AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Don't Be Afraid To Tell

I was pretty much ordered to stay in bed the rest of the night. It was already twilight, I guess it was alright to go to bed at this time, but I still felt like a small child under someone's care. Which, I guess a part of that was true. I glanced with a pout at Madara as he came back into the room, glancing at me and smirking slightly.

That's a good look for him.

I thought absentmindedly, eyeing him when he sat on the bed beside me and brushed my fringe from my eyes. I'd let it down but some of it was always hanging in front of my eyes.

"Is Hidan alright?"

"He's immortal, I'm sure it hardly fazed him."

I twisted my mouth to the side in deep thought, replaying what had happened in my mind over and over, it was like a record player.

"Are you okay?"

I opened my mouth to say I was fine, like I'd grown accustomed to, but I quickly put myself back in place when I remembered who I was with. The man you just couldn't lie to.

"Not really. My rapist saved my life, I've never had such torn feelings in all my years, hm."

That sentence probably sounds funny if it wasn't under such dark circumstances… He sighed, pulling me so I was in his lap, head resting against his shoulder. I inhaled deeply; in an unusual way, his scent was comforting. I nestled down, mind still stampeding with thoughts and questions.

"Everyone has a guilt factor, something may have pushed him into feeling guilty. While I don't know what it was, or that it makes any difference, I'll probably always be in his debt for saving your life."

He told me steadily, voice softening at the end. He tilted my chin up, pressing our lips together. I felt everything else melt, every problem, every fear, everything that wasn't focused directly on him. His hands slid to my hips, I swallowed when his tongue massage my lower lip. With minor diffidence I opened my lips for him, relaxing my body so I wasn't so tense.

His tongue entwined with mine in a wicked dance. I moaned softly in pleasure, shuddering as his hand slid under my shirt to the small of my back, holding me closer. I blushed softly at the sheer intimacy and tenderness with which he treated me. I placed my hands around his shoulders, and he shifted so he could lay me on my back, he positioned himself over me. I felt his warm hand slide up my stomach, thumb rubbing one of my nipples. I gasped softly, breaking the kiss. He glanced at me, his crimson eyes swirling with something more sinful than the Sharingan.


He slowly pulled my shirt over my head, discarding it on the floor. I blushed as he ran his fingers delicately over my chest and torso, as though I was a fragile glass doll that he feared would break. He traced the large scar on my chest, frowning slightly. I pursed my lips, feeling self-conscious. I knew I was damaged goods -especially with this scar- and Madara deserved someone pure, someone who could give him all he desired.


I was cut off when his eyes met mine, such a vehement torrent of love, tenderness, and distress* storming in their scarlet depths my body was paralyzed, voice catching.

"I'm so sorry I let this happen to you." He whispered softly, crestfallenly. My eyes widened as I swallowed hard, bringing a hand up to his face.

"You didn't do this and you couldn't have known, you stopped it as soon as you could and have healed me in a way no one else could. There is nothing to be sorry for. What have you taught me? What happened in the past can never be changed, but the future always has new surprises."

I kissed him, whispering against his silken lips.

"If my future has you, then that's all that will ever matter."

Sapphire met ruby, passion erupting like a volcano in that simple glance. He pressed our lips together softly again, before getting rougher. I moaned quietly when his hand rested on my hip, his lips sliding down my jaw and to my neck, nibbling softly.

I shivered when he discovered my soft spot, the flesh right below my right ear. He bit down gently, eliciting a whimper of pleasure from my kiss-swollen lips. He traveled down to my shoulder, nipping it softly, the tan flesh darkening in a bruise. When he kissed my collarbone and down to my nipple a sharp spark burst in my core, making my back arch as his skilled tongue slid over one of my hardened nipples.

The hot and wet sensation traveled through my nerves as he repeated the action on my other nub. I shivered when he blew cool air onto it, squirming under the harsh feeling. He smirked, leaning up and kissing my forehead, and then my mouth. I tensed when his hands slid my dark pants down my legs, his distracting lips alleviating some of my anxiety.

I didn't know why I was so nervous… Past experience, probably. But I was positive the act itself would be alright, pleasurable actually, with someone I whole-heartedly cared about. I loved, desired, and trusted him.

With these thoughts swarming my mind my body eased into a relaxed state as his calloused fingers massaged my inner thigh. With an internal huff I realized he was still fully clothed. I tugged impatiently on his shirt, feeling his wicked smirk against my heated lips. He sat up on his knees, positioned between my legs, and pulled off the tight shirt and let it fall to the ground where it would lay forgotten. I inhaled sharply, feeling like a kid given its greatest dream. My eyes took in his chiseled torso, porcelain skin, and muscular chest. I'd thought it before, because of all he'd done for me, but now I was certain that the man before me was god.

His eyes glimmered as I caught myself staring at him, blazing with lust, I wondered if I looked as desirous as he did. His hand slid up my leg again and I became aware of how achingly tight the fabric of my boxers had become. I bucked my hips as Madara skimmed his fingers over my arousal, slowly pulling down my last piece of protection. I blushed hotly, swallowing hard when he licked his lips, like I was something to eat.

