Chapter 8

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"I'm gonna go get Logan." Kendall said as he hurried out of the room. James continued holding Carlos close to him, trying to give the small boy any comfort he could provide.

"It's gonna be alright, Litos. I promise." He whispered.


"Logan!" Kendall ran to the kitchen, stumbling over his own feet in his hurry. Logan was seated at the island again, and he now had a mug of steaming coffee in his hands. He looked up, his face a mixture of confusion and worry.

"What is it?" He asked, concerned.

"Carlos is sick. Like really sick! He-he was coughing an-and he said that he couldn't breathe and…he's really scared, Logan. James and I are too." Kendall explained. He fiddled with the hem of his blue t-shirt anxiously. Logan stood up, his coffee now completely forgotten. He quickly walked to James and Carlos' bedroom, followed by Kendall, where he found the sick boy asleep in James' arms. James was running his fingers along Carlos' back and softly humming a lullaby.

Logan went over to the bed and kneeled down. He carefully undid the buckle on Carlos' helmet and set it on the ground beside him. Usually, such an action would have Carlos springing up and freaking out about his helmet being taken. But this time, he was much too tired to have any sort of reflex, which was concerning to all three of the other boys. Logan held his hand up to Carlos' forehead.

"He's still got a fever…" Logan was confused. "He just had some Tylenol not too long ago. It should be lower…" He trailed off.

James and Kendall glanced at each other nervously. Logan always knew what to do when it came to playing doctor. He always had the answer to ever little symptom any of the guys ever exhibited. But now, he was stumped. This never happened before. The two had no idea what was going to happen.

"I'm going to go get Mama Knight. We need to get Carlos to the doctors. Soon." Logan announced. He stood up and left the room. Kendall looked at Carlos.

"And we need to stay here with Carlos, in case he wakes up again." James nodded in agreement, wrapping his arms a little tighter around Carlos.


Logan went to the laundry room in hopes of finding Mrs. Knight. He sighed in relief when he spotted the redheaded woman standing over the washer loading it with clothes.

"Mrs. Knight?"

Jennifer looked up, "What is it sweetie?" She smiled.

"It's Carlos. He's getting worse. I think he needs to go to the doctors really soon." Mrs. Knight's smile dropped. She quickly threw the rest of the clothes in the washer and turned it on. Logan explained all of Carlos' symptoms as they walked to the sick boy's room. When the entered, they saw that Carlos was still asleep in James' arms. But his face didn't have its usual calm contentment, he seemed fitful and restless.

"Carlos, sweetie, wake up." Mrs. Knight said softly as she gently shook Carlos shoulder. The young boy's eyes cracked open and he yawned, causing a small coughing fit. James rubbed his back some more. It was starting to become a routine. "Carlos, honey, let me feel your forehead." The woman reached her hand out and felt Carlos' forehead. It was burning to the touch, and she pulled her hand back with a concerned frown on her face. "Oh, baby you're burning up. You should try taking some more Tylenol, I'm going to go call the doctor's office and see what they think." Mrs. Knight placed a comforting kiss on Carlos' forehead before walking out of the room to make the phone call.

Kendall picked up the bottle of Tylenol off of the nightstand beside Carlos' bed. The blonde poured a capful of the liquid and handed it to Carlos, who disdainfully took it and downed it. He shuddered and leaned back against James' chest, closing his eyes sleepily.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Knight came back into the bedroom. "Carlos," The boy opened his eyes. "You have a doctor's appointment in an hour. I think you need to go get yourself washed up, okay?" She gave a small smile.

"M'kay." Carlos murmured, not opening his eyes.

"Carlos," Mrs. Knight folded her arms. "Come on sweetie, I meant now."

James gathered Carlos in his arms and stood up. "Let's go, Litos." Carlos was too out of it to attempt to squirm out of James' grasp, so he allowed himself to be carried off to the bathroom. Mrs. Knight followed and turned the water on, filling the bathtub with warm water. She retrieved a bath towel and a washrag from the bathroom cabinet and placed them on the sink counter. James stood Carlos up in front of the bathtub. The tall brunette patted him on the shoulder and left. Mrs. Knight turned to Carlos.

"Not too long, okay sweetie? We have to leave in about forty-five minutes for your appointment." She instructed. "Try to aim for half an hour at the most, alright?" She ran her fingers through Carlos' hair. The sick boy nodded. Mrs. Knight left the bathroom, pulling the door shut.

