Now this is a vocaloid fanfiction. I'm sure you all know that. This is also a yaoi, if you do not like, do not read. The pairing is between, in my opinion, some of the hottest 2 vocaloids, Mikuo and Dell. I know I may get complaints, but Len is the cutest of them all and, I'm sorry, but, they may be attractive, but Kaito and Gakupo are too weird. Now that I'm done with my rambling (Akaito, Taito, Rinta, Luki, Piko; their attractive too!) we may move onto the writing! AU, be warned, I made Mikuo a bit of a nerd… a hot one, but a nerd…

The House of Vocaloids

"Who are you?" I asked, there was a huge man standing at my door. He looked to be an abnormally tall Taiwanese man with huge spiky brown hair and glasses. He wore a white, red, and black coat with yellow strings and straps. He was also wearing an elaborate headset. (I'm using Big Al's Taiwanese design, I like it better.)

"I'm Al; I'll be drivin' your limo to the vocaloid mansion; that is if you're Mikuo Hatsune. But I'd recognize that Hatsune Green hair anywhere, so your Miku's younger brother, eh?" Al said. His voice pattern confused me a bit. I nodded in realization at what l was happening, I got excepted into the vocaloids! I hope it's not just because of my magic last name; the Hatsune's have a history as pop stars, but the singing talent skipped my parents' generation.

I got ready at last speed and followed Big Al, he asked me to call him that. I jumped into the limo's backseat with my luggage, ignoring that it was a pink limo, I pitied Big Al for having to drive it. I sat calmly in the seat, humming the song I wrote the previous day. I can't sing as good as Miku, but I write better songs; it may be catchy, but Popipo is relatively pointless lyric wise.

"Hello." The greeting nearly scared me to death. "I'm Prima; I'll be introducing you to the basics of being a vocaloid." A young girl around Miku's age spoke to me. Her voice was very regal and well-mannered. She had her black hair styled with a white flower in it. She was wearing a red dress that was sprawled all over the place as she sat.

"What is there to know?" I asked, suppressing my excitement and curiosity.

My OCD is acting up. I have suddenly noticed how dirty the room is. I want to clean it so badly! I have to suppress it.

"I'm aware of your OCD, and judging by your face you desperately want to clean this room, don't you." Prima said, in a mocking tone with her accented voice\, it almost seems like she has a British accent. "You may if you wish, just listen as I explain."

I rushed to start scrubbing the room clean. She giggled a little and I blushed. I've always been embarrassed of my OCD, but I refuse to take medicine; its unnatural.

"The vocaloids are a popular comporation in which singers of many genres are signed to perform for. Your sister is one of our most famous singers. We do, however, have competition. There is a new group call the Hagane Rockers, who are people who share the names of some of our more popular singers, but sing in a different genre." Prima explained. "There are several members who have the authority to give you orders. I own the company, so obviously my decisions are final. Big Al here used to be a singer, but now he acts mostly as a bodyguard to the vocaloids, if it involves your safety, his decisions are final. Then there are Lola and Leon, the two DJ's we have employed. The've been here longer than everyone but myself they have more experience, I trust you see it fit to listen to them. Finally, we have Meiko, one of our more popular singers. She happily cooks for everyone and is in the housekeeper, if she tells you not to go somewhere, you must listen to her. Understand?"

I looked up from my cleaning an nodded.

"Out two 'fashion designer' singers have insisted on helping you with your uniform. They will meet you at the door." Prima said. She pointed out the window I just cleaned. I saw a blue haired girl and a younger girl in a cat outfit. She pushed me out the door after wishing me good luck and I was immediately ambushed by the two girls.

"Your Miku's younger brother!" the cat girl shouted, "I'm Iroha Nekumora! This is Kaiko Shion. Will you go out with me?"

I looked at her, unaware of what to say as response. I tried thinking of a way to turn her down without hurting her feelings, but my delay caused her to get angry. She crossed her arms angrily.

"I'm not good enough for you, is that it? I'm not pretty enough?" She shouted at me. I shook my hands in front of my body in defense.

"It's not that you're not pretty it's just your not my type!" I shot back. She looked at me.

"I could change. What's your type?" She asked with pleading eyes.

"Guys," I responded quickly. She fell over.

"Why is such a pretty guy gay? Is the world so cruel?" She shouted as she rolled around on the ground. Kaiko put her hand on my shoulder and shook her head, ending my attempts at getting Iroha up off the floor. I twitched, she was sending gravel and dirt everywhere. Its so unclean!

"Umm, Mikuo what's wrong?" Kaiko asked, concern lacing her voice.

"She's d-dirting the floor. M-make her stop! I-it needs to be clean!" I shouted, holding my head and shaking it back and forth.

"Iroha, stop now! He's got OCD, he needs everything absolutely clean!" Miku shouted, having seen my freak out from the porch of the mansion.

"Wha?" Iroha said, lifting herself off the floor. "What's OCD."

"Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it means he obsesses over things. He can't do anything else if there's ebven a speck of filth. He'll probably spend his first few days in the mansion cleaning it until it's spotless." Miku said, facepalming. "He should take medicine, but he refuses to."

"It's unnatural!" I shouted as I dusted the trail to the mansion clean of filthy gravel and dirt. "I need a broom!"

"Here, I brought the broom you asked for Miku."Meiko says, running up the trail. She gave me a look. "Who's this and why is he dusted the ground with his hands?" I snatched the broom from her and started sweeping the floor.

