I'm Not Sick!

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"Aaa-chooo!" A sneeze echoed through the hockey rink. Carlos wiped his nose on his sleeve.

"Bless you!" James shouted from across the ice.

"Thanks!" Carlos shouted back, as he sniffed.

"Come on guys, get back in the game!" Kendall told the boys in a friendly but firm voice. He didn't mess around when it came to hockey, even if it was just the four of them practicing.

"Sorry!" James and Carlos apologized simultaneously. The group skated around and took shots. Carlos scored a goal against Logan. He went for a victory skate around the net.

"Ah-aaachooo!" An even louder sneeze rang through the room. Carlos was caught off guard by its power, and he fell back onto his bum. He blinked and shook his head. His face looked like a dear caught in someone's headlights.

Logan skated over to his friend who didn't get off the ground. He held out his hand to help him up.

"You ok, Carlos?" He asked, growing concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine, just allergies or something." Carlos answered, shrugging. "Aaachooo!"

"Carlos, are you sure?" Logan questioned skeptically. He felt Carlos' forehead with the back of his hand. It was warm, despite the frozen air surrounding them.

"Yeah-ah-ahchoo!" Carlos sneezed again. All this sneezing had him feeling a little light headed. He stumbled forward on his skates. "I'm just gonna take the bench for a minute. You guys just keep playing, I'll be fine." He saw his friends' unconvinced looks. He smiled. "Really, I'm fine!" Kendall, James, and Logan looked at each other, and then back at Carlos, but he was already skating to the edge of the rink. They shrugged and skated off, assuming that everything would be fine.

Carlos walked on his skates over to the bench and sat down. He undid his laces and kicked his skates onto the floor. Carlos pulled his legs up onto the bench and lay down, curled up in a ball. His eyelids grew heavy, and slowly, he drifted off into a deep sleep.


The guys finished up their practice about half an hour later, and were heading off the ice. They were chatting about a great play that Logan had made, when they came across the still sleeping Carlos. Kendall's phone vibrated in his gym bag and he dug it out. He had a text from his mom saying that she was in the parking lot, waiting for them. They didn't want to wake Carlos up, but they weren't sure what to do. Suddenly, James had an idea.

"Logan, can you carry my stuff for me?" James asked as they changed back into their sneakers.

"Uh, sure." Logan replied, confused. He took James' black bag, and understood what was going on. James carefully scooped Carlos up into his arms. He was holding the sleeping boy bride-and-groom style. Carlos was pretty small for a 16 year old, so it wasn't hard for James to carry him. Carlos shifted in James' arms, and rested his always helmeted head in the crook of his neck. With their gym bags, and Carlos, in hand, the teenagers left the rink.

"They crossed the parking lot to Mrs. Knight's green van. She saw James cradling Carlos and shot the boys a confused look as they opened the van doors.

Sick. Kendall mouthed as he sat in the front passenger's seat. Mrs. Knight simply nodded as she started the car.

Logan settled into the seat behind Mrs. Knights. James sat in the back row of three seats. He laid Carlos next to him, and placed his head on his lap. Carlos occasionally stirred in his sleep, but was otherwise silent and motionless as he slept soundly.

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