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The day was drawing to a close and I hurried over to my bed to cuddle into the covers. Seven years old I was at that time, waiting for my Gran to come tell me a bedtime story. Such a sweet and endearing age; where my biggest dreams seemed to just be out of my reach.

All children dream when they are younger. They wish for unrealistic things to join our world like unicorns, fairies, magical pixies and talking animals. Most of them would pick happy things to dream about…I wasn't actually always agreeing with that logic. Don't get me wrong, I wanted them too, but I must have fell off my rocker when I was younger because I wasn't particularly like a normal seven year old girl should be.

I would want to dream of vampires, werewolves, ogres, dragons and goblins. I would take them over flying ponies any day. Those creatures-that were perceived as darkness usually-fascinated me and more often those were the kinds of stories that I wanted to hear before I went to bed at night. There was only one problem here. My Gran never would tell me them.

She thought that they would scare me and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Little did she know that I would take out books after she visited my room and would read about my favorite creatures. To be honest there wasn't much about me that was normal. I never felt like I was meant for this world.

For instance, I had an other worldly ability; one that seemed to frighten my parents so much that they made me move with my Gran when I was younger. I don't really know how to explain it to you, but I will give it my best shot. I can hear people's thoughts and what they are thinking all the time. When I was at the ripe age of five the ability swarmed my mind and I shouted at my mother for thinking about daddy in a very naughty way.

It is very easy to understand -now that I am older- that it wasn't something I should have said at the age of five. I knew why they sent me away. It wasn't because they didn't love me, no. It was because I had something wrong with me and they simply didn't know how to deal with that. I tried to not think about it much growing up because I was simply happy to be with my grandmother and it wasn't like I had much time to think about it, when my mind was crowded with everyone else's thoughts anyway.

I remember the day that my Gran had finally caved in when I was around nine years old. She came in the room as she normally would, with a big cup of warm milk for me to drink and she sat at the edge of my bed.

"What kind of story do you want to hear tonight, my sweet girl?" She pushed my bangs back that were sliding into my eyes.

I giggled but shook my head. She knew what kind of stories I wanted to hear about and I really didn't think that she would have given in. She has never done it before, but I had heard something almost silent from her mind.

When will be the best time to tell her?

To this day, I still don't know what she meant by that, but at the age of nine I didn't process it too much. My little mind wouldn't work that way anyway. I picked up thoughts in my mind all the time that didn't really make a lick of sense.

I watched as my Gran sighed before pulling me up. She slid me over on the bed and laid down next to my small form and I fell into her side to cuddle.

"I know what kind of story you want to hear." She whispered.

"Gran, you don't have a book in your hand." I pointed out.

"My dear girl, I don't need a book to tell you the story that I know by heart." I looked up in time to see her smiling down at me. "Now, how shall I begin? Ah, yes."

"Once long ago, the world was much less than it is today. There was more land than there were buildings on top of it and plentiful wildlife that roamed the terrain along with human beings. It was a beautiful and prosperous place at every turn of your head. But the humans and animals weren't alone in the world. No, there were other creatures that roamed along with the humans, but not many humans would take notice. Most humans are ignorant beings and what they can't see with their eyes, they would not believe.

These creatures came in all varieties, colors, races and even species. Most of them lived in peace along with us, hidden in the vegetation of the woods or the peaks of giant mountains and even the deepest of the seas. But there was one race that ruled over all others; one race that stood above the rest because of strength and in numbers. These beings were of the night, one reason why they scared most others. They feasted on the blood of humans and other supernatural creatures alike, to sustain life. These creatures were called Vampires."

I remember I could not hold my little squeal of excitement at her words. Gran chuckled at my excitement, but didn't say anything about it. She continued her wonderful tale.

"You could say that this whole society of hidden creatures had what is called democracy. One of each supernatural would stand in for each species of creatures there were in the world, but the vampires reined over them all. They decided the final decisions of everything that these beings had created. There was only one other species that could rival against a vampire in numbers and that would be a fairy."

