I turned around..
It was Ermine

Lydia POV

I looked at her wondering if she heard what we were just talking about...But she never looked at me, instead her eyes were focused on Edgar who had fixed expression on his face. The both of them not looking my way.

"Yes what is it?" He said

"It seems Paul-san is here and waiting for you out in the front."

"Very well then. If you'll excuse me" He said looking at me and winking.

"I sighed in return and watched as he walked off.

"Lydia-sama." I turned to her and tilted my head

For a good minute we both said nothing. Just staring at one another.

"How do you feel about Lord Edgar?" she asked, finally breaking the silence

"Hmph he's just my employer and a ladies man at that" I said

"The corners of her lips curled up and she let out a tiny laugh

"But after that something changed and her face grew dark and serious.

"You're not honest with yourself."

"What? How rude! What are you saying?"

"You bear the moonstone ring on your wedded finger. You decided to accept the proposal then?"

"I looked at my hand and sure enough there was the gleaming moonstone ring.

What the-! When did this get here!

Ahh..when Edgar grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room?

"I tried to pull the ring off but it wouldn't budge.

"Ermine reached over and grabbed my hand.

"Lord Edgar is only deceiving you and using you to become the true Earl. He would even be willing to sacrifice your life for it."

"I know." I said

Ermine POV

"I know." Lydia said her face expression unyielding.

"It was like nothing I have seen before coming from Lydia. Her eyes now blazing and firm composure was surprising coming from the usual delicate and poised Lydia.

Hmmm interesting

"I have not forgotten why I came here and why I continue to stay by Edgar's side. I will become a full fledged fairy doctor, and I will do anything even risk my own life to do so."

"Do you intend to marry him then?"

"She looked at me and quickly responded with "I do not."

"She paused and began again "After all it would probably hurt him to be with me..."

"I stared at her but just then Edgar and Raven came running towards us.


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