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76. Give Lupin a set of weights and a poster of Taylor Lautner explaining that he has a week to become like his cousins in Forks.

77. Flirt with Hermione and when she shows no interest turn to Ron and do the same.

78. Take a cup of tea to professor Trelawney's room shouting that you've seen your death in the leaves.

79. Throw a party and make your guests watch 'Wizards of Waverly Place'.

80. Tell Neville he forgot to zipper his pants and watch him freak out before realizing he has no pants or a uniform with a zipper.

81. Inform Voldemort that you have his nose and won't give it back until he let's you play with his snake.

82. Give up trying to figure out what the hell a Hufflepuff is since no one will tell you.

83. Ask Harry how he got his scar and when he tells you roll your eyes and walk away muttering that that's nothing compared to what happened to you last summer at band camp.

84. Attempt to ride a vacuum instead of a broom and explain to everyone that you want to help cleanse the air of pollution.

85. Convince Hagrid to teach you about spider's next Care of Magical Creatures class because Ron loves them so much.

86. Ask Hermione if she's so smart than why can't she figure out why she doesn't have a boyfriend.

87. Convince Crabbe and Goyle to become cheerleaders for Slytherin; mini skirts, pom-poms, and all.

88. Make a game out of who can throw the most books at Moaning Myrtle and when she yells at you remind her she's the one who invented it in the first place.

89. Start randomly laughing aloud in potions class and blame it on whatever your partner made.

90. Write a note from Ginny to Harry saying 'I want your magic wand in my Chamber of Secrets.'

91. Attack nearly headless Nick with a cross saying, "Be gone, demon!"

92. Tell Cho-Chang Harry wants her to ride his very special broomstick, and you don't just mean the Nimbus 2000.

93. Replace Slytherin's flying broomsticks with regular brooms.

94. Two words: magic fireworks.

95. Steal the cloak of invisibility and follow people around while talking to them until they think they're crazy.

96. Ask Harry why his parents never attend parent's night and when he tells you roll your eyes and complain, "Excuses, excuses."

97. Go up to Hagrid and demand he introduces you to Charlie the Unicorn.

98. Run through the hallways screaming the house elves have revolted and want to enslave witch and wizard-kind.

99. Blow up the wall at the train station so you can sneak on the train to go to Hogwarts.

100. Introduce the Sorting Hat to the Fedora of Pleasure.

101. Drink the Polyjuice potion to become Albus Dumbledore, the possibilities are endless.

*See Fred and George Weasley for more ideas.

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