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"Breathe in the aroma, Sookie," Mae's wispy voice came from behind the wall of flames. "Lean toward the fire, feel the warmth from within the basin, hear the embers sizzle and crack…."

I did as I was bid and leaned forward. I wasn't close enough that I'd get burnt, but I did indeed feel the warmth and found it was soothing, a calming warmth that filled my entire being. I did in fact listen to the embers as they crackled, it sounded like a soft melody. The last thing to do was breathe in the aroma, but there was no aroma to smell.

Instead, when I took a deep breath, my head started to feel fuzzy, my eyesight glazed over, and I felt like I was tipping to my left side, so much that I would have soon fallen over if it wasn't for Mae who gripped me around my waist and held me upright. I tried to turn away from the basin, slightly afraid of how I was feeling all of a sudden, but Mae's grip on my waist tightened.

"Do not fear, my dear, this is what it is supposed to do." She explained slowly for my benefit. Her words seemed to be slowing and mashing together. "It's a form of Poppy, Sookie, one that grew a very long time ago, and given to me by a dear friend of yours."

"Friend of mine?" I whispered in question. "How do you know my friends? From Bon Temps?"

I heard her slight chuckle. "No, it is from a friend from this world. Nancy is her name, I believe." She paused for a second. "This is a very special kind of flower, Sookie, one that witches used a very long time ago. Nancy came to me, giving me this special flower. It has been passed down in her family for a very, very long time."

"Nancy…" Her name came softly from my lips. I kept her secret…

"Yes, my dear. There is nothing to fear. I promise you." Her voice was encouraging.

"What will it do?"

"The effects are starting already." She said as if I should have known that. "It's special because it will take you into a different state of mind. It will open your mind to more possibilities, you'll be more vulnerable for….phenomenon, if you will."

"Will you…stay with me?" I asked.

"I cannot." She said sternly. "This is not my destiny. This is not something I can meddle in."

"But you know what will happen?" I replied.

"I know what will happen while you are in this room, yes, but I still do not know what will happen from that point on, for you have yet to decide it all."

I nodded lazily. The fumes were clouding the room in a thick haze.

"Stand by the basin." She ordered, freeing me of her grasp. I wobbled. "If you need to sit, there is a chair a few feet behind you." She was now at the door. "Sookie?"

"Yes?" I answered, steeling my feet beneath me.

"I want you to be very open minded on what you are about to experience. Some things that you learn…you probably won't like. Just remember, you want to save him. That is what you said. Nothing in the past matters any longer."

And she was gone before I could ask her what she meant by that.

I stood there next to the basin and kept breathing in the fuzzy-inducing flower fumes. It wasn't like I couldn't. The room was completely filled in fog that the fire was producing. The effects were harsh. I didn't like how I was feeling. I felt sick, dizzy, and I couldn't see right. I closed my eyes, hoping that would help, but it only made me feel even more sick and dizzy.

But I held strong—as strong as I could anyway. If this was going to help me save Eric and save everyone else, then I needed to give it a shot. It was my only hope.

A few minutes had passed and new effects began to take over. I felt different—I was nervous; borderline frightened and I didn't know why.

The flames flickered suddenly, changing colors rapidly from orange, to blue, to purple, and then settled on red. The red fire danced wildly within the basin. Falling then rising over and over again, the flames spiraled. I blinked.

Then, chills ran up my spine. It was so bad that I shook violently where I stood. It was colder in the room now, even though I was standing next to an open fire.

A flash to my left startled me. I turned toward that direction and my eyes fell upon a shadow on the wall in front of me. A tall, pitched black shadowy figure. I knew then why I was nervous before, it was because I was no longer in the room alone. Every hair on my body stood at attention.

I was afraid to turn around, but my body betrayed me and my feet pivoted. I slowly turned. My heart was racing so very hard that I was afraid it would break free and rip right from my chest, but still I turned.

And there, right before me, waiting for me to turn was a woman, but she wasn't at the same time. Her body was somewhat transparent. I gulped and my eyes grew wide. She was a ghost. A real live ghost was standing before me, in this room, in this cottage.

"You must be the fairy." Her voice was like bells, a beautiful chime.

She was gorgeous…whatever she was.

"Don't worry. I'm sure you are not ready to speak yet. I understand that this must be difficult for you to understand. I'm Rachel, Nancy is from my descent."

"You…" I said, trying to wrap my head around everything. "You are a witch?"

"I was a very powerful witch when I was alive, though I am no longer. I haven't been alive for a very, very long time."

"What do you want?" I asked. "I mean, I needed to know how I could save—"

"Eric?" She finished for me, smiling as she did so. "Yes, but first I need to tell you my story, and why I am here."

I stood there staring at this woman—this ghost, because there really was nothing else I could do. I was shocked, my body wouldn't move. She wanted me to hear her story? What story? Do I really have time for this? I thought repeatedly.

I had to listen though. She was here for a reason and that reason will help me save Eric.

"Take a seat, Sookie." Rachel the ghost waved her hand to the chair Mae had told me about before she left.

"You know my name." I acknowledged as I hurried over to the chair and sat.