"It's my younger brother Mikuo, he's got OCD and needs everything absolutely clean to be able to focus on anything." Miku explains for a second time. She looks at me. "I bet your were cleaning every inch of Prima's limo on the way here, weren't you?" She says. I nodded slowly.


"Oww, Miku, why'd you hit me?" I whined, rubbing my head. Miku crossed her arms, the fresh leek still in her hand.

"You're so stubborn! Why won't you just take your medicine?" She says.

"You better plan to clean my hair off that leek." I said, completely ignoring her remark.


I rubbed my head as I left the fitting room. They were going to get me a uniform like Miku's but for boys. I hope it doesn't make me look like a shota, not that Len doesn't look cute, I just wouldn't be comfortable like that.

They told me I was going to be a surprise performer on the next concert, performing a song I had originally written for Miku's friend Luka, before I came out. Just be friends. No one knows that I'll be performing, other than the vocaloids of course and I'm supposed to blow everyone away with the big surprise. After Just be friends, I was supposed to perform Magnet with one of the guy vocaloids, but I haven't met any of the male vocaloids yet. I've only seen them perform when I went to the concerts to support Miku and Luka.

I stopped in my tracks at the boy who just passed me. He was gorgeous. His light gray hair swaying as he walked at a quick pace, his gray shirt highlighting his perfect complexion, his purple tight saying with the movement making him seem even more graceful. It was love at first sight.

"H-hi." I greeted him as he passed me. He looked up at me, and gave me a smile, which made my heart melt. "I-I'm Mikuo Hatsune, the newest Vocaloid." He nodded, taking the cigarette out of his mouth. It's the first time I've found such a dirty thing to give beauty to its holder.

"I am Dell Honne. If you excuse me, my sister needs me to pick her up from a bar… again." He grumbled the last word.

"Would you like me to accompany you?" I asked him. He looked at me in surprise and I smiled. He blushed a little, which was adorable.

"Alright, you can sit in the passenger seat. I'll probably need help dragging her into the car anyway." Dell said, his voice so perfect.

I was twitching again, why did it have to act up now? His car is rather dirty, but I can ignore it. I don't want to make a bad impression. I twitched again and I caught him looking at me. It was a look of worry and not a disturbed look.

"Are you alright?" He asked me. I nodded, still twitching. "You sure?"

"Truthfully, no." I responded.

"What's a matter, you afraid of going to a bar? I can tell you're younger than me, and I'm barely old enough to drive this car, 17." He said.

"15 and no I'm not afraid of going to a bar." I said indignantly, but still twitching.

"Then why are you twitching?" He asks, turning to look at me as we slowed down at a stop light.

"My OCD… need to clean… so dirty." I said, holding and shaking my head again. He gave me a worried look and then sighed.

"Then go ahead and clean. But you should really take medicine you know." He said, rolling his window down and lighting a cigarette. I smiled at him and started vigorously cleaning his car. Anything that looked valuable, I asked what I should do with. He just told me to throw away whatever I found.

"Your car's really clean Dell. Did you clean it?" A loopy Haku asked as Dell and I helped her into the backseat of his car. I dusted her off and he looked at me weird.

"Stop feeling up my sister." He said, his voice seemed disturbed but a bit more.

I blushed. "I c-can't, she's dirty and I need to... OCD." I say. He gave me a look of… relief. "And no need to worry, I'm gay."

He looked at me with surprised eyes and suddenly grabbed my arms. I blushed and looked up at him. He pushed his lips up against mine. The kiss lasted long. It was wonderful, euphoric… orgasmic. It was amazing, so much I was able to control my OCD freak-out. He rubbed up against me and I could feel my face heat up even more as I moaned. We broke apart for air. I looked at him, a deep blush on my face.

"Would you like to go out with me?" He asked. I nodded and he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "Boyfriend?" I nodded a gain and we shared another long, heavenly kiss. It was interrupted by a loud groan from his sister.

"Stop it with the orgy, I wanna go home." She whined. I giggle as we got into the car. He smiled at me.

"You should giggle more, it's cute." He remarks. I blushed and he chuckled.

"Where's your brother Miku. I wanna meet him." Rin whines, gripping onto my tie.

"I donno, he just disappeared after we ordered his uniform." I responded, looked over to Len. Get her off me. I begged him with my eyes. He shook his head and mouthed "I do not want to be chased by a road roller again."

I glared at him. Rin suddenly shrieked loudly from the window.

"What is it Rin?" I asked, not bothering to get up. It was probably another butterfly or she suddenly has an idea for a song.

"Dell and Mikuo!" She shouted pointing out the window. I was suddenly a little scared. With Mikuo's OCD and Dell's abrasive personality, there could be trouble. I ran over to Rin and was surprised by the sight I was witnessing. Haku was unconscious on the floor and Dell was pinning Mikuo up against his car, kissing him. Mikuo didn't look like he was struggling to break away though; his arms were wrapped around Dell's shoulders as they kissed. If you look closely, you could see Dell's hands sneaking up Mikuo's shirt. I heard a loud slam.

I looked to my side. Rin was unconscious on the floor with blood pouring out of her nose. I looked over at Len.

"Rin's a yaoi fangirl?" I asked.

He nodded, "Why do you think she put me in a dress for Imitation Black? Not every gay guy want's to wear a dress." He remarked. I nodded. I'm happy that Mikuo's getting along with people, but I think he's taking it way to fast. I turned and rushed off to go interrupt their moment, and help Haku off the floor.

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