(Madara P.O.V.)

I smiled softly at the blonde angel as he curled up against me in his sleep, his neck covered in marks that told the rest of the world exactly who he belonged to.

I'd known Deidara for years; I still remember hearing of the young teenage terrorist and the hell he raised across the five nations as a hired bomber. How I'd convinced Pein to send the other's to recruit him for our growing organization and that his powers would be beneficial. He was a far cry from the calmness and maturity his teammates displayed, he was a dynamic personality. Much like his art; explosive and exciting.

He had hated it here before, he felt trapped. He felt more open when he realized the freedom he had to create his art as he pleased; but it didn't deter his hatred for Itachi. Rather, the Sharingan. I never understood it; however I was grateful he didn't seem to loathe me for my Kekkei Genkai.

He stirred suddenly, I let him shift, sitting up slightly. He took in a sharp inhale of air as he sat up, moving to lay his head in my lap. "Sore?" I teased, his response was muffled but I knew it was probably a jab towards me.

"Come on, we need a shower." I lifted him up, smirking at his docile, early morning personality as his arms went around my neck. I set him in the shower, shuddering as the water hit my bare skin. He leaned back against me for a moment as the water drenched his golden hair. I kissed his lips softly, savoring the feeling of warmth I received from his affection.

By the time we'd separated ourselves from each other the water was cold. I wrapped an arm around Deidara's waist once he was dressed. "I have some serious matters to attend to today, will you be all right alone?"

"I'm not a child. I'll be fine, yeah." He told me with a small pout. I kissed his forehead as I took my leave. I hated leaving him alone, but he was right, he needed his independence.

(No P.O.V.)

Deidara swept his hair into a tie as he walked down the hallway, aiming a glance at Itachi as he passed him on his way to the kitchen. What was it, that Madara said? Deal with your demons, don't try to ignore them?

"Morning." The blonde said stoically, grabbing a bottle of water and taking a sip. The raven's dark eyes fell on him, regarding him warily. It seemed Itachi had a more difficult time with this than Deidara did. He nodded at the blonde and Deidara tilted his head a little when he saw something on the Uchiha's neck, trying to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

"Do you have a hickey, un?" Itachi's eyes widened momentarily before he returned to his apathetic attitude. "No." Deidara held his tongue so he wouldn't spit an acidic reply to that statement; did the bastard think that he wouldn't know what a bite mark was when he saw one? The only question left was who had-

"Too fucking early for your little tea time, ladies." A mocking voice rang, Itachi blushed in the absolute slightest when Hidan's eyes fell on him, but Deidara noticed it. He felt something similar to nausea and euphoria, an almost violent mix. It made him sick to think his tormentors were together, but gave him a sense of relief that they would truly let him be.

He walked away from the room seconds after Hidan entered, he wasn't eager to face two demons at once. He sighed as he went back into his room, startled to find Madara already back. "Is everything all right?" He asked his lover, noting the look of weary anger he had. The Uchiha looked up at the blonde, licking his lips before replying.

"I… Am having trouble deciding on our plans." He murmured. Deidara tilted his head in concern for the older man. "You seem deeply upset by what you say you wanted to do, hm." Madara exhaled in annoyance, standing to turn away from the blonde.

"I know what I'm doing is causing more war, but I know once the plan is completed the world will be free from the destruction and pain." Deidara placed a hand on Madara's shoulder. "There will never be peace this way… When people die, others will thirst for vengeance. There will always be people against you." He whispered. Madara turned to look over his shoulder at the blonde, and his eyes took on a calmer look.

"I'm always here for whatever you decide, Madara." Deidara promised. "But everyone hating us, everyone so against what we're trying to do, will destroy our planet." He murmured. Madara ran a hand through his hair. "We can't take back what we've already done." He shot back. Deidara sighed. "No. But we can stop doing it. Everyone tries to do what they think is good, and there is never going to be a time when everyone has the same opinion of right and wrong. We are all humans, all living on this earth. We must stop this before we wage a world war that kills everything off." Deidara said in determination.

Madara exhaled deeply. "Then what do you propose we do?" He asked the bomber. Deidara smiled. "What do you think is right? We need to call off the wars, call off the missions to kill the Jinchuuriki." He replied. Madara rubbed his temples. "Do you think just trying to stop this will work? That the end of destruction is what would heal this world?" He demanded. The blonde stood straight, a calm look in his azure eyes.

"No. But it's a start. People will fight for all eternity, forever hating and disagreeing, and they will always fight. But if more and more stop fighting, the more peace can spread."

Madara eyed the younger male a moment before pulling him close. He was young, but he knew what pain was. They both understood hate, pain, and the desire for it all to end. Ending their own hateful paths would be a start.

But who were they, really, to decide the world's fate?


You are not to dwell on that final question it was for dramatic effects.

Final. Fucking. Chapter. Oh my god. Yeah I know, I seem to end things on indecisive notes… You'll get an epilogue at some point I promise. Something about how the world ends up and their relationship. I know I said I thought this would be longer, but I was so stuck on it I had to ask my beta for help, she helped, I got this. I wanted peace, I got it. In a different way. Sort of.

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