done?" Robert roared, and charged in again, bringing his sword down as hard as he could. When the two swords met, the sparks looked like lights of the Mako, and faded when the blades separated. Coming back across his right, Robert swung the Buster sword in an attempt to finish him off, but again was blocked by the Masamune, and again the sparks of Mako shot out. Sephiroth pushed with strength unheard of and literally lifted Robert off of the ground. Spinning in a circle and carrying the guard with him, he threw Robert into the air and away from him. Jumping towards him, Sephiroth took flight and followed as Robert kept soaring through the air.

Tiffa drove the car as everyone traveled home, Vincent, Yuffie and Cid all piled in the back with Red Thirteen curled up and sleeping on Cid's lap. Barret sat up front with Cait Sith purring in his lap and rubbing his head against the large man's arm. As Tiffa watched the road, she saw a shadow pass by on the street. Looking up to find out what it was, she was shocked to see her friend Robert fly across the sky with what looked to be another man in a black leather trench coat follow after him. "Well, looks like the shop will have to open up later." she said and stepped on the gas to follow as fast as she could.

Robert opened his eyes to see his adversary and twin brother on a collision course with him, bringing the buster sword up to block, he felt the Masamune collide with it from above sending him to the ground in the middle of a school's football field. Robert hit the ground so hard he created a short deep trench close to the fifty yard line. As he rose to his feet, sore and in pain, he noticed Sephiroth slowly touch ground, as if really flying. Sephiroth brought the Masamune up to his eyes as if trying to be epic, something James would definitely do. Robert simply brought the Buster sword over his head, and that was all he could do before he felt something wet hit him in the leg. Looking down he noticed Mako springing up from the ground and pooling in the trench he made on impact. "An underground Mako Pool?" Robert guessed, and the Mako began to erupt like a fountain of water soaking him. The Mako filled the trench to the brim and stopped, like it just wanted to help. Robert could feel the power of the Mako soaking into him, making him stronger, just like when he rescued his brother. Robert jumped out of the Mako pool keeping the Buster sword above his head, and came down on Sephiroth, Sephiroth in James body, brought the Masamune up to block, and the second the blades met, Mako sparks flew around them. However, Sephiroth found himself on his back. "Where did this strength come from?" he asked when Robert backed off. "There has to be a way to stop Sephiroth without killing my brother." Robert whispered to himself. When Sephiroth heard this, he smiled knowing that he would not be killed thanks to the body he possessed. He jumped to his feet and charged at the brown haired swordsman, only to get tackled from the side by a very large Samoan man. "Barret?" Robert asked. "Hey what's with you? You act like you're tired or something." Barret said. "Not really it's just…" he was never able to finish because a giant shurikan flew by his head strait at Sephiroth. "Cloud." He heard from behind him, "Are you ok?" Yuffie asked as she ran up to him. "I'm fine, it's just that…" "You really know how to find trouble don't you kid?" Cit said with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Everyone had Mako shifted into their battle ready selves. Suddenly Tiffa seemed to come out of nowhere and began throwing punches at Sephiroth, each one of them missing, when she attempted a kick, Sephiroth flew into the air and met up with Vincent. Vincent began shooting at the madman, and every shot took, was deflected by Sephiroth's Masamune. When Vincent descended from the sky, Red Thirteen appeared not as a fox cub, but rather a full grown wolf like creature with tribal tattoos and a flame at the tip of his tail. Sitting on his back, was what looked like a toy cat that stood on two feet and wore a crown, white cartoon gloves, brown pirate boots and a red blanket cape. In the toy cat's right hand was what looked to be a megaphone. Red Thirteen pounced on Sephiroth and just before the swordsman hit the ground, the toy cat screamed into the megaphone, creating a small sound wave that smacked Sephiroth right in the face, and the two jumped off to let him hit ground, right next to the new Mako Pool. They all landed around their friend in a kind of shield formation to keep him safe. "You're not an easy person to follow." Vincent said without looking at him. Before Robert could say anything, the toy cat spoke up in a familiar British accent, "You didn't really think we'd let you fight alone did you Cloud?" "Cait Sith?" he asked. "Aye, tiz me." he said in response. Shaking his head, he warned his friends, "Sephiroth is possessing James. We can't kill him." "What?" Yuffie asked for everyone. Nothing but shock could be seen on the faces of his friends as Robert looked at them individually, suddenly he spotted Sephiroth attempting to stand, and place his hand in the Mako Pool. For a second, Robert could see the black mist that made up Sephiroth clear up and mix with the Mako as it absorbed into his skin. Sephiroth pulled back quickly seeming like the Mako burned him or something. "I know how to save him." Robert said quickly, and weaved his way through his friends to advance on Sephiroth. "You guys get out of here now, leave the rest to me." he ordered. "Cloud I'm not leaving without you." Yuffie yelled. Robert turned to Vincent when he reached him, "Take care of Yuffie for me." he pleaded. Vincent simply nodded in response, grabbed Yuffie by the waist with his clawed arm and heaved her over his shoulder. "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? PUT ME DOWN VINCENT! PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!" she screamed as he hauled her away. "You sure about this?" Barret asked as the others followed Vincent. "Absolutely." he said. Turning to Sephiroth after his friends left, he held the Buster sword to his side.