I gasped. "A fairy? But Gran, they are good creatures!" I snorted. She smiled.

"There were nearly as many fairies as there were vampires in the world, but you see, the vampires lusted after the fairies for their blood. It was a delicious scent to the vampires as fairy blood would draw them in quickly enough, but most fairies knew how to control their scents when they were around the vampires. To put it simple fairies had to be extra cautious when around a vampire.

These supernaturals walked on this earth for thousands upon thousands of years without being noticed by the humans because they all had a way with keeping to themselves, but there were a few exceptions. Especially from the fairies that were drawn to humans nearly as much as vampires were. Fairies loved humans and wished to walk among the world freely, but of course the vampires would not give them this opportunity. For you see, there were too many risks that would bring their existences into the open and the world would turn against them. This they knew.

There was a new vampire that was appointed king around the time that fairies began to rebel. He was cunning and smart, this vampire king was. He ruled over all other supernaturals. He demanded that the fairies pull back away from the humans. The fairies did not listen to the king vampire's orders and therefore it started a war between supernaturals all over the world. Species picked sides and the battle continued for a long time, but there were losses in numbers, you see, and nearly all the supernaturals were wiped out. Vampires stood standing with a remaining amount left after this great battle ended.

This is not all that happened, child. No, the humans finally found out about their existence and they wanted to rule over the supernaturals. Of course the king of vampires would not have it this way and refused to bow before mankind. There were other wars, my dear and humans lost very many.

Humans had called upon a group of individuals that were known to be hung for what they practiced, but they needed help and they were willing to do anything. The humans were losing badly by now. Coven after coven of witches arrived and they opened gates of oblivion around the world. Portals that hurled every last supernatural creature away from earth, but some humans were also cast in as well. Not many, but the witches said you could hear the humans screams as they followed the vampires into the next dimension. The witches believed that the reason why these humans followed the vampires into portals was because they were fed upon by vampires and because they were marked by their sins and that carried them away from our world. When the witches finally closed the portals, they could breathe sighs of relief because every last creature was gone. Or so they thought. There were some left."

I looked back up at my Gran's face and she had an odd expression on her features.

"For some reason the fairies were not cast away as the vampires and the smaller groups of other supernaturals were. There weren't many left in the world, fairies I mean. So few that you could count them on your one hand. The fairies felt the need to repopulate their species, but they couldn't choose just any human to bear their children. The humans had to have what was called the Essential Spark for a human to even carry a fairy child.

So they passed through the world. Years turned into decades and decades turned into a century. Only a few humans were found to have this spark. They bred half-fae children, which is what the fairies had called them; half human and half fairy. They didn't repopulate as best as they had planned and they finally died out; leaving the half-fae breeds on earth. Fairies live much longer than humans, but even they will die eventually. There is still half-fae among the world that had children of their own and so on, but most of the fairy blood that runs through their veins grows less with every generation."

We sat in silence for a few minutes and I could only think of how amazing this story was. Gran shifted to sit up on the bed and I knew that the story was finally over. She turned to me then.

"So the once magical world was pushed away because of humans, but also because of the supernaturals inability to find more peace and acceptance of each other's beliefs." She whispered.

"Gran, do you think that the vampires are okay in their realm?" I asked; yawning as I finally felt tired.

"Why would you worry about the vampires?" She shook her head slightly. "I am sure they are fine, Sookie."

"No, I mean…this king. How old do you think he is?"

"He must be very old, don't you think? Much older than I, dear child." Her laughter filled my small bedroom. "They say that this vampire king was a very handsome man with long golden blond hair that swayed in the night wind and his blue eyes shined like the ocean."

"He sounds very…beautiful." I remembered whispering, my eyes fluttering closed.

"I know of another male species even more beautiful than a vampire." My Gran sighed.

"What was that, Gran?" I asked on the verge of sleep.

"Oh, nothing, nothing! Go to sleep, my little girl. I love you." She leaned over to kiss my forehead.

"I love you." I answered before drifting to sleep.