He leaned down to skim his lips across my bared neck again, fingertips circling my bellybutton. I quivered under the feather light touches, back arching to receive more of them. He teasingly slid his hand lower, skimming my pelvis and then to my thigh, skipping over right where I wanted him to touch. With a soft sound of protest, I bucked my hips.


I hissed, he looked at me with one brow raised.

"Stop teasing!"

I hissed. He leaned close, hot breath fanning over my ear as he nipped it.

"Tell me what you want."

He whispered. I trembled slightly, placing my arms around him as I met him in an ardent kiss.

"I want you to touch me, make me scream, make me yours."

I softly said, voice a seductive whisper. He pulled away with a small nip to my jawline, finally wrapping his fingers around my throbbing erection. I let out a breathless cry of pleasure, hips bucking up to give me more of that sin. He ran his thumb along the tip, stroking me slowly. I writhed on the bed, my long hair fanned out around me. He abruptly stopped, to my displeasure. I inhaled slowly when he stood and let his last bits of clothing fall to the floor, revealing him and all his glory.

I felt my cock throb at the erotic sight, shivering when his eyes met mine, full of sin. Full of promises for pleasure. He knelt down again, between my spread legs, placing his arms beside my head. My fingers tangled in his midnight colored hair as he crashed our lips together. I moaned softly when his fingers wrapped around my cock again, rubbing slowly up and down. I bucked my hips in an effort to get more of the friction. He broke the kiss, leaving me panting.

He placed three fingers at my lips, eyes cautious, as though he thought he might be forcing me into this. I opened my mouth, sucking gently on the digits. He shuddered, to my pleasure. I ran my tongue over the digits to coat them evenly, eyes half shut. He growled softly, pulling them back.

I subconsciously bucked my hips as he ran the wet fingers down my torso and between my legs, rubbing my entrance lightly. I hissed when he pushed one long finger inside and tried not to clench down on it. Madara soothingly rubbed my hip as he moved the digit in and out. Nearly a minute later I felt a second one pushed inside, I squirmed slightly; it was more uncomfortable than painful, really.

The raven above me started to kiss my neck softly, ghosting his lips across my pulse. I cringed when he scissored his fingers, gasping in slight pain when he added the third. He hushed me softly, his breath fanned across my throat. I sighed deeply, forcing my muscles to relax despite the stinging pain emanating from my lower half. I shifted in discomfort when he twisted the digits and forced them deeper.


My voice went up in pitch, I blushed. He smirked, pushing them back down to hit my prostate again. I moaned, thrusting my hips down onto the invading fingers to bring more of the blinding pleasure. I whimpered almost pitifully when he pulled them out, my eyes shooting to meet his. He smiled softly, gripping my thighs and pulling me closer. I quivered slightly in anxiety, eyes sliding shut.

Madara brushed my hair to the side, kissing me gently. I felt his tip press to my entrance, slowly sliding through the tight ring of muscles. I whimpered loudly, biting my lip. I felt his hand clasp around mine, I held it tightly as he slid completely inside, taking a deep breath and trying to relax. He kissed both of my eyelids, and I blinked them open, his concerned eyes making my heart swell in knowing that he cared so much.

"Are you okay?"

He asked softly, I nodded, pecking his lips and pulling him closer to me.


I whispered, wrapping my legs around him, wincing when he was pulled deeper. His hand rested on my hip as he pulled out and thrust back in slowly. I vaguely thought about how strong he really was, how he could break me if he wanted to, but here he was being as gentle as though he thought I was something precious.

He groaned quietly, pace picking up a little as I relaxed. My eyes were half shut, making a soft sound in a mix of pleasure and discomfort as I adjusted. I wondered why he wasn't going harder, but I realized, he was waiting for me to tell him it was okay. I'd never had so much…control, like this. I bucked my hips into his.

"F-faster, please!"

I hissed, breathing quickening. Madara eyed me predatorily, placing both hands on my waist, and slamming back in. I cried out when he rammed into my prostate, paralyzing me with ecstasy. I gasped for air when he did it again, his thrusting becoming harder. My breathing was erratic and I had started to buck my hips to meet his thrusts. I moaned loudly, thankful we were far enough away from anyone else that I wouldn't be heard.

I gasped when he pulled me up, our positions switched so he was sitting against the wall and I was in his lap, his cock sank deeper into me. I groaned in pleasure when he lifted me up, slamming me back down. I yelped, throwing my head back and placing my hands onto his shoulders. I bounced in his lap, moaning continually. I glanced at him, his eyes glazed in lust, an utter look of ecstasy on his face. I met him in an open mouth kiss as I neared my completion, shuddering. My body tensed and I threw my head back with a loud cry of Madara's name, convulsing in ecstasy .

Madara growled lowly, biting into my neck as I tightened around him, thrusting deeply into me and filling me with his seed. I whimpered, shivering lightly. He lifted me off his lap, settling me onto the bed next to him, kissing my forehead tenderly. I paid little attention as he stood up, disappearing into the bathroom for a few minutes. I panted hard, trembling slightly in the aftermath.

I passed out not a moment later, dreams still filled with those sinful red eyes.


*Distress for what had been done to Deidara.

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