"LET ME GO, VINCENT! NOW!" Yuffie kept on yelling. It seemed like he wasn't listening, he just kept on walking. As she struggled she saw the school where her new husband was fighting get smaller and smaller. She just wouldn't let him go, she told herself he needed her, so Yuffie lifted her arm up across her face, and rammed her elbow into the back of Vincent's head as heard as she could. The blow to the head forced the red cloaked man to release his grip on her and immediately she escaped from his grasp as he brought his hands to his throbbing head. Yuffie ran as fast as she could towards the school, hopping she wouldn't be too late.

The Buster sword clashed with the Masamune once again and the two warriors gazed into each other's eyes with hatred. "You possessed my brother and several others, what gives you the right to do such a thing Sephiroth?" Robert screamed as he pushed against his opponent's sword. "Because I will rule this planet in my mother's stead, and it seems defeating you is the first step to my true destiny." Sephiroth said, using James' face to talk. "How much fun do you think you'll have," Robert asked as he pushed even harder against the madman, "once you do rule everything?" As he said that last part, he removed his left hand from the handle of the sword and planted his palm into Sephiroth's sternum. Sephiroth stumbled only a little and planted his back foot into the Mako Pool. As Robert predicted the Mako began slowly neutralizing the black mist of Sephiroth. Before Sephiroth could step out, Robert came back down with the Buster sword, forcing Sephiroth to block and stand his ground. Sephiroth pushed both swords to the right in an attempt to give himself some time to move, but Robert kept swinging every time the two swords separated making sure Sephiroth stayed in the green liquid. This dance of theirs continued for a few minutes before the two swords became deadlocked in a stalemate. Sephiroth brought the Masamune up above his head, Robert causing the Buster sword to follow after. Suddenly Sephiroth quick whipped his sword back the way it came, successfully throwing Robert's Buster sword away from him. The giant sword landed tip first near the edge of the fence close to a bush and a tree. Before Sephiroth could escape from the pain of the Mako as it seeped into his soul, Robert grabbed him by the collar of his coat with his right hand. Sephiroth lifted the Masamune above his head to finish his adversary off, but Robert quickly reeled back his left fist and punched the bottom of the handle as hard as he could, forcing the long katana from Sephiroth's hand. The Masamune flew towards the bleachers and fell hidden under a row of seats. The guard then grabbed Sephiroth by the collar with his left hand and the madman, grabbed Robert by the wrists in an attempt to free himself. "You think you can just do as you wish?" Robert asked as he literally picked Sephiroth up. As quickly as he left the ground, Sephiroth found himself submerged in the green liquid that caused him pain. As Robert brought His enemy up for air, he saw something strange, it looked like Sephiroth's black mist soul separated from his brother's body slightly, but only for a second. "You've lost." Robert said before he dunked the body back into the Mako. This time he let go with his right hand and soaked it in the Mako Pool, hoping with his entire being that his plan would work. As Sephiroth emerged from the green liquid, Robert grabbed the black mist while part of it was still submerged and held it there, literally tearing Sephiroth's black soul out of James' unconscious body. The moment the two were separated, Robert heard a familiar voice call to him, "Cloud, Cloud!" Looking up, he saw Yuffie running towards him. "Yuffie, take him and hide." He yelled as he hurled his brother at his wife. With as much grace as a ballerina, Yuffie caught James in mid air and yelled back when she landed, "What about you?" "I'm going to finish off Sephiroth, just get out of here." he called back. "I'm not leaving you." she pleaded with him. Robert gave her a smile, the smile she had come to love with every fiber of her being, "I'll be alright, trust me." he said. Yuffie bit her lip nervously, before nodding and lifting her brother-in-law up to run into the school building. Robert smiled in a kind of relaxed way before turning to the black soul in his clutches, to his surprise, Sephiroth was swelling up like a balloon and quickly. The evil soul was also writhing in pain. Moving his body so he could hold the head firmly under the green liquid, Robert held as tight as he could to what he could only guess was the hair. Within a minute, Sephiroth's soul had expanded to the size of a hot air balloon and the Mako from the pool was almost dry. Robert leapt into the air and placed his foot softly on the expanding soul. Using it as a trampoline, he jumped again as high as he could go, spun around so he was pointing down, and with a Mako soaked hand out in front of him, he plummeted towards the incarnation of evil.

Yuffie set James safely in the corner of one of the classrooms furthest away from the battle field, propped up against the wall. After assuring that he was safe enough, she attempted to run to help her husband in his battle, only to be stopped at the door by a massive explosion from outside. As soon as she heard the blast go off, she ducked and scooted towards the walls so she wouldn't be rained on by glass. When all was finally quiet, she attempted to stand and peeked through the shattered door window. Suddenly a groan could be heard from her left, and Yuffie turned to se James rubbing his head. "What happened?" he asked. "I'll tell you later, Right now I've got to check up on Cloud." She said as she opened the door and walked on through. "Hey, wait for me." James called after her as he stood up.

The field was in shambles, all that was left was a crater where the Mako use to be, and a hole where it ran under ground. "Cloud, Cloud?" Yuffie called out attempting to locate her husband, to no avail. While she searched what was left of the school field, James searched the bleachers, 'caus that's where I'd be' he thought to himself. Instead all he found was the Masamune hiding under one of the isle benches. "Oh, I like this sword." he said happily. Yuffie on the other hand kept searching for her lost husband; instead she found a spot in the ground near the fence where the Buster sword had landed, but no sword. She used this as a sign of hope, "You're out there somewhere Cloud, and I just know you're alive. I promise I won't stop until I find you." She said to the stab mark in the ground.


There will be a sequel later on after after I'm done with my other stories. Till then please enjoy. Gotta mosey.