That night was the very first time I dreamed of the king of vampires. So strong and brave with his golden locks flowing. Of course the dreams developed into more pronounced and defined as I grew with age, but I could never get him off my mind. The vampire that haunted my every thought when my eyes finally drifted closed each night.

Not only couldn't I stop thinking about this vampire, but I couldn't stop thinking about the story in general. Through the years fairytales and other folklore became my hobby and I would read book after book. It had its advantages. I would be so focused on the books in my hands that I learned out to put up barriers to my mind for everything to go quiet and people's thoughts would disappear. But with every good advantage, there were also the bad. I would be made fun of as the years past, but I stood up for what I believed in. That really only made things worse.

I was around sixteen years old when a rather heavyset girl-who had been my worst nightmare growing up- grabbed the book I was writing in. I had finally decided to copy down the story Gran had told me from my memories to always keep with me. This girl, Lucy was her name, tore each page from my book and threw them to the ground before stomping on the pages.

"Stackhouse, you need to grow up. What are you five?" Lucy called and her girlfriends laughed at her joke.

"Lucy, that was mine! You had no right to do that!" I chided. I glanced down at the pages that were now wet from the falling rain.

"Yeah, who is going to stop me? Crazy Sookie?" Lucy pushed my shoulder and I stumbled back.

Rage over took me and I jumped on her, throwing her down to the ground. I thought I had a good shot at actually kicking her ass as I punched her face once. I had no such luck as her friends rushed over to me, spearing me against the hard concrete ground.

I was jumped that day and after the girls had their fun, beating me into the dirt, they left me there. I walked home with a broken lip, black eye, scrapes, cuts and a bloody nose. I trudged up the steps, thanking God that it was summer vacation because I wouldn't be able to go to school without being ridiculed more than being 'crazy Sookie'. I would now be 'crazy Sookie that got her face kicked in'.

Jason was over for the summer as he usually was and was sitting at the kitchen table with Gran and they took one look at my dirtied and wet clothes, to my bloody face before they were both on their feet.

"What in the world?" Gran's shocked voice escalated.

"What son of a bitch did this to you and why?" Jason yelled, grabbing my chin before putting a towel under my nose.

"I-It was nothing." I whispered. "I got into a fight."

"Sookie tell me this instant why you were fighting at school!" Gran rarely raised her voice, but I knew she was only doing it because she was concerned.

"They…the girls took my book away from me." I whispered.

The room stood utterly silent for a good five minutes before Jason shook his head and went into the living room; thinking along the lines that I needed to figure out my priorities in life. Gran watched him go before sighing heavily. She fell back to her chair and looked at me oddly.

She can't keep getting into fights over this…

I had shaken my head and forced my barriers up. It was one thing to get scolded aloud; it was another thing to also get it in the mind.

"Sookie…when in the world are you going to grow up?" Gran looked down at her coffee mug before shaking her head. "It is absolutely stupid to get into a fight because of a fairytale book!"

"Gran, it wasn't just any fairytale book! It was the one that you told me! The one…" She cut me off.

"You need to grow up now. You are sixteen, Sookie, you need to realize that there is more to this world than fairytales and make believe stories." Her voice seemed sad and…guilty. I didn't know what to make of it. I would not get inside her head to find out either.

"But Gran…"

"No 'buts', Sookie. You are growing up, you need to let go of the childish dreams that won't come true."

I remember that I couldn't take her words anymore and I turned on my heels. I trudged up the stairs and threw my bedroom door closed before the tears finally fell. I did so well not to cry when the girls beat me up, so well when I was walking home in pain, so well when I watched Lucy tear my book apart, but to hear my Gran tell me that I needed to let go of the thing I found the most fascinating in this world, brought tears that wouldn't stop flowing.

I did as she said though, knowing somewhere in my mind she was right. It was childish to hold onto my dreams and wishes for so long. I did need to grow up and that is what I did. I started by grabbing all of my books that I had collected over the years and ripped them to pieces. And in doing so, ripping apart the books I cherished close to my heart, I ripped a part of my soul. It wasn't something I could get back quite so easily.