Carlos stripped off his sweaty clothing, grabbed the washrag, and slid down into the warm bathwater. Almost immediately, he felt more relaxed. He slid down further until the water was up to his shoulders. He held the washrag in the water then scrubbed his face with it. Carlos smiled; the steam from the warm water cleared out his congested sinuses, and for the first time in the past few days, he didn't feel like he was dying. The bath cleaned him up and made him feel so much better. The water soothed his sleepy body and he slowly drifted off to sleep…

half an hour later…

"Carlos?" James knocked on the bathroom door. "Carlos, I have clothes for you to change into." There was no response. James pressed his ear against the door, expecting to hear water splashing from Carlos being in the tub. But there was nothing. The teenage heart throb grabbed the door knob and messed with it, only to find that it was unlocked. He opened the door and walked in. "Carlos?" His eyes cautiously fell on the bathtub, only to find the young Latino sound asleep. James sighed. The water was probably cold now, which wouldn't do anything to help Carlos and his sickness. James nudges Carlos' shoulder. "Wake up buddy. Come on, we have to get you to the doctors." Carlos' eyelids fluttered open and he looked up. After a second, his arms flailed.

"James? What are you doing in here?" He asked frantically. His voice was still groggy with sleep. James rolled his eyes.

"I came to give you your clothes," he held up the clothing he was holding. "And you were asleep. Now let's go, you have to go to the doctors." Carlos started to get out of the tub. "Whoa, whoa, dude, wait 'til I leave!" James placed the clothes on the sink counter next to Carlos' towel. He left the bathroom shaking his head. Once the door was shut again, Carlos got out of the bathtub and wrapped the fluffy blue towel around himself. He shivered, the bathwater had cooled down quite a bit, and it left him pretty chilly.

Carlos dried himself off and got dressed in the clothing James had brought him- grey sweatpants, a black t-shirt, his purple zip-up hoodie, and a pair of Vans. When he finished, he looked into the mirror above the sink. His face looked a little pale and he had purple bags under his eyes. The sick boy sighed; he couldn't wait until he was well again and back to his usual self. He scrubbed at his tired eyes.

Carlos shuffled out of the bathroom after dropping his dirty clothes and towel in the hamper. He found Mrs. Knight, Kendall, James, and Logan all waiting for him in the living room. When the boy emerged, everyone stood up.

"Good, you're ready. Let's get going sweetie." Mrs. Knight said. The group started walking towards the door to leave. But Carlos stayed standing in the kitchen.

"Carlos, let's go." Kendall urged.

"But I'm thirsty." Carlos whined. The guys sighed. Logan walked into the kitchen and opened one of the cabinets and pulled out Carlos' blue Sippy cup. He filled it with grape juice from the fridge and screwed the lid on. He pressed it into Carlos' hands, a little annoyed. It bothered him that Carlos, a sixteen year old, still drank from a Sippy cup just about every day, but now wasn't the time to make a big to-do over it.

"Are you ready now?" Logan asked. Carlos stuck the spout of the Sippy cup into his mouth and nodded, taking a drink of his juice. "Good. Now let's go." The group walked out of the apartment, through the lobby, and to the parking lot. They got into Mrs. Knight's minivan and drove off to the doctor's office.

at the doctor's office…

Carlos, James, Logan, and Kendall all sat in the waiting room while Mrs. Knight signed Carlos in. Logan skimmed through a magazine while Kendall and James played with some action figures that were in the waiting room (really meant for the little kids). Carlos sucked on his Sippy cup (which of course earned him some strange looks from the other patients in the waiting room) and leaned his head on Logan's shoulder. He was still pretty tired, and he just wished he was at home so he could take a nap. Mrs. Knight sat down next to Carlos and pulled a romance novel out of her purse. The waiting room was pretty quiet for a while. Then, the door to the offices opened and a middle-aged nurse holding a clipboard stepped through the doorway.

"Carlos Garcia?" Carlos sat up and looked at Mrs. Knight. The boy's guardian stood up and took his hand, leading him to where the nurse was standing. Kendall, James, and Logan stood up and followed. They wanted to be there when the doctor was examining their little brother. Carlos hated going to the doctor's, and they wanted to be there to support him. They knew he was going to need it…

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