"I do. I've been following you for quite some time, Sookie." She paused when I gasped a little. "Does that frighten you? That I've been keeping an eye on you?"

"It doesn't bother me," I tried to explain. "It's just…something you don't hear every day from a gh—"

"Ghost?" She finished when I didn't continue. I gulped, she laughed. "Call me what you will, Sookie. I am a ghost."

"Please, continue." I urged her forward.

"Oh yes, my story," Rachel whispered. "My story…"

I watched as she glided toward the basin and held her hand over the flame. It changed to the color blue.

"You know of the story. It's the one your Gran had told you while you were a child. She had most of it right, but was lacking on a lot of the details that happened. She was correct of what she told you though. I am here to tell you of what those details were that she had not shared."

She said, turning to face me. She folded her translucent hands together.

"The Supernatural war was horrific. Bodies laid scattered across the forest to the left of our settlement. It became worrisome to my coven that lived among people who did not know that there were other creatures around them.

"In the beginning, it wasn't so bad. When there were only a few dozen of different Supernaturals going to war against each other, it was something easily covered up. The Supernaturals themselves cleaned up after each fight. They got rid of the bodies of the fallen, and kept further back where no normal human dared to travel alone. At that time, we witches felt no need to involve ourselves in what seemed to be a small and short lived battle of Supes.

"But over a short amount of time more Supernatural creatures began to swarm in, more in our small area. We witches even heard that other covens were having the same problem. We soon realized that this was going on not only in our small area of land, but other places in America, even all around the world. We had to commune, we had found ways to do that within our magic, and when we heard of this happening in other parts of the world, it became the biggest crisis known.

"They were afraid that the humans would find out about the other supernatural creatures. We witches have been hunted, burnt at the stake before. The other witches could not even think about what would become of the world if humans knew what else lingered among them.

"Their fears became very real. The Supernaturals became sloppy. With as many as they had in numbers now, it was too hard to take care of all the bodies of the fallen. And they began to move toward the settlement. Normal humans started to hear the fighting in the woods, the terrible noises after the sun had set. Then, it happened. The fighting broke out so close to the settlements that the normal humans saw the Supernaturals and all that they could do. The humans began seeking help from witches, but we knew, even if we helped, if the covens succeeded in ending the Supes, they would soon hunt us, because we are not normal like them.

"The witches became very edgy, because they had to accept and come out of hiding. It was getting far too serious. Humans were being killed carelessly because of the war."

"When you talk, you don't speak as a unity on some things." I said, making her pause her story. "You don't include yourself."

She nodded.

"I cannot include myself, because I did not have the same views as they. Yes, it was frightening, and yes, I didn't want humans to die, but my mind was elsewhere. It was in the battle with the vampire I loved."

"Oh, yes, Nancy told me about that. That you loved a vampire."

Rachel's wispy face grew sad.

"I did love a vampire and it's what casted me away from my coven. I could not stand beside them after the war became evident to the normal humans, after the people began begging for witches to come out of hiding to help. I knew what the witches decided to do, but I couldn't tell anyone. I couldn't let the vampire I loved know what should become of him, his people, and the other Supes. When we came into the coven, we had taken an oath; an oath of silence, and one of the hardest things to ever break.

"I could not tell him that the Fae came to my coven during the day and made an offer with them. The Fae promised that they would give us the magic to help open the portals that would cast away every supernatural, except for them. The covens began talking and finally decided to agree upon those terms.

"They saw it as the only way. I did not."

She paused. Rachel glided toward me before settling right in front of me.

"The night it happened, I went to him. I broke my oath and that alone nearly killed me. But it had been too late and my coven caught sight of me as they moved in. I remember he pushed me behind his back, and told me to stay still. I tried to stop him as he moved forward.

"Every supernatural in our area came out of hiding behind the trees and stood around me as he walked forward. The coven looked past him and right at me. They didn't have fear in their eyes of the vampire stalking toward them ready to kill. They had a plan and one I knew I could not stop alone. We were doomed. I knew I held the same fate as the Supes because I had betrayed my coven.

"They opened the portal, and I flew through."

The room got quiet—so quite that it began to make me edgy. I didn't like it. I felt like there was more to the story. This doesn't help me save Eric. Her story doesn't, as sad as it is, it doesn't.

"Sookie, the day the Fae came to my coven, we learned of you. Of the Fairy that would be born. With the magic that we had, though great, the coven knew that they could not kill all of the Supernaturals. They could not undo all that had been done. And the Fae could not kill alone any longer, their numbers had diminished harshly. They all wanted revenge, and they could not get it without you. They could only transport the Supernaturals into another world.

"With you, you could get close to the King of Vampires. It had been foretold. That he would love you, and that you could kill every single one of them within this new world they called home. You were born with that power, to end Supe's lives, along with every human who betrayed humanity by being with a Supernatural Creature, including me. Because of whom you are and because of the trinket within your heart, you are tied with the Black Hole—now holes.

"Shocking, isn't it? That you are the reason they exist. The Coven and the Fae were clever, as you know now. They had many plans. If one failed, they had another one, and another, and so on. The reason they had so many was for the fact that the other side of the premonition was that you could fall in love with the Vampire King. That scared them, because then they would not get the revenge they thought they all deserved.

"If you had wanted to, you could have killed every single person that walks this world. It was within you, that power to control the Black Hole. You could control it to kill everyone, but you also had the power to simply destroy the Black Hole itself. The Coven and the Fae were very sure that you'd do what they wanted, but they were smart enough to think of a way to take away your control over the black hole if you chose to betray them.

"They had to test you and that came in the form of your Gran's letter. They had your Grandmother tell you the truth. Of what you are, of what Eric had planned—but no longer wished—to do to you in attempt to get back to Earth. They wanted you to kill Eric that night and be so scorned that you would then kill everyone else. But you did not do as they hoped and you failed their test. The trinket within your heart twisted and turned, and another part of its magic awakened.

"That is why there is more than one Black Hole. Your love for him is too strong. His love for you is too strong to act on his basic survival instinct to rip it from your chest and take it selfishly. In the conquest the Coven and the Fae planned out, had succeeded. You may be able to stop one, but not hundreds."

My heart lurched into my throat. This—this trinket that's inside of me, how could something so small cause so much destruction? My hand cupped my mouth and I held back a sob. To me it just seems like were all fucked. How can I save Eric when I'm connected to the Black Holes which I no longer can stop and I have a never ending magical trinket of destruction in my heart?

I sag lower into the seat.

"I don't know how any of this can help me." I admitted tearfully. "Everything I choose to do, thinking it is right, only pushes me deeper into this huge hole that I can't get out of."

Rachel kneeled before me, her wispy translucent hand coming to rest a few inches above my leg. It felt colder where her palm hovered.

"That's what they want you to feel, Sookie. They want you to feel as if there is no more hope and that you should give up." She said softly. "If you give up, the Black Holes will keep coming and killing until there is simply nothing and no one left."

I thought back over her story and compared it to my Gran's she told so long ago. I'm grateful Gran left out those details. Then, suddenly, a new uneasy feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. I bit my lip as I tried to reason with the thought that popped in my head. It became forefront in my mind, it shouldn't have mattered at a time like this, but it did.

"You never…told me the name of the vampire you loved." My voice was hollow.

"I know. I did not think you needed to know that." She whispered and I had my answer.

"You were in love with Eric." It was a statement and one I knew before she even replied. "I guess that is why you are here too, to save him as much as I want to save him."

It grew quiet again, but this time I could be grateful.

"I loved him and at the time he cared for me too. I don't know if he cared as much as I did though." She said gently. "It was long ago, Sookie, and nothing to dwell on now. They told me of the fairy that would capture his heart, that you were his destiny and not me. I knew about you, long, long before you were even created. I knew what that meant for me. I loved him, I wanted to save him, but I guess in a way, I wasn't doing it fully for myself anymore. And when I came through the portal and he followed shortly after, I used my magic to make him forget who I was."

"Why would you erase his memory of you?" I asked lamely.

"It was because we had to move on. He did not need to remember me and in a way, I wanted to forget what we had too; pretend like it never happened. What we did have no longer mattered, for we were in a different world and had different destinies. We had to build, find a way to coexist, and survive. I knew that the humans who came through the portal had to start populating, myself included.

"When I learned of you that fateful day, I realized, though I loved him more greatly than I loved anything else, it had been a fantasy; a moment in time. I knew I was not, and nor would I have ever been more than just a once in a life time fling to him. He was never one to stick around anyway. But you, I knew you would be his forever. I never believed that you'd ever hurt him or him you. I just knew that you'd both would find a way to make it." She smiled when I looked up. "And one way or another, Sookie, you'll find a way."

"How am I supposed to save him, Rachel?" I gulped back a wave of anxiety and fear. "How can I do that? I need to know."

"In your heart holds the key, Sookie." She said. "Do you remember what that trinket is called?"

"Something…Dor…" I replied; feeling embarrassed that I couldn't remember it.

"Cluviel Dor. It's a love trinket, Sookie. They may have changed what it does, but at the end of the day, it will always be what it has always been, and," Rachel spoke soberly, "Love. Conquers. All."


I only now noticed that she was faded from view. Fear laced my heart. I tried to grab hold, but I went through her and my hands only ended up into clenched fists. No! You must tell me, Rachel! I thought angrily.

"Make a wish unselfishly, at the right time, and offer the trinket to Eric." Her voice was so soft that I barely heard it.

"When?" I hollered, jumping to my feet.

"When the time feels right to you, Sookie," She whispered. Rachel was nearly gone from sight. "Only when the time feels right, will the trinket work. Eric must take the trinket from within you, Sookie. He must trust that you know what you are doing."

"But I don't know what I'm doing! Rachel!"

She was gone, but her wispy voice lingered for a final goodbye.

"You will know exactly what you have to do and give up when the time comes. You will know." Her voice faded slowly, the last I heard will haunt me until 'that' day comes, "And then, I will be waiting for you."

I sat down on the chair once more, looked about the room, trying to reel myself back in from what I had just experienced, but only ended up crying myself to